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News of 1999

All the news not fit to print

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Never farther from the truth in the Martin Luther King case
Guatemala's elections: the riches against the fascists
Russia's parliamentary elections: Machiavelli's lessons still work
Iraq commands and France obeys
The World Trade Organization and the return of lawless capitalism
Pinochet: the other side of the story
Is the American economy about to collapse?
Can Chavez be to Venezuela what Fujimori was to Peru?
Kyrgyzstan: a model for the ex soviet republics
Ukrainia's end of the tunnell
Britan has never been less European
Italy's new democracy: new names but old habits
Pakistani army takes over fight against corruption
Nigeria towards democracy
One China or two China's?
Iraq: the hidden war
Suharto's successors struggles to reinvent Indonesia
Sudan: no man's land?
The morality test: give the GOP a reason to exist
Italy: The truth about the unsolved mystery of the 1980 crash at Ustica
France Investigates Microsoft monopoly
The multinational war in Congo
Russia's power struggle towards the 2000 elections
Russia's own Kosovo: the Caucasus
The Atlanta massacre: welcome to America
The state of Argentina's economy
The state of China's economy
The state of Germany's economy
Is "honest gun dealer" an oxymoron?
Colombia struggles to survive terrorist wave
Taiwan angers China by declaring independence
Iran's pro-democracy revolution
The U.S. Congress: give more guns to the criminals!
The dangers of George Bush
Kashmir = Kosovo?
Are all Serbs guilty of ethnic cleansing?
The danger of Russia
A settlement for Serbia: give Serbia to the Serbs.
What do serial killers, terrorists and mass murderes have in common? They are all WASPs.
The Littleton shooting: why Serbia and not the NRA?
How Serbia won the war
Bomb Serbia and forget Kurds, Palestinians, Tibetans, etc
Who caused the global financial crisis?
The global financial crisis and the U.S.
Crime declines nationwide
Who will be the next president?

News of 1998

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