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News of 2002

The Europacifists' desperate struggle to save Saddam Hussein
What the press can do in the USA
What Chavez represents
Hell in Kaduna: Islam kills again
Who is concerned for the Iraqi civilians?
Bush loses the elections again
The new Chinese leadership does not bode well for human rights
Israel's missed opportunities for peace
Freedom of the press and remnants of fascism
Khalid, not Osama, did it
Did the USA give Saddam the bacteriological weapons?
Why Bush would never allow for democracy in Iraq
The Bush tax cut and the art of deception
What are Sharon and Bush planning?
If Iraq, why not North Korea?
The largest terrorist organization in the world strikes again
How many more innocents have to die?
Pakistan and Kashmir towards democracy
The Iraqi nuclear program
Why Saddam must go
The world on the war against Iraq
A woman to be stoned to death because Allah say so
Who has weapons of mass destruction
Will the USA economy ever recover?
Germany: the good news and the bad news
What is wrong with the United Nations
One year later
Osama's and Saddam's supporters in Europe
The USA join the Chinese dictatorship against freedom-fighters
Why Iraq?
What can be done to save the stock markets .
Who did it?
Congratulations Mr Bush
Zimbabwe heading for mass starvation
The Arab countries rank last n everything
The three-gorges dam and ethnic cleansing .
b>Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Why Bush needs to attack Saddam
A simple solution to the India-Pakistani conflict
Algeria vs democracy
America's contempt for international agreements
Liberian freedom-fighters advance in Liberia
Hundreds of civilians massacred in Uganda by Sudan-backed rebels
America's contempt for international agreements
Could it have been prevented?
The real enemy for the Palestinians
The difference between Bush and Castro
Berlusconi: the Italian way to bipolarism
From LePen to Fortuyn: Europoliticians just don't get it
A national disaster
U.S.-style violence in Europe
Madagascar on the verge of a civil war
The Bush doctrine on terrorism
False myths about the Palestinians
A humble proposal for peace
Surgical strikes or excessive force?
Anti-Arab racism vs Arab nationalism
Europeans support the Palestinian cause
Religious stupidity on a rampage in India
Assad takes advantage of turmoil to jail dissindents
George Bush to the rescue of the Palestinians
The plight of the Sahrawis, freedom fighters who don't engage in terrorism
The other side of the Palestinian struggle
Islamic stupidity kills 15 high-school girls in Saudi Arabia
Iran's nuclear program
There is no limit to Palestinian stupidity
The case against Iraq
What it takes to take on Saddam.
Jonas Savimbi, pro-US terrorist
Richard Nixon, war criminal
Destroying world monuments in the name of religious intolerance
Al-Jazeera and the real axis of evil
How Bush lost the peace
Is Israel dictating USA's war against terrorism?
A glimmer of peace in Sudan
Afghanistan: A Blueprint for World War III
Why the economy will not improve any time soon
The British Museum and how to get away with robbery
What the Muslims think
Who is winning the war?
Americans still don't get it
Why are we hiding the evidence?
Al Qaeda going nuclear
False myths about the war in Afghanistan
We don't defend freedom anymore
The difference between India and Pakistan
Democracy in Africa?
Pakistan's support for terrorism
Homicides increase nation-wide
Myanmar: the new Afghanistan?
Nigeria on the way to Islamic fundamentalism
When will the US economy recover
The US list of terrorist states

News of last year

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