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News of 2003

December 2003:
Were the Serbs truly innocent?
Islam wins
Disarm Israel and France too for a peaceful Mediterranean
Qaddafi surrenders to the USA
The European Union may become as irrelevant as the United Nations
A good day for Iraq
Howard Dean, sore loser
Germany for Sale
Shame on the United Nations
November 2003:
What Bush has accomplished
Mubarak, ally of the USA in the war against terrorism
The Stop the War Coalition and Fascism
The Reagans miniseries: a sinister precedent
A new theory on Kennedy's assassination
Why I think there is a real danger of Euro-nazism
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?
Bush's friends get people's taxmoney: what's new?
And, as we enter the reelection campaign, guess what...
October 2003:
Putin vs the oligarchs
Will the Democratic Party lose another election?
Justice in America
Effects of the war on drugs
What Annan didn't say at the Madrid conference
Russian hypocrisy on Palestine and Chechnya
American censorship in Iraq
What the Arabs think (report from a trip to the Middle East).
The condition of women in the Muslim world.
How environmentalists caused Osama
China does not face its past
What ever happened to the war on drugs?
Why the USA should apologize to Iran
September 2003:
Chirac's arrogance again
Tung on the way out?
The end of free world trade?
Who benefits from Iraqi terrorism
What is worrisome about Western Europe
The state of the economy and the case for protectionism
Two years later
August 2003:
What is happening in Iraq
What we need: a Department of Nation Building
Shame on the Lockerbie families
Clowns and actors in California
Is Berlusconi fit for Europe?
Sanctions on Burma
Why Liberia matters
Genetically-modified food and the American superpower
Why the ayatollah is right and Bush is wrong
The Islamic war spreads to Malawi
Bush bribes his way to reelection
India betrays Tibet
Lula's miracle
France wipes out the main Iranian dissident movement
What's the secret all about?
Ashcroft's crusade for injustice
Death to Khameini
Why the Intifada will never end
Why the tax-cut is bad for you
Invading Cuba
Why Bush won and why he could lose
As Osama said, Saudi Arabia and Morocco
How the Chinese dictatorship spread SARS
Saudi Arabia: the next Algeria?
Tom Delay, anti-American terrorist
The multinational holocaust in Congo
Schroeder the destroyer
Britain and the Euro
Sharon's real face
The difference between Saddam and Sharon
Bad terrorists and good terrorists
Attitudes towards Europe in the Bush administration
Best Al Jazeera lies
The losers: France, Germany and Russia
This time, Europacifist should do the right thing
Kyoto: the European monopoly on pollution.
A history lesson
The defeat of Europacifism
The Iraqi liberation war: an assessment
A grand vision for the Arab world
Next: Syria?
Another farce in North Korea
Don't let the United Nations hijack the victory
The end of Zimbabwe
The best Senate in generations?
Dick Cheney: criminal or idiot?
Nuclear Power in the World
Cuba's crackdown on dissidents
World War III?
The pact of steel between Chirac and Saddam
Anti-French racism
The geopolitics of France
Chirac teaches the USA a lesson in political strategy
Reasons not to go to war
The USA kills 302 Iranian citizens
What Americans should learn from history
Bush's reasons to go to war
The facts about Iraq
Europeans march for peace
The pursuit of justice or the return or anti-semitism?
It's all about oil
The real problem is Chirac, not Saddam
North Korea is about to invade South Korea
Wanted: Abu Musab Zarqawi
A new space policy after the shuttle disaster
Get out of Korea
The Iraqi crisis is reshaping the world alliances
Rewarding North Korea would be abominable
How many Iraqi civilians are killed by the sanctions?
The Europacifists' desperate struggle to save Saddam Hussein
What the press can do in the USA

News of last year

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