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News of 2004

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December 2004:
Bowling for Palestine
Western folly and Lenin's rope
Irresponsible France and Germany
Chirac sells out France to China
Kepel on the Islamic wars
November 2004:
Why a deal with Iran is not good news
How Soros missed the point
Putin's empire
APEC is the real deal
Why China needs Taiwan
What if the USA split in two?
Condoleeza Rice takes over the world
Absolute chaos
Tom DeLay, America's public enemy number one
The truth about Rwanda
Mortgaging the future of the USA
How did Arafat die?
A conspiracy theory about Tony Blair
The sad end of a warrior
Like father like son
France's pro-Palestinian policy
A mess in Ivory Coast
What if the USA imposed sanctions against Israel?
The USA elections and the world
Appeasing terrorist states
October 2004:
The education gap
October 2004:
Not everybody is as lucky as the Afghanis and the Iraqis
Osama on the run... or not?
Gaza is not enough
Reform the electoral system
Bush the big spender
The 2004 elections
Absolute chaos
Why the Iraqi children died
India, not China
How the USA funds the dictatorships of Iran and China
The biggest mistakes of the Iraqi invasion
September 2004:
Decolonization and the Islamic civil war
The Philippines and the world Arab conspiracy
A new driver for the world economy: Chinese tourism
Tom Delay, terrorist
Three years later
Let it be known
Putin's choice
How France is trying to win the peace
Applying communism to capitalism
The Olympic games: a mirror of the times
The connection between the Bin Laden family and Osama
August 2004:
Another Muslim double standard
Remembering three million Vietnamese
What is disheartening about America
Syria tells Lebanon to change its constitution
Unspeakable Islamic terrorism
Iran's need for nuclear weapons
The Chalabi saga
Cancel the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Germany and destiny
Ken Starr: more than a terrorist
Jewish world domination
July 2004:
Why Somalia matters
Do not exaggerate Clinton's achievements
Chirac vs Sharon
Arab militias gang-rape and sell non-Arab girls into slavery
What the next presidential elections should be about
Health care's robbery and outsourcing
The problem is still Islam
Bomb North Korea and defend Taiwan
The USA Senate did not learn its lesson
Replace Dick Cheney with Condoleeza Rice
What Fahrenheit 911 teaches us
June 2004:
Iran's not-so-secret terrorist plans
Islam is still the real enemy
Scandals in Washington
Bush is right on Turkey and the European Union
Bring Afghanistan into NATO
Calling the bluff
Remembering president Reagan
Which are the empires?
May 2004:
Another Rwanda?
The Arab League falls again
The Islamic Wars
Let Turks live in Turkey
The damage to USA credibility
A permanent seat for Germany?
The East-West divide in the new European Union
When democracy betrays itself
The changing mood in a united Germany
The largest (and greatest?) democracy in the world
Europe's theory of the USA
Latin America's second thoughts
Lukoil on the rise
The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity
The unlikely alliance
Do not celebrate 1500 years of wars
Chaos in the European Union
April 2004:
The battle of Falluja
Is violence inherent in Islam?
Two standards as usual: one for Islam and one for the rest of the world
The new face of Terrorism: how to conquer the West without fighting a war
Another farce at the European Union
March 2004:
Bush was more right on Iraq than on terrorism
The giant that woke up
Hamas are still the real terrorists
Sharon's motives
Problems we didn't foresee before the war in Iraq
Let's keep the United Nations out of Iraq
Bush's responsibilities for September 11
Tampering with democracy
What the terrorists want in Iraq
What's the secret all about?
The terrorists win the elections in Spain
Why Qaddafi wants peace
Banning headscarves in France
February 2004:
How China bought the USA
How France lost the war
Crocodile and nuclear tears in Pakistan
How the USA became a poor country
January 2004:
The Europacifists just don't get it
Comparing the two Iraqi wars
Kerry/Edwards vs Bush/Rice
Bush kills USA space exploration
Winners and losers of 2003
A (anti-American) wish for the new year
How the USA saved Western Europe

News of last year

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