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News of 2005

News of 2006
December 2005:
Presidential candidates
Dangerous demagogy
Is the USA trying to bring down Mubarak?
Finally, some truth on Iraq
New USA strategies for Iraq
Ahmadinejad and how the Islamic world became what it is today
Corruption in Germany?
Do we trust this country?
Pinter against the USA
The decline and fall of European common sense
Exporting human rights?
Unite the USA and Canada
November 2005:
The End of Idealism
The difference between Latin America and the Far East
How to win a war
An interesting provocation
Decline and fall of the eurozone democracies
What google should do
The eurozone disease
Can Islam be stopped?
Gerhard Schroeder, loser
The roots of Islamic terrorism
Why Muslims keep dying
Gambling in Central Asia
Did Bush lie about Weapons of Mass Destruction?
Goodbye, French Republic
The new western order
No conspiracy theory?
What side is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on?
China's model
Russia's mess
The real enemy
October 2005:
Anti-americanism in Europe
The international war on terrorism
September 2005:
The impossible economy
Italy is not fit for the eurozone
Learning from the anarchists
The difference between Afghanistan and Iraq
Who defends Afghanistan
Four years later
Why you shouldn't give any money to the relief effort
August 2005:
Hands off the strategic oil reserve
Population, religion, politics, wars
The difference between Pat Robertson and Osama bin Laden
The origins of suicide bombing
Latin America's lost cause
Able Danger
Another boom of immigrants
The next Afghanistan?
The oil economy
How the USA is losing Iraq
How anti-American terrorism is born
July 2005:
Corruption out of control
The jihad against democracy
The Muslim masses in denial
The G8, yet another outdated institution?
Yielding to terrorists
Is the USA responsible for the death of 25,000 Iraqi civilians?
The Islamic world is perfect: the Muslim double standard, part 2
Antiglobalization kills
Shut down the Internet
June 2005:
Iter: why France?
The birth of the China-Iran axis?
The 9/11 Families and the ideology of no prevention
Condoleeza Rice, prophet
Lessons learned and not learned from the referendums
And, after destroying France, he went on to destroy the European Union
May 2005:
2003: Beginning of the Arab Renaissance - Democratic progress in the Middle East
The Muslim masses against the USA
The French referendum on the European constitution
The Muslim double standard
The vicious circle: how Islam fights its war
Do not celebrate the French invasions
Do not celebrate the Soviet invasion
What do Howard, Bush and Blair have in common?
Who are the suicide bombers?
The real terrorists killing Americans for real, day after day
The nuclear race
Guantanamo or How to lose the war on terrorism
The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians
April 2005:
Whatever happened to the Europacifists?
Miracles do happen
Why socialist Europe failed
Does the European constitution make sense?
The oil for food scandal
A nuclear present for France, a nuclear future for the world
The prospering market for nuclear technology
A new definition of hypocrisy
Woytila's sins
Woytila and the USA
March 2005:
Western Europe: towards a new Middle Age?
How Islam became Fundamentalist
The most dangerous man in the world
Why not North Korea
February 2005:
Khan: the first nuclear terrorist
Another democratic revolution
The Kyoto Protocol comes into force
Airbus and Boeing: the European and the American way of designing the future
How the USA makes France a world power
The great presidential robbery
Long-live America
How Bush handed Osama a victory
A sensible solution for Cyprus
How did we fail so badly? A report from a trip to the Middle East
The test for Transformational Diplomacy
Democracy 2 - Islam 0
Robbing the poor and the elderly
The French mind
The German mind
The Arab mind
The Anglosaxon and Jewish mind
The British mind
January 2005:
Why Afghanistan worked and Iraq isn't

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