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Political Analyses of 2006

December 2006:
The axis of evil five years later
Who is being left behind
Trends of 2006
Russia and the European expansion
The Democratic danger
Civil war?
November 2006:
Towards the new Chinese empire
October 2006:
What Al Jazeera and Fox News have in common
An open letter to Iran's president Ahmadinejad
State of denial
North Korea and the new Far-Eastern order
Baghdad, USA
September 2006:
A lesson about irrelevance
Who shall inherit Iraq, Al Qaeda or Iran?
Islam and violence
How the USA supports the insurgents
Five years later
While the world was sleeping
If Palestine, why not Kurdistan?.
What the 2006 elections are about
What is failing in Iraq
Islam: my version of the facts
August 2006:
Isolating the USA
Mission Accomplished
Why the USA is losing in Iraq
Not Islamic fascism but Islamic denial
Stabilizing the Russia periphery
July 2006:
The Middle East out of control
Hezbollah's logic of genocide
The Spanish miracle
Bush the compassionate again
The USA-Iran war in Lebanon
USA citizens fund terrorism
While everybody is looking at North Korea
Expel the Arab countries from the United Nations
Another disaster caused by the Bush administration
June 2006:
Not in our name
The axis of evil revised
Israel massacres a Palestinian family
The marginalization of the USA
The Jordanian-Israeli-Iraqi alliance
A new age of rampant inflation?
How the Democratic Party will lose again
Somalia again
The era of peace
Is the economy better?
How much an Iraqi is worth
May 2006:
Tony Blair
Why Libya now
Venezuela vs Brazil
Who is bluffing
April 2006:
Connecting with the Muslim majority
How dumb do we want to be and for how long
The giant that sleeps again
Israel on the brink
The era of political deadlock and the "get over it" syndrome
The coming Chinese apocalypse and the state of the union
What is the problem with Italy
The Mexican invasion
March 2006:
The French Republic on the brink again
Freedom of religion and freedom of speech
Why USA citizens don't trust Islam anymore
Al Qaeda's next target
Testing a new terror strategy in Iraq
Berlusconi to the rescue of Islam
India's nuclear lesson
Bush unbound
February 2006:
A bad day for democracy
Survival strategies for the non-Islamic world and for the Islamic world
Beijing uses USA technology to suppress dissent
The rise of the Quran
The source of the problem
Islam vs freedom of the press
Al Jazeera on the Palestinian elections
January 2006:
Why are portraits of Mohammed banned?
The State of the Union
The real terrorists strike again in the USA
Saudi Arabia tells Europeans what to publish
Canada turns into a red state
China becomes the fourth world power
The geopolitics of Russia and what happens if the world's superpower depends on other people's oil
The geopolitics of Russia and what happens if the world's superpower depends on other people's oil
Iran vs Europe
How not to read statistics
A precious resource: people.
The Iraqis just don't get it. The West just doesn't get it

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