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Political Analyses of 2007

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December 2007:
Another double standard
The revival of one-party capitalism
Islam's moderates
The Mexican civil war
Martyrs of the Chinese revolution
Yet another terrorist attack in the USA
Putin's referendum
A lesson from Venezuela
Wrong again
November 2007:
The state of the Bush economy
What a Mess
Where France leads the way
Iraq and the presidential candidates
October 2007:
Bush is still dragging his feet on Iraq
Terrorists kill 17,000 USA citizens
September 2007:
A Chinese future for Myanmar or a Burmese future for China?
The ever-expanding axis of evil
How the anti-immigration crusade is crippling the middle class
We are still dismantling the Ottoman Empire
Merkel's model of national unity
If Iran wins
The proxy war between the USA and Iran
Harry Reid is the enemy
Osama Bin Laden's great idea
Chavez is the USA's worst nightmare
Arnold Schwarzenegger, global warmer
Six years later
Let's not get over it
August 2007:
For how long will we tolerate Saudi terrorism?
The Republican Sex Machine
The middle class is still getting poorer
The new cold war
July 2007:
Hypocrisy in the Islamic world
Sarkozy resumes France's bad habits
How the Internet (and corruption) crippled the USA
The Democratic debates
The Democratic Congress
Pervez Musharraf
Europe's economic recovery
Withdrawing from Iraq: why the polls are wrong
The war on Western civilization
Hu Jintao cracks down on information
The Supreme Court vs the will of the people
A two-province solution for Palestine
George W Bush, banana dictator
June 2007:
The terrorists rule the USA
An anti-USA world: the end of an era
COngress: the solution or the problem?
Who is the real radical on abortion?
Hamas and democracy vs Fatah and the West
Climate change
May 2007:
The paranoia of encirclement
Blair's goodbye
What do they want?
A sigh of relief
Newt Gingrich vs Al Gore
The USA doesn't get it
Oddities of the USA report on terrorism
April 2007:
The first debate
Revisiting the war
The Innocence Project
Who is winning?
The USA releases an international terrorist
A tunnel from Russia to Alaska
Islamic justice
Ethnic cleansing, Islamic style
The nuclear race in the Middle East
The largest terrorist organization in the world kills 32 people in the USA
Romano Prodi, Talibano
Why Japan should not get a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council
The USA, former superpower
A lesson to be learned
Corruption at the World Bank
An open letter to Nancy Pelosi
Pelosi vs Bush, the USA vs the Arab people
The difference between Iraq and Syria
What the hostages mean
March 2007:
Al Gore's global warming
The Arab League against Iraq
Another war that the USA is losing
Goodbye, Chirac
The danger with national oil companies
Towards the great capitalist peace
A vision for Europe
The arrogant power: not the USA, but Argentina
The enemy within: crime
February 2007:
Condi's quiet diplomacy
January 2007:
Where the USA is winning
How to win in Iraq
The collapsing dollar
Banning plastic

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