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Political Analyses of 2008

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December 2008:
The Latin American conference and the USA
Yet another bad hero for the Arab world
The really bad ideas of the bailouts
China's next revolution (report from a trip to China)
The logic of suicide bombing just got weirder
November 2008:
We are all Indians
The scorecard of Islamic hyperterrorism
Why i voted against "gay" marriage
What is wrong with the Republican party
Why i didn't endorse either candidate
The rest of the world is paying a higher price
October 2008:
Is this the end of the USA empire?
The 13 most feared words in the English language
How Gordon Brown saved the world
Had this happened in a Muslim country
What you didn't hear at the debate
"Fix News" doesn't get it
What Europe got out of Russia
The bankruptcy of modern economics
September 2008:
The latest joke from Washington: a Jewish holiday?
Cash for trash
Who caused the financial meltdown
A rebuttal of the conservative worldview
How Bush engineered a new depression
Sarah Palin, the typical bad choice
August 2008:
The worst product in the world
Losing in Afghanistan, after losing in Iraq
The West is wrong on Russia
The mess the West got into
Russia the peacekeeper
Health care kills
Terrorism is winning
July 2008:
Karl Rove, crook
How to cause climate change: fight it
Why the European economy is more resilient than the USA
June 2008:
A deal for Iran
The war between Afghanistan and Pakistan
Amend the amendment
The new Chinese nationalism
A coalition for the 21st century
Negotiating with the winners
What to do with Pakistan
Expel the nationalists
Yankees go home
The weak dollar and the trade deficit
Why gasoline hurts so much
They sure miss the American Dream
May 2008:
Where are the marching Europacifists when you need them?
Summarizing Putin
Making peace with Israel
Report from Egypt
Help the victims of Burma's cyclone
Israel under siege
The fascists to the rescue
Europe to the right
April 2008:
An anti-CNN world
The price of ethanol
The thirty-year recession
Why the world shouldn't boycott the Olympic Games
NATO and Russia
March 2008:
The Chinese people against Tibet
The specter of a new Reagan
Why Kosovo and not Tibet?
How Bush engineered the worst recession in modern times
Why Hamas is right
Making sense of Syria
Learn from European discipline
The world is a dangerous place
The modern fortune of the multi-ethnic multi-religious state
February 2008:
What the Democrats don't say
The Cuba embargo
The collapse of Afghanistan
Undoing Turkey's revolution
USA medicine kills
Report from a trip to Arabia, including:
January 2008:
The ideal president
Bloomberg for president
Bhutto's suicide

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