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Political Analyses of 2013

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December 2013:
The year in review
The age of inequality
The Silent Judicial Revolution
November 2013:
The Chinese Dream
The Coming World Order and the China-Saudi-Pakistan Alliance
Demystifying India
October 2013:
Has the Arab Spring failed?
Israel, Palestine and Truth
Putin's Russia
USA: 400 and counting
Latin America's future looks more like the past
Israel vs Iran
USA: To govern or not to govern
September 2013:
Fox News
August 2013:
July 2013:
Egypt: An Unholy Anti-Islamic Alliance
June 2013:
What to do in Syria Part 2: know your enemy
May 2013:
What not to do in Iran
Turkey vs Iran
Google Glass and the business of monetizing other people's lives
What to do in Syria: ask the Muslims of the world
What Germany forgot
April 2013:
The End of Syria
Barack Obama, serial killer
A rebuttal of the liberal worldview
March 2013:
Iraq: Ten years later
The real face of an Afghani terrorist
Why economists are dangerous
The empires of the future
Uniting the Balkans
Al Qaeda is still thriving
The War on Drugs: What's the Point?
Paralysis in the USA and in Italy
February 2013:
North Korea is ready to make a deal
Why the USA is the land of opportunities
If France does it...
Capitalism in the world and Socialism in the USA
The double-edged sword of science
January 2013:
The value of technology: The USA will not decline any time soon

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