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Political Analyses of 2014

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December 2014:
The year in review
ISIS is right: give the Sunnis a state
USA: The Sony hack and the case against North Korea
USA: Of heroes and thugs: African-Americans and cops
Islam: World War IV
The looming world crisis
November 2014:
Israel and Russia: What Netanyahu and Putin have in common, part II
Europe: The easiest way to create wealth
USA: Democracy in 2014
October 2014:
Why oil is getting cheaper
September 2014:
ISIS thanks Turkey and Israel
China: The democracy virus
Iraq: Resist the blackmail
Domestic and foreign challenges for China
August 2014:
Italy: The unspoken truth about the eurocrisis
What Netanyahu and Putin have in common
A Lesson from Serbia for Ukraine
July 2014:
Ukraine: Shooting down civilian planes
Israel: The art of inventing inexistent wars
June 2014:
Iraq: How to discredit a revolution
The West and Russia
China: So you want to be a superpower?
May 2014:
The Ukrainian crisis is three crises in one
April 2014:
USA: Of museums and philanthropists
China's paradox
March 2014:
USA: Condoleezza Rice and Eric Schmidt at Stanford
Russia: Job well done, Putin
Russia: Why Putin is right again, and why he might lose again
February 2014:
Israel's promised land
The anti-immigration referendum in Switzerland
January 2014:
Why Snowden and the Target hackers are important for society
Iran's realists
Saudi Arabia's dirty wars

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