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Political Analyses of 2015

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December 2015:
ISIS Got it Right, or The Merging of Civilizations
ISIS - Not the terrorist group but the screwball comedy
The end of the USA
November 2015:
Why not Polygamy?
October 2015:

The Biggest Ecological Disaster of the 21th Century

Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
September 2015:
War and Peace in 21st Century China
The demise of the dollar has been wildly exaggerated
August 2015:
Turkey: Erdogan's wars
July 2015:
Greece: The cost of Greek austerity
Syria: ISIS is both Islamic and a state
The month that changed the USA
Russia: Hardline on Putin?
Iran, Pakistan and North Korea: the USA and the nuclear threat
June 2015:
Countries that sponsor terrorism
Allah is great
May 2015:
Hindu fundamentalism is funny
April 2015:
Palestine: Hoping for a three-state solution
Comparing Russia's and Western Europe's Kleptocracies
March 2015:
February 2015:
We are Charlie Hebdo, or The Globalization of Blasphemy
January 2015:
Invite president Hassan Rouhani
Iran vs Saudi Arabia
The USA is a banana republic

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