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Political Analyses of 2018

December 2018:
USA: The Trump Presidency in Pictures
USA: Updated: What's in Trump's Tax Returns
USA: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation

November 2018:
USA: Why You should Vote for the Democratic Party

October 2018:
Germany Alone
Why Trump Decided to Abandon the Nuclear Treaty with Russia
World: So much for "automation kills jobs"

September 2018:
USA: Why Trump Slapped Sanctions on China
USA: Why Kavanaugh should be Confirmed
USA: The world is laughing at Trump the way it laughed at Mussolini in the 1920s
USA: The Evangelicals are a Satanic Cult
USA: How "America" Became Great
Why Dictators don't Quit

August 2018:
Yemen's Civil War and Saudi Imperialism
Malaysia and Chinese colonialism
A Quick Tour of the World from the Middle East to India

July 2018:
The Greatest Humiliation in US History?
What do Venezuela, Turkey and Britain have in common?

June 2018:
USA: Rapists and Murderers
USA & North Korea: Beyond Dementia: how a young upstart took advantage of a senile moron
USA: The Truth about Trump's Tariffs
USA: Unhappy America: Suicide rates up in every state
USA: The New New New World Order: Trump wants Russia in the G7

May 2018:
USA: Why Kill the Iran Deal Now
The Forces that are Pulling Democracies Apart
Israel never Misses an Opportunity to miss an Opportunity

April 2018:
How the USA spends your tax money
Israel: The Gaza Cage
Is North Korea about to Dump China for the USA?

March 2018:
USA: The #neveragain Movement Misses the Point
USA: The Trump Scandals
USA: The Trump Wars

February 2018:
USA: Congratulations NRA on another well-executed massacre
January 2018:
USA: Trump vs Kim
USA: One year into the Trump-Russia collusion scandal

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