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Political Analyses of 2019

December 2019:
Man of the Decade: Vladimir Putin

November 2019:
USA: The Fascist Coup in the USA
USA: You can't prove Trump guilty anymore
USA: Armed and Dangerous
USA: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell
USA: Trump's Foreign Policy in a Nutshell
Divorce if you want to rule a major country

October 2019:
Bombing Saudi Arabia: an Act of War or a Moral Duty?
Time to Recognize a Kurdish State: Trump's Shameless Betrayal as an Opportunity
Doom and Gloom in Hong Kong

September 2019:
Why I am Opposed to Impeaching Trump

August 2019:
Iran & USA: How a Madman with a Low I.Q. Engineered Yet Another Nuclear Crisis
Europe never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity
The Great Trump Recession
USA: What is wrong with White Christian Men?

July 2019:
USA: How to Tax Gullible US Taxpayers

June 2019:
USA: The Anti-Trump Party is not a Liberal Party

May 2019:
China and USA: The Decoupling

April 2019:
What North Korea really wants
China: Sinophobia: China viewed from the USA and... the USA viewed from China
China: China's Anniversaries and how the Tiannamen Square massacre shaped today's China

March 2019:
China: The Effects of the Trump Trade War on China: Waking up the Giant.
The USA Exits the Middle East; Enters Iran
World: Car Apocalypse
Britain: Brexit's Lesson to the (Young) Voters of the World
USA: Should California Declare Independence?
China: China's "reeducation" camps for Muslims
Russia: Why the World Listens to Russia
USA: A visual history of the Trump presidency

February 2019:
Russia & China: The Difference Between Xi and Putin
China: Does China steal?
USA: The Decline of US Influence or How to Outsmart the USA and Make it Weak Again
China's Struggles
Britain: Britain = Austria
China: What's Wrong with Huawei

January 2019:
Taiwan: Do not Wake up the Sleeping Dwarf
USA: Updated: The Trump Scandals
USA: Updated: What's in Trump's Tax Returns
USA: The Trump Presidency in Pictures
USA: Where we stand with the Trump-Russia investigation

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