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Political Analyses of 2024

December 2024:
November 2024:
October 2024:
September 2024:
August 2024:
July 2024:
June 2024:
Israel is becoming an Enemy not an Ally
If China did it... The West loves India
The European Elections
The End of an Era - The G7 of Losers
Putin and Xi, the Involuntary Couple
How China Outsmarted the USA on Greentech

May 2024:
Should Europe kick the USA out of NATO?
Migrants, Authoritarians and the Unspoken Truth
Britain the Incurable Patient
What do these Russians have in common?
USA: The Pro-Palestinian protests

April 2024:
Who is the real enemy of Israel?
European Spleen
The Evils of Mass Tourism
Putin's rhetoric mirrors Hitler's
Germany after Merkel
USA: An Analysis of Polarization in the USA: The Real Divide in the USA
Korea: The First Nuclear War

March 2024:
USA: The Trump and Biden inflations

February 2024:
USA: Europe's mess vs US mess
Why Poland should Worry
Why we should ban Twitter and TikTok

January 2024:
Israel: Netanyahu's War - Part II - The Genocide
USA: Trump vs Biden

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