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Articles after 2007
Help the victims of Burma's cyclone
Sanctions on Burma
Myanmar: the new Afghanistan?

  • (may 2008) Help the victims of Burma's cyclone:
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  • (July 2003) Sanctions on Burma In response to a crackdown against the democratic opposition, the USA has slammed strict sanctions on Burma's fascist junta. These sanctions are very similar to the ones imposed on Iraq during the 1990s. For those sanctions, the USA have been accused of causing the deaths of one million Iraqi children (never mind that Iraq never had one million children) and countless other problems. How come the Europacifists and assorted anti-Americans seem to be totally indifferent to the Burmese children? One Europacifist told me "the Burmese children were already dying anyway". So much for compassion. And for coherence.
    The truth: sanctions help control the damage that a regime does to its people and help isolate that regime within its region. They calmed down Qaddafi, they isolated Saddam, they crippled the Iranian ayatollahs.
    What Europacifists and assorted anti-Americans should criticize if the fact that the USA is "only" imposing sanctions. It would be more effective (and coherent) if the USA liberated Burma the same way they liberated Afghanistan and Iraq. It all depends if you care for the people or only for politics. Ask the people and they will tell you what they want: freedom.
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  • (December 2001) Myanmar: the new Afghanistan? As a consequence of the crackdown on Afghanistan, Myanmar (Burma) has become again the number-one producer of opium. Among the many countries that the world has forgotten is the problem of this country of 70 million, locked between China, India and Thailand, that is torn by multiple civil wars and effectively controlled by a mosaic of druglords, warlords and a military junta. A perfect candidate for a new Afghanistan.

    625 women have been gang raped by soldiers in the central Shan province, where the natives support the guerrillas.
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