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Book Reviews

My History of Knowledge

A Brief History of Logical Reasoning

A Brief History of Cognitive Science

"A Herstory of Women"

A History of Silicon Valley

Presentation: A History of Women

Presentation: How To Kill Yourself, Your Country And Your Planet In A Few Easy Stepskand Feel Good About It

My books

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A brief history of the world
Bibliography of the Middle Ages

Controversial Essays

A New History of Prehistory
Jesus and Christianity
A brief history of Islam
Biggest problems of the United States
The Origins of the Slave Trade
The Politics of the USA
Demystifying Graecoroman Sexuality
Does money control politics in democracy?
Demystifying Genetically Modified Food
Gays in history
Demystifying the effects of depleted uranium on Iraq's population



From the Fall of Rome to the Modern World From communication technology to world peace


My 2014 class "History of Knowledge" (slides and videos)


Timelines of Modern Countries
A Timeline of the Covid Pandemic
A Timeline of the modern Middle East
A Timeline of the modern Indian subcontinent
A Timeline of modern Indochina
A Timeline of the USA
A Timeline of black Africa
A Timeline of Britain
A Timeline of Australia and New Zealand
A Timeline of Tibet
A Timeline of Russia
A Timeline of Poland and Lithuania
A Timeline of the Arabs
A Timeline of the Persians
A Timeline of the Turks
A Timeline of ancient Christianity
A Timeline of the Hebrews
Persecutions of the Jews
The Jews in the Christian World
A summary of the Hindu scriptures
A Timeline of the Mongols
A Timeline of Italy
A Timeline of the Republic of Venice/Venezia
A Timeline of the Barbars
A time-line of the Slavs, Magyars, Bulgars and Romanians
A Timeline of the Vikings and Scandinavia
A Timeline of Japan
A Timeline of ancient Buddhism
A Timeline of ancient India
A Timeline of the Roman Empire
A Timeline of the Holy Roman Empire
A Timeline of China
A Timeline of Ancient China
A Timeline of ancient Greece
A Timeline of the Ancient Middle East
A Timeline of ancient Egypt
A Timeline of Latin America
World War I
World War II
Russian Revolution
The Asian Miracle
A Timeline of Cars
A Timeline of the 20th Century (Art, Society, Politics)
A Timeline of Art in the 20th Century
A Timeline of Science and Technology in the 20th Century
A Timeline of Science and Technology in the 19th Century
A Timeline of Science and Technology in the 18th Century
Milestone books in the History of Philosophy and Science
A Timeline of Computing
A Timeline of Mathematics
A Timeline of Silicon Valley and Computers
A Timeline of Cyberculture
A history of cyper-warface, cyber-espionage and cyber-propaganda
A Timeline of Artificial Intelligence
A timeline of Neuroscience
A timeline of Biotechnology
A timeline of Computing)
A Timeline of Drugs
A Visual History of the World (diagrams on vellum)
Milestone books in Sociology
Milestone books in Economics
The Worst Terrorist Attacks of the 21st Century
Destroyed Monuments

Milestone books in science and philosophy
Classical Music
Ancient Literature
Modern Fiction
Modern Poetry
History of Knowledge
History of Electricity
History of the Radio
History of the Record
History of the Telephone
History of Television
History of Cinema

Chronology of the Modern World

The Modern World

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