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Articles on North Korea after 2010
Conspiracy Theory: what if they didn't do it?
Articles on North Korea before 2010

  • (june 2010) Conspiracy Theory: what if they didn't do it? North Korea has been publicly accused by South Korea of sinking a ship. Unlike previous incidents in which North Korea boasted of its criminal actions, in this case North Korea has vehemently denied any involvement. Whatever motives North Korea usually has for its odd actions, denying that the torpedoing took place at all nullifies any of those motives. Furthermore, this was just about the worst possible time for North Korea to escalate tensions, since it was making progress with the USA (after the visit of former president Bill Clinton) and it was receiving badly needed aid from South Korea. On the other hand, two players in the region greatly benefited from the incident. The USA was under pressure to close its military base in Okinawa, Japan. After the incident the USA managed to convince public opinion in Japan that the military base is a necessary evil. Before the torpedo incident, nobody would have bet a penny on the USA base. The other beneficiary was South Korea's prime minister, who is facing the worst economy in the country's history and needs a boost before the coming elections. North Korea's torpedo helps him justify his pro-USA stand. China has been skeptic about the whole episode. Most commentators assumed that China is simply playing its cards with the USA. What if, instead, China is simply... skeptical? There is a long history of fabricated incidents that never happened (and of weapons of mass destruction that never materialized) to justify skepticism when the USA or one of its allies screams "wolf"! After all, North Korea immediately offered to contribute to the investigation but South Korea did not allow it. North Korea did not behave like a bad guy who has something to hide, but like a good neighbor who is upset at being accused of an act that it didn't commit.
    I am not a fan of Kim Jong Il and his brutal communist regime, but in this case some caution may be in order.
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