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Articles on Mexico after 2006
Mexico debuts democracy
The drug war was won by Mexico.

  • (June 2000) Mexico debuts democracy. For the first time in 71 years the ruling PRI has been defeated in a national election. Ernesto Zedillo will be succeeded by Vicente Fox, leader of the Partido de Acion Nacional. This ends one of the most corrupt and inefficient regimes, that has wasted the most favorable location in the world (next door to the United States) and enhanced only the economic prospects of druglords.
  • (March 1998) The drug war was won by Mexico. It is obvious that the Mexican cartels have taken over the Colombian cartels. How did that happen? The D.E.A. has allowed (if not masterminded) this succession of power. First, it persecuted the Colombian druglords until they gave up. Note that they are still in business, they still control the same plantations and they still run their operations from the same centers of power. They simply decided to give up defying the United States authorities. Second, the D.E.A. has allowed (or not been able to contain) the rise of the Mexican cartels, long run by Amado Carrillo Fuentes, who died recently bestowing a huge and wealthy empire on Rafael Munoz Talavera. During the previous mexican administration, relationships between the Mexican and U.S. drug agencies were cordial. Now we know that the Mexican agencies were (and still are) highly corrupted, and that officials close to the previous government were involved in narcotraffic. Somehow, this led to the triumph of the Mexican cartels, which now run most of the cocaine business in the U.S. Complicity by the U.S. authorities is at least to be suspected: first, they never persecuted the Mexicans the way they persecuted the Colombians; second, the police (in 1989) did arrest Rafael Munoz Talavera, when they seized 21 tons of cocaine in a Los Angeles warehouse. But Munoz was rapidly acquitted and released. Today, he enjoys a multi-billion dollar business empire, and no animosity with the D.E.A.
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