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  • The world stock markets crash (BBC News)
  • >>> Attitudes in the Developing World (including Muslims on suicide bombings) (Pew Center)
  • Muslims reject suicide bombings (BBC News)
  • Riots between Shiites and Sunnis in Nigeria (BBC News)
  • Terrorists targeting Chinese workers in Pakistan (Times)
  • Civil war in Pakistan between Islam and the government (Yahoo News)
  • Failure to fight Al Qaeda in Pakistan (New York Times)
  • Switzerland refusing to return the money of Congo's dictator (BBC News)
  • Iran accepts United Nations inspectors (BBC News)
  • >>> The Physical Science behind Climate Change (Scientific American)
  • Amnesty International report on mainland China (Amnesty International)
  • Thousands of Iraqi civilians have been killed with impunity by USA troops (The Nation)
  • Adulterer stoned to death in Itan (BBC News)
  • Israel kills 11 Hamas militants (Yahoo News)
  • Tourists killed by suicide bombers in Yemen (New York Times)
  • Riots between police and Islamists in Pakistan (BBC News)
  • The USA accuses Iran of helping militias kill USA soldiers (New York Times)
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