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TM, ®, Copyright © 2021 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.

TM, ®, Copyright © 2021 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.

Why Poland should Worry
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  • (february 2024) Why Poland should Worry

    A neofascist US journalist, Tucker Carlson, was picked by Putin as the one to interview him, after a long absence from Western televisions. Carlson's team translated the interview into English for the Western audience but the translation that appeared on Carlson's channel is mostly inaccurate and biased: it tries to describe both Putin and Carlson as smart and reasonable, when their words are in fact often dumb and extreme. If you listen to what Putin truly said, the one that should worry the most is Poland.
    The faithful translation of what Putin said about Poland (he mentioned it more than 30 times) shows that he doesn't make Poland much more worthy of independence than Ukraine. During his lengthy and delirious history lecture (Carlson kept nodding as if fascinated by the wealth of historical information which in fact was mostly disinformation), Putin said that in 1939 Hitler invaded Poland (and massacred its population) because Poland had provoked Hitler by not giving him what he wanted (the Danzig corridor). In Putin's demented mind, one is guilty of provocation if he doesn't give in to the bully. This is a word by word translation of Putin's sentence by Masha Gessen, a Russian-born translator: Poland "refused to comply with Hitler’s demands... By not ceding the Danzig Corridor to Hitler, Poles forced him, they overplayed their hand and they forced Hitler to start the Second World War by attacking Poland.”
    Many Westerners saw the similarities between Putin's 2014 annexation of Russian-speaking Crimea and Hitler's 1938 annexation of the German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia. Now we can understand that Putin's view of World War II is that Hitler was "provoked" by those who didn't yield to his territorial demands, just like Putin himself was "provoked" by those in Ukraine (and in the West) who didn't yield to his territorial demands. Putin keeps repeating that Ukraine's regime is "Nazist" but then he seems to excuse the real Nazists (Hitler's Germany) and identify with them (which is of course what we Westerners do: it is a no-brainer to us that Putin is doing to Ukraine what Hitler did to Poland, and that Putin does to Russian dissidents what Hitler did to German dissidents). But in Putin's mind all seems upside down: it is Ukraine that is "Nazist" because it refuses to cede territory to Russia, and it was Poland that was "Nazist" because it refused to cede territory to Hitler.
    Poland could be next in Putin's mind. Poland does border on Russia because Russia owns Kaliningrad, a small region between Lithuania and Poland. Coincidentally, Putin decided to install nuclear missiles in Kaliningrad. No wonder that Poland has been a major contributor to Ukraine's defense.
    Incidentally, the Carlson interview could be useful to understand more of Putin's state of mind. He was surprisingly friendly to the USA, willing to negotiate, willing to repair relations. Just like Hitler didn't understand why Britain would not be friendly to him (who, after all, was an enemy of communism just like the West was), Putin doesn't seem to understand why the USA cannot be friendly with him (who, after all, is a good white Christian who has fought Islamic jihadists just like the West has and who could help the USA counter China). Simplifying, Hitler thought: "all you have to do is let me have Eastern Europe, and you Brits and French can keep your colonial empires, and we can fight communism together". Putin thinks: "all you have to do is let me regain the old Soviet territory, and you Westerners can keep your democracies and we can fight the anti-Christians (Islam and China) together".

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    Carlson tried to follow Putin's script by later boasting that the cost of living is much lower in Moscow than in the USA, as if this was due to inflation under Biden. Obviously this Carlson has never traveled around the world and doesn't even know that most of the world's countries are way cheaper than Western countries (because they are poorer and their currencies are weaker). Someone should tell this clueless yankee cowboy that North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba are other countries much cheaper than the USA, and he's very welcome to migrate there. Anyway, the point is that involuntarily he told us that the sanctions are working: if you have dollars, everything is very cheap in Moscow. Before the sanctions, Moscow was ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world, and the rouble was a strong currency. Apparently, now it has become one of the poorest countries with one of the weakest currencies. Inflation in the USA in November 2023: 3.1%. Inflation in Russia in November 2023: 7.5%. GDP per capita in the USA in 2023: $80412. GDP per capita in Russia in 2023: $13,006. If groceries are ONLY four times cheaper as Carlson claims, then Russians can't afford to eat. When ordinary Russians go to the grocery store that Carlson visited, they probably don't perceive it as paradise.

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2021 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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