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Bombing Saudi Arabia: an Act of War or a Moral Duty?
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  • (october 2019) Bombing Saudi Arabia: an Act of War or a Moral Duty?
    Trump's secretary of state Mike Pompeo has accused Iran of being responsible for the September 2019 bombing of oil centers in Saudi Arabia, claimed by the Houthis of Yemen (who are allied with Iran), and has called it "an act of war".

    But some of us have not forgotten.
    Saudi Arabia funded the Taliban in the 1990s until they seized power in Afghanistan.
    Saudi Arabia funded Al Qaeda in Afghanistan until Al Qaeda attacked the USA in 2001.
    Saudi Arabia funded ISIS in Syria until ISIS even spread to Iraq and carried out terrorist attacks in multiple Western countries.
    Saudi Arabia kidnapped Lebanon's prime minister.
    Saudi Arabia bullied Qatar, where Al Jazeera is based.
    Saudi Arabia murdered and dismembered a Washington Post journalist.
    Saudi Arabia has imprisoned and tortured tens of thousands of dissidents, notably women's rights activists such as Loujain al-Hathloul.
    Saudi Arabia denies the basic rights to women, even the right to see a male doctor and to attend the best schools.
    Saudi Arabia bans all religions other than Islam, the only country in the world to impose a religious dictatorship.
    Saudi Arabia's Mecca is the symbol of religious intolerance, a city open only to Muslims, the only such city in the world.
    Saudi Arabia is detaining, torturing and killing thousands of political dissidents
    Last but not least, Saudi Arabia invaded and bombed Yemen, causing the world's worst humanitarian crisis of 2019 (and the direct cause of the bombing that Trump now blames on Iran).

    In other words, Saudi Arabia embodies everything that Western civilization considers evil. Technically speaking, the Saudi regime should be the USA's number-one enemy. Ironically, Trump, a man fascinated by dictatorships, is behaving as if Saudi Arabia were one the USA's best friends, worth defending at all costs in its regional fight against Iran (a country that is infinitely better for women and for religious minorities, and where journalists don't get murdered and sawed into pieces - paraphrasing Chomsky, Iran is a paradise of human rights compared with Saudi Arabia).

    One would expect the USA (and the world at large) to praise anyone who attacks this evil regime. Attacking the Saudi regime should be viewed as a duty, an honor, an heroic act. But not in Trump's era: attacking the most brutal dictatorship on the planet is now viewed as "an act of war".

    Now... my prediction is that there will be no war with Iran. Trump is fundamentally a wimp and a loser, and has surrendered to every possible country: Russia (never punished for election interference, for its invasions of Ukraine and Syria, for its assassinations of dissidents and for its downing of a passenger airplane over Ukraine), North Korea (Kim still has the nuclear weapons and keeps improving his missiles undisturbed), Syria (Assad still rules undisturbed), and Venezuela (Maduro still rules undisturbed). Trump picks a fight, makes a big deal of it on Twitter, but then quietly surrenders, and then he immediately picks another fight so that his voters don't realize that he just surrendered one more time. Trump voters don't even remember that Trump was tweeting daily about Venezuela, or that he lowered himself to meet a silly dictator in Singapore, When he starts the next crisis, they won't remember that Trump promised to annihilate Iran.

    That said, is Iran really behind the bombing? It could well be. Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran despite the fact that Iran was complying with it. Trump imposed new sanctions on Iran. Iran views these actions as being the effect of the influence that the Saudi's regime has on Trump.

    I don't defend Iran, but Iran fought the Taliban before the USA did and Iran fought ISIS in Syria before the USA did. Both the Taliban and ISIS were funded by Saudi entities. The USA's policies in the Middle East are hypocritical and amoral, but, when it comes to the Saudi regime, they are also illogical and sometimes suicidal. The Saudi regime has done nothing to deserve the protection of the USA, other than bribing a lot of senators and the current president. It has done a lot to deserve being bombed. How is it possible that nobody feels the moral duty to stop the Saudi regime from its numerous crimes against humanity and its Yemeni genocide?

    Note: the September 2019 drone attacks on the oil processing facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais didn't kill a single person. If you only listened to Trump and his mouthpiece Fox News, you probably think that the attacks killed thousands of civilians. On the other hand, Saudi Arabia did kill thousand of civilians in Yemen.

    (See also The biggest scam in the Middle East: Israel's war on Iran).

    TM, ®, Copyright © 2019 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.
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TM, ®, Copyright © 2019 Piero Scaruffi All rights reserved.