John Tierney's article "The Real War on Science" (City Journal, 2016) is a great example of scientific disinformation.

Superficially, the article sounds credible but, as usual, the devil is in the details. Click on the links that he offers and you'll see that either he didn't read his sources or he grotesquely misquotes them. He even quotes Steve Pinker as a critic of the Left when Pinker is in fact a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton For example, when he disputes the models of climate change, Tierney puts a link to but this report's conclusions are: "There is very high confdence that models reproduce the general features of the global-scale annual mean surface temperature increase over the historical period, including the more rapid warming in the second half of the 20th century ... Many models are able to reproduce the observed changes in upper ocean heat content from 1961 to 2005 " which is exactly the opposite of what Tierney wants us to believe."

Paul Ehrlich's "predictions of imminent global famine" were not ridiculous like Tierney claims but absolutely on target: Ehrlich published the book in 1968 and in the next 20 years millions of people died of starvation in India, China, Africa and Latin America. Then governments stepped in to reduce population and THEN the crisis abated. The methods used by those governments may or may not respect human rights, but the results of the governments that did NOT take action is called Islamic fundamentalism: ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc thrive precisely in the countries where population is still growing at the pace of the 1960s. And those countries (from Mauritania to Bangladesh) still have famines. We defeated famine by doing what Ehrlich prescribed and by NOT DOING what Tierney would have done.

He talks of a "needless fears of insecticides" but DDT has been found in the brain of children and it is increasingly linked to Alzheimer disease. Just google any scientific database (oops... i forgot that we are not supposed to trust scientists).

He is free to eat fat and salt, but it is a bit criminal to tell the public that fat and salt don't kill: they kill a lot more people than terrorists. And he probably knows this. I suspect that when his doctor told me to reduce fat and salt, he didn't tell his doctor "oh you are just a dogmatic leftist".

In general, scientists are far from being dogmatic. They know very well that science is always only tentative, and that in a few years their study will be superseded by new theories. Scientists know that they can be wrong. Exactly the opposite of Tierney who writes an article full of personal opinions, convinced to be 100% right.