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Turkey's sense of humour
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  • (august 2011) Turkey's sense of humour. I must admit i am biased because Turkey has banned my website www.scaruffi.com Today (August 18) on the same page the New York Times has two articles. The first one (and much larger) is about Turkey's demand that Israel apologizes for killing Turkish citizens who entered Israeli territorial waters on a flotilla meant to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza's Palestinians. The second one (much smaller) was about Turkey's response to a "terrorist" attack by Kurdish separatists who killed some Turkish military men: Turkey struck deep into Iraq, where it claims that these "terrorists" have set up bases of operation. Basically, Turkey condemns Israel for an action and then carries out an even worse action of the same kind. In fact, we then learned that Turkey and Iran struck together, in what presumably was a coordinated attack to decimate the Kurdish freedom fighters... oops, i meant "the vicious Kurdish terrorists" (one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter).
    Candidates backed by the Kurdish separatist movement PKK won 36 seats in the Turkish parliament, but prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) managed to disqualify enough of them to force all the others to boycott the parliament, which means that right now 15 million Kurds are not represented in the parliament of the country that rules them against their will.
    Now that the Palestinians are sailing towards independence, now that the Arab Spring has removed medieval dictators from so many Arab countries, now that Lebanon is a vibrant democracy, now that South Sudan has obtained independence, it is perhaps time to dismantle the last of the medieval aberrations of the Middle East: the non-existence of the Kurdish people, whose territory is split between Iraq (where they are largely autonomous), Iran and Turkey.
    Let us not forget that Turkey never acknowledged the genocide it carried out in Armenia, and still punishes Armenia that refuses to remove two million dead bodies from its history books.
    Terrorism is not only made by crazy individuals who kill civilians (and the Kurdish "terrorists" seem to target military personnel only). Terrorism is also made by stubborn governments that hold on to their imperial ambitions and are willing to kill an unlimited number of people to suppress the historical truth.
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