A. N. Wilson:
"The Decline of Britain in the World"

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An impressive number of badly-researched, grotesquely-biased and plain silly pseudo-history books are published every year. Wilson's book is a competitor for title of worst of them all in 2005.

His thesis is quite simple: that the USA more or less deliberately dismantled the British Empire and ruined Britain, because, of course, the USA wanted to gain absolute power over the world.

The first part of that thesis is very plausible: Britain was bankrupted by the war and never quite regained its power, wealth and prestige. The USA, on the other hand, came out of the war with an economy that was booming. A few experts already knew that the USA was the real economic superpower, but the fact went unnoticed by the masses until Japan made the colossal mistake of attacking the USA. By the end of the war, the truth was obvious: there were now two economic superpowers (USA and Soviet Union) and the old western European powers were lucky to be protected by the USA because they were no longer in any position to protect themselves.

Wilson begins with a strategic move: he completely ignores the Soviet Union. Apparently, we are supposed to remove the Soviet Union from history, and it's been only 14 years since its demise. Poor poor Soviet Union.

Then Wilson proceeds to pile up an impressive list of ridiculous data.

The USA's main weapon against Britain, he believes, was Germany: the USA, he believes, invested massively in Germany to create a competitor of Britain that would cripple the British economy. Wilson seems unaware that the USA invested a lot more in Britain than in Germany under the Marshall Plan...

Did you know that 500,000 USA workers died in factories every single year? Amazing. Especially in a country in which less than one million people died every year of ALL causes of death.

He thinks that Truman was a lawyer (I guess that makes him look meaner), something that no historian ever knew.

Needless to say, Wilson thinks that Truman was a criminal for dropping two nuclear bombs on Japan: Wilson would have preferred to continue the war for as many years as it would take, perhaps giving Japan a chance to develop its own nuclear weapons and certainly inviting a Soviet invasion of Japan (which Wilson probably thinks would have very much pleased the Japanese people).

It also sounds like Wilson is dangerously nostalgic of the good old days when Britain ruled over India and so many parts of Africa, as if colonialism were a good thing (and maybe the slave trade too?). If Hitler's "Mein Kampft" were published today, it would have a lot of fans around western Europe.

Anti-Americanism sells. Ignorance too. Wilson is a good example of the culture of lying that seems to be taking over the western European public opinion.