A Brief History of the World

Piero Scaruffi
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Civilizations and Empires

Empire TimeframeAreaCapital
Sumers XXXVI BC - XX BC Mesopotamia Ur
Egyptians XXXV BC - VI BC Egypt, Sudan, Palestine Thebes
Elamites XXVIII BC - VII BC Persia Elam
Minoans XXVI BC - XV BC Crete Knossos
China XXIII BC - now China Xian
Assyria XX BC - VII BC Mesopotamia Ninive
Babylon XVIII BC - VI BC Mesopotamia to Egypt Babylon
Hittites XVII BC - XIII Turkey, Palestine, Egypt Hattusa
Achemenids XVII BC - XII BC Greece Mycenae
Phoenicians XII BC - VIII BC Mediterranean Tyro
Greece XII BC - IV BC Greece, Italy, Turkey Athens
Persia IX BC - IV BC Egypt to Iran Persepolis
Rome VIII BC - V AD Portugal to Syria Rome
Macedonia IV BC - IV BC Egypt to north India Alexandria
Seleucids IV BC - I BC Turkey to Afghanistan Antioch
Bactria III BC - II BC Afghanistan to India Sogdiana
Maurya IV BC - II BC India Patna
Parthia III BC - III AD Turkmenistan, Iran Nisa
Sassanids III AD - VII AD Persia Ctesiphon
Japan I AD - XX AD Japan, Korea Nara
Byzanthium V AD - XV AD Turkey to north Africa Constantinople
France V AD - XX AD west Europe
north Africa
Arabs VII AD - XV AD Iran to Spain Baghdad
Vikings IX AD - XII AD Scandinavia to Britain Oslo
Spain IX AD - XX AD Spain, South America Madrid
Maya IX AD - XV AD Central America Tikal
Khmer IX AD - XV AD Indochina Angkor
Russia X AD - now Russia to Siberia Kiev
Poland X AD - XVII AD Poland, west Russia Kracow
Britain X AD - XX AD India, north America
Africa, Australia
Mongols XIII AD - XV AD China to Middle East Karakorum
Ottomans XIV AD - XX AD Egypt to Mesopotamia Istanbul
Aztec XIV AD - XV AD Mexico Tenochtitlan
Inca XV AD - XVI AD Southwest America Cuzco
Mogul XV AD - XVIII AD Afghanistan, north India Delhi
USA XIX AD - nownorth AmericaWashington


Classical Music
Ancient Literature
Modern Fiction
Modern Poetry

A history of knowledge

  • Oldest Knowledge
  • What the Sumers knew
  • What the Babylonians knew
  • What the Egyptians knew
  • What the Greeks knew
  • What the Hittites knew
  • What the Phoenicians knew
  • What the Jews knew
  • What the Indians knew
  • What the Chinese knew
  • What the Persians knew
  • What the Tibetans knew
  • What the Romans knew
  • Why did the Roman Empire Fall
  • What the Christians knew
  • What the Barbarians knew
  • What the Japanese knew
  • What the Koreans knew
  • What the Muslims knew
  • What the Middle Ages knew
  • What the Renaissance knew
  • What the Industrial Age knew
  • What the Modern World knew
  • Timelines

    A timeline of the modern Middle East
    A timeline of the modern Indian subcontinent
    A timeline of modern Indochina
    A timeline of the USA
    A timeline of Britain
    A timeline of the Holy Roman Empire
    A timeline of Tibet
    A timeline of Russia
    A timeline of Poland and Lithuania
    A timeline of the Arabs
    A timeline of ancient Christianity
    A timeline of the Mongols
    A timeline of Italy
    A timeline of the Barbars
    A time-line of the Slavs, Magyars and Bulgars
    A timeline of the Vikings and Scandinavia
    A timeline of Japan
    A timeline of ancient Buddhism
    A timeline of ancient India
    A timeline of the Roman Empire East
    A timeline of China
    A timeline of ancient Greece
    A timeline of the Ancient Middle East
    A timeline of ancient Egypt

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