Best Albums Of The Eighties - Year by Year

selected by piero scaruffi

From "The best albums of all times"

This is the old list by year. See the correct list for the decade that was published in the book.


TM, ®, Copyright © 1998 Piero Scaruffi

  1. Bruce Springsteen: River (CBS)
  2. Cramps: Songs The Lord Taught Us (Illegal)
  3. Feelies: Crazy Rhythms (Stiff)
  4. Soft Boys: Underwater Moonlight (Armageddon)
  5. Colin Newman: A-Z (BeggarsBanquet)
  6. Pere Ubu: Art Of Walking (Rough Trade)
  7. Tuxedomoon: Half Mute (Ralph)
  8. Pop Group: For How Much Longer (Rough Trade)
  9. X: LA (Slash)
  10. Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (CherryRed)
  11. Talking Heads: Remain In Light (Sire)
  12. Birthday Party (MissingLink)
  13. Killing Joke: self-titled (EG)
  14. Lydia Lunch: Queen Of Siam (Ze)
  15. Durutti Column: Return Of (Factory)
  16. Polyrock: self-titled (RCA)
  17. Clock Dva: White Souls (Industrial)
  18. Crass: Stations Of The Crass (Crass)
  19. Joy Division: Closer (Factory)
  20. Flying Lizards: self-titled (Virgin)
  21. Echo And The Bunnymen: Crocodiles (Korova)
  22. Young Marble Giants: Colossal Youth (RoughTrade)
  23. Clash: Sandinista (CBS)
  24. Alan Vega & Martin Rev (Ze)
  25. Throbbing Gristle: Heathen Earth (Industrial)
  26. Frank Zappa: Joe's Garage (CBS)
  27. Love Of Life Orchestra: Geneve (Lust)
  28. Captain Beefheart: Doc At Radar Station (Virgin)
  29. Teardrop Explodes: Kilimanjaro (Polydor)
  30. MX-80 Sound: Out Of The Tunnel (Ralph)
  31. Lemon Kittens: We Buy A Hammer For Daddy (UnitedDiaries)
  32. Fred Frith: Gravity (Ralph)
  33. Alan Stivell: Symphonie Celtique (CBS)
  34. Aqsaq Maboul: Un peu de l' Amour des bandits (AtemCrammed)
  35. U2: Boy (Island)
  36. Martha & The Muffins: Metromusic (DinDisc)
  37. Michael Hurley: Snockgrass (Rounder)
  38. Rhythm Devils: Apocalypse Now Session (Passport)
  39. Daryl Hall: Sacred Songs (RCA)
  40. Peter Gabriel: self-titled 1980 (Charisma)
  41. AC/DC: Back In Black (Atlantic)
  42. Alan Vega: self-titled (Ze)
  43. Police: Zenyatta Mondatta (A&M)
  44. MX80Sound: Out Of The Tunnel (Ralph)
  45. Barnes And Barnes: Voobaha (Rhino)
  46. Japan: Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Virgin)
  47. Bill Bruford: Bruford Tapes (EditionsEG)
  48. Iron Maiden: self-titled (Harvest)
  49. Human Sexual Response: Figure 14 (Eat)
  50. Roky Erickson: & The Aliens (CBS)
  51. Jackson Browne: Hold Out (Asylum)
  52. Ramones: End Of The Century (Sire)
  53. Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
  54. Rush: Permanent Waves (Mercury)
  55. Half Japanese: 1/2 Gentlemen Not Beasts (Armageddon)
  56. John Martyn: Grace And Danger (Island)
  57. T-Bone Burnette: Truth Decay (Takoma)
  58. Willie Nile: self-titled (Arista)
  59. Idiot Savant: Shakers In A Tantrum Landscape (Artifacts)
  60. Confusional Quartet: Confusional Quartet
  61. XTC: Black Sea (Virgin)
  62. Jah Wobble: Betrayal (Virgin)
  63. Psychedelic Furs: self-titled (CBS)
  64. Suburbs: In Combo (Twin Tone)
  65. Nuns: self-titled (PoshBoy)
  66. Bauhaus: In The Flat Field (4AD)
  67. Glaxo Babies: Nine Minutes To The Disco (Heartbeat)
  68. Metabolist: Hansten Clork (Dromm)
  69. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: self-titled (Dindisc)
  70. Ultravox: Vienna (Chrysalis)
  71. Yello: Solid Pleasure (Ralph)
  72. Buggles: The Age Of Plastic (Island)
  73. Snatch: self-titled (Fetish)
  74. Squeeze: Argybargy (A&M)
  75. Joe King Carrasco And The Crowns (Hannibal)
  76. Dark Day: Exterminating Angel (Lust)
  77. TV Personalities: And Don't The Kids Just Love It (Rough Trade)
  78. Pete Townshend: Empty Glass (Atlantic)
  79. Robin Lee Crutchfield: Exterminating Angel (Lust)
  80. John Gavanti: self-titled (Hyrax)
  81. Nina Hagen: Unbehagen (CBS)
  82. Renaldo And The Loaf: Songs For Swinging Larvae (Ralph)
  83. Snakefinger: Greener Postures (Ralph)
  84. Zantees: Out For Kicks (Bomp)
  85. Sound: Jeopardy (Korova)
  86. Comsat Angels: Waiting For A Miracle (Polydor)
  87. Monochrome Set: Strange Boutique (Dindisc)
  88. Pylon: Gyrate (DB)
  89. Pretenders: self-titled (Real)
  90. Martin Rev: self-titled (Infidelity)
  91. Romantics (Nemperor)
  92. Stiff Little Fingers: Nobody's Heroes (Chrysalis)
  93. Grace Jones: Warm Leatherette (Island)
  94. Visage: self-titled (Polydor)
  95. Steve Winwood: Arc Of A Diver (Island)
  96. Michael Schenker Group: self-titled (Chrysalis)
  97. Damned: Black Album (IRS)
  98. New Musik: From A To B (GTO)
  99. Defunkt: self-titled (Hannibal)
  100. Rubber City Rebels: self-titled (Capitol)
  1. Mars: Mars


TM, ®, Copyright © 1998 Piero Scaruffi

  1. Gun Club: Fire Of Love (Ruby)
  2. Rip Rig Panic: God (Virgin)
  3. Public Image Ltd: Flowers Of Romance (Virgin)
  4. Deuter: Silence Is The Answer (Kuckuck)
  5. Fleshtones: Roman Gods (IRS)
  6. Black Flag: Damaged (SST)
  7. Einsturzende Neubauten: Kollaps (Zick Zack)
  8. Birthday Party: Prayers On Fire (4AD)
  9. Raybeats: Guitar Beat (DontFallOffTheMountain)
  10. Factrix: Scheintot (Adolescent)
  11. Material: Memory Serves (Elektra)
  12. Art Zoyd: Generations Sans Futur (Atem)
  13. Fred Frith: Speechless (Ralph)
  14. Minutemen: The Punch Line (SST)
  15. Suburbs: Credit In Heaven (Twin Tone)
  16. Jody Harris & Robert Quine: Escape (Lust)
  17. Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates (WB)
  18. Penguin Cafe` Orchestra: self-titled (EGRecords)
  19. Psychedelic Furs: Talk Talk Talk (CBS)
  20. Slava Ranko: Arctic Hysteria (Adolescent)
  21. Lounge Lizards: self-titled (EG)
  22. Chuck Vrtacek: Victory Through Grace (Leisure Time)
  23. DB's: Stands For Decibels (Albion)
  24. Swollen Monkeys: After Birth Of The Cool (Cachalot)
  25. Was Not Was: self-titled (Ze)
  26. Alan Vega: Collision Drive (Celluloid)
  27. DNA: A Taste Of (AmericanClave)
  28. A Certain Ratio: To Each (Factory)
  29. Blasters: self-titled (Slash)
  30. Raincoats: Moving (RoughTrade)
  31. Saccharine Trust: Paganicons (SST)
  32. King Crimson: Discipline (EG)
  33. Clock Dva: Thirst (Fetish)
  34. David Byrne & Brian Eno: My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (Sire)
  35. Cabaret Voltaire: Red Mecca (RoughTrade)
  36. Flesh Eaters: A Minute to Pray A Second to Die (SRR)
  37. Leo Kottke: Guitar Music (Chrysalis)
  38. Half Japanese: Loud (Armageddon)
  39. Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is (Barking Pumpkin)
  40. Bush Tetras: Rituals (Stiff)
  41. Tom Verlaine: Dreamtime (WB)
  42. Dead Boys: Night Of The Living (Bomp)
  43. Adolescents: self-titled (Frontier)
  44. Nico: Drama Of Exile (ROIR)
  45. Raincoats: Odyshape (RoughTrade)
  46. Residents: Mark Of The Mole (Ralph)
  47. August Darnel: Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places (Ze)
  48. Bauhaus: Mask (Beggars Banquet)
  49. X: Wild Gift (Slash)
  50. This Heat: Deceit (Rough Trade)
  51. Norman Salant: Saxophone Demonstrations (Alive)
  52. J.Geils Band: Freeze-Frame (EMI)
  53. Agent Orange: Living In Darkness (Posh Boy)
  54. Kid Creole And The Coconuts: Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places (Ze)
  55. Plimsouls: self-titled (Geffen)
  56. Dr John: Plays Mac Rebennack (Clean Cuts)
  57. Robyn Hitchcock: Black Snake Diamond (Armageddon)
  58. Venom: Black Metal
  59. Go-Go's: Beauty And The Beast (IRS)
  60. Replacements: Sorry Ma (Twin Tone)
  61. However: Sudden Dusk (RandomRadar)
  62. Church: Of Skin And Heart (Parlophone)
  63. Matt Johnson: Burning Blue Soul (4AD)
  64. Space Negros: Have A Lousy Xmas (Jingle Jungle)
  65. Oingo Boingo: Only A Lad (A&M)
  66. BPeople: self-titled (Faulty Product)
  67. Negativland: Points (Seeland)
  68. Altered Images: Happy Birthday (Portrait)
  69. Colin Newman: Singing Fish (4AD)
  70. Japan: Tin Drum (Virgin)
  71. Human League: Dare (Virgin)
  72. Circle Jerks: Group Sex (Frontier)
  73. T.S.O.L.: Dance with Me (PoshBoy)
  74. Plasmatics: Beyond The Valley of 1984 (Stiff)
  75. Nurse With Wound: Insect And Individual Silenced (UD)
  76. Joan Jett: Bad Reputation (Boardwalk)
  77. Soft Cell: Non Stop Erotic Cabaret (SomeBizarre)
  78. John Foxx: The Garden (Metalbeat)
  79. Stevie Nicks: Belladonna (Modern)
  80. Wah: Nah=Poo (Eternal)
  81. Comateens: self-titled (Cachalot)
  82. Barracudas: Drop Out (Closer)
  83. Boyd Rice: self-titled (Mute)
  84. Safety Last: self-titled (Twin Tone)
  85. Neville Brothers: Fiyo On The Bayou (A&M)
  86. Big Boys: Where's My Towel (Wasted Talent)
  87. Phil Collins: Face Value (Virgin)
  88. Billy Idol: self-titled (Chrysalis)
  89. Ludus: Seduction (New Hormones)
  90. Jane & Jeff Hudson: World Trade (Lust)
  91. Human Switchboard: Who's Landing In My Hangar (Faulty Products)
  92. Dan Fogelberg: Innocent Age (Epic)
  93. Garland Jeffreys: Rock And roll Adult (Epic)
  94. Polyrock: Changing Hearts (RCA)
  95. Indoor Life (FrenchCelluloid)
  96. Duran Duran: self-titled (EMI)
  97. Josef K: The Only Fun In Town (Postcard)
  98. Siouxsee Sioux: Juju (Polydor)
  99. DMZ: Relics (Bomp)
  100. Stray Cats: self-titled (Arista)
  101. Alley Cats: Nightmare City (Time Coast)
  102. Spandau Ballet: Journeys To Glory (Chrysalis)
  103. Eyeless In Gaza: Photographs As Memories (Cherry Red)
  104. David Lindley: El Rayo X (Asylum)
  105. Blurt: In Berlin (Ruby)
  106. Black Uhuru: Red (Mango)
  107. Whodini: self-titled (Jive)
  108. Juice Newton: Juice (RCA)
  109. Panther Burns: Behind The Magnolia Curtain (Rough Trade)
  110. U.K. Decay: For Madmen Only (Fresh)


TM, ®, Copyright © 1998 Piero Scaruffi

  1. Dream Syndicate: Days Of Wine And Roses (JackRuby)
  2. David Thomas: The Sound Of The Sand (RoughTrade)
  3. Fear: The Record (Slash)
  4. Misfits: Walk Among Us (Ruby)
  5. Mission Of Burma: VS (AceOfHeart)
  6. Flipper: Generic Album (Subterranean)
  7. Art Zoyd: Phase IV
  8. Legal Weapon: Death Of Innocence (Arsenal)
  9. Richard Thompson: Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal)
  10. Waitresses: Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful (WB)
  11. Muffins: 185 (RandomRadar)
  12. Styrenes: Girl Crazy (Mustard)
  13. Gun Club: Miami (Animal)
  14. Minutemen: What Makes A Man Start Fires (SST)
  15. Rip Rig Panic: I Am Cold (Virgin)
  16. Annette Peacock: Sky-skating (Ironic)
  17. Lydia Lunch: Agony Is The Ecstasy (4AD)
  18. Sonic Youth: self-titled (Neutral)
  19. Virgin Prunes: If I Die I Die (RoughTrade)
  20. Massacre: Killing Time (Celluloid)
  21. Tuxedomoon: Suite En Sous-sol (Expanded)
  22. Tom Verlaine: Words From The Front (WB)
  23. Factrix: California Babylon (Subterranean)
  24. Savage Republic: Tragic Figures (Independent Project)
  25. Negative Trend: We Don't Pay We Riot (Subterranean)
  26. Bola Sete: Shambhala Moon (Dancing Cat)
  27. Cure: Pornography (Fiction)
  28. Robert Wyatt: Animals Film (RoughTrade)
  29. Dark Day: Window (Plexus)
  30. Mickey Hart: Yamantaka (Rolling Thunder)
  31. Captain Beefheart: Ice Cream For Crow (Virgin)
  32. Nervous Gender: Music from Hell (Subterranean)
  33. Etron Fou Leloublan: Poumons Gonfles (TurboMusic)
  34. Virgin Prunes: Heresie (InvitationAuSuicide)
  35. Zero Boys: Vicious Circle (Nimrod)
  36. Kate Bush: The Dreaming
  37. Bruce Springsteen: Nebraska (CBS)
  38. James Chance: Sax Maniac (Animal)
  39. Wall Of Voodoo: Call Of The West (IRS)
  40. Lydia Lunch: 13.13 (Ruby)
  41. Adrian Belew: Lone Rhino (Island)
  42. Birthday Party: Junkyard (4AD)
  43. Asia: self-titled (Giffen)
  44. Bob Seger: Nite Tonite (Capitol)
  45. Prince: 1999 (WB)
  46. Grandmaster Flash: Message (Sugar Hill)
  47. John Cougar Mellencamp: American Fool (Riva)
  48. G.B.H.: City Baby Attacked By Rats (Clay)
  49. Dead Kennedys: Plastic Surgery Disasters (AlternativeTentacles)
  50. Fall: Hex Enduction Hour (Kamera)
  51. Conrad Schnitzler: Control (Dys)
  52. XTC: English Settlement (Virgin)
  53. GBH: City Baby Attacked By Rats (Clay)
  54. Chris And Cosey: Trance (Rough Trade)
  55. Nurse With Wound: Homotopy To Marie (UD)
  56. Clash: Combat Rock (CBS)
  57. National Health: D.S. Al Coda (Lounging)
  58. John Cale: Music For A New Society (Ze)
  59. Donald Fagen: Nightfly (Warner)
  60. Die Form: Die Puppe (Bain Total)
  61. Lou Reed: Blue Mask (RCA)
  62. Malaria: Emotion (Crepuscule)
  63. DB's: Repercussion (Albion)
  64. Hanoi Rocks: Oriental Beat
  65. Nanci Griffith: Poet In My Window (Philo)
  66. Work: Slow Crimes (Woof)
  67. X: Under The Big Black Sun (Elektra)
  68. Manowar: Battle Hymns (Liberty)
  69. Stickmen: This Is The Master Brew (1982)
  70. Toto: IV (Columbia)
  71. John Coughar Mellencamp: American Fool (Riva)
  72. Descendents: Milo Goes To College (New Alliance)
  73. Bongos: Drums Along the Hudson (PVC)
  74. Voice Farm: World We Live In (Optional)
  75. Y Pants (Neutral)
  76. NoMeansNo: Mama (Wrong)
  77. Toiling Midgets: Sea Of Unrest
  78. Marshall Crenshaw: self-titled (WB)
  79. Michael Jackson: Thriller (Epic)
  80. Christian Death: Only Theatre Of Pain (Frontier)
  81. Bad Religion: Into The Unknown (Epitaph)
  82. Legal Weapon: Your Weapon (Arsenal)
  83. Phil Manzanera: Primitive Guitars (Island)
  84. Lords Of New Church: self-titled (IRS)
  85. Soft Verdict: Vergessen (DisqueDuCrepuscule)
  86. SPK: Leichenschrei (Thermidor)
  87. Cocteau Twins: Garlands (4AD)
  88. Legendary Pink Dots: Brighter Now (In Phaze)
  89. Psychic TV: Force The Hand Of Chance (SomeBizarre)
  90. Simple Minds: New Gold Dream (Virgin)
  91. Angry Samoans: Back From Samoa (Bad Trip)
  92. Thomas Dolby: Golden Age Of Wireless (Capitol)
  93. Judy Nylon: Pal Judy (OnUSound)
  94. Church: The Blurred Crusade (Parlophone)
  95. Front 242: Geography (RRE)
  96. Hunters And Collectors: self-titled (White Label)
  97. Scritti Politti: Songs To Remember (Rough Trade)
  98. Work: Slow Crimes (Woof)
  99. Steve Piccolo: Domestic Exiles (MASO)
  100. Pigbag: Dr Heckle & Mr. Jive (YRec)
  101. Black Sheep: Animal Sounds (MCCB)
  102. Morells: Shake And Push (Borrowed)
  103. Tommy Keene: Strange Alliance (Avenue)
  104. New Math: They Walk Among Us (415)
  105. Rank And File: Sundown (Slash)
  106. New Race: First And Last (Statik)
  107. Kraut: An Adjustment To Society (Cabbage)
  108. Joan Jett: I Love Rock And Roll (Boardwalk)
  109. George Clinton: Computer Games (Capitol)
  110. Trio: self-titled (Mobile Suit)
  111. Liliput: Liliput (Rough Trade)
  112. Blue Orchids: Greatest Hits (RoughTrade)
  113. Lora Logic: Pedigree Charm (RoughTRade)
  114. Rank And File: Sundown(Slash)
  115. Chris And Cosey: Heartbeat (RoughTrade)
  116. Love Tractor: self-titled (DB)
  117. Box: Secrets Out (GoDisc)
  118. Dexy's Midnight Runners: Too-Rye-Ay (Mercury)
  119. Certain General: Holiday Of Love (Labor)
  120. Neats: Monkey's Head (Ace Of Hearts)
  121. Eek-A-Mouse: Wa-Do-Dem (Greensleeves)
  122. Dire Straits: Love Over Gold (Vertigo)
  123. TV Personalities: They Could Have Been Bigger (Whaam)
  124. Robert Plant: Pictures At 11 (Swansong)
  125. This Time: What Time Is It? (WB)
  126. Del Byzanteen: Lies To Live By (DontFallOff)
  127. Red Cross: Born Innocent (Smoke 7)
  128. MDC: Millions Of Dead Cops (R Radical)
  129. Real Kids: Outta Place (Star)
  130. Trouble Funk: Drop The Bomb (Sugar Hill)
  131. Weekend: Variete` (Rough Trade)
  132. Culture Club: Kissing To Be Clever (Virgin)
  133. EU: Future Funk (Galaxy)
  134. Yellowman: Mister Yellowman (Greensleeves)


TM, ®, Copyright © 1998 Piero Scaruffi

  1. Mark Stewart: Learning To Cope With Cowardice (RoughTrade)
  2. Jane Siberry: No Borders Here (Open Air)
  3. Cocteau Twins: Head Over Heels (4AD)
  4. Einsturzende Neubauten: Zeichnungen Das Patienten (PVC)
  5. Tom Waits: Swordfishtrombones (Island)
  6. Metallica: Kill 'Em All (Megaforce)
  7. Sonic Youth: Confusion Is Sex (Neutral)
  8. R.E.M.: Murmur (IRS)
  9. Bad Brains: Rock For light (PVC)
  10. Violent Femmes: self-titled (Slash)
  11. David Thomas: Variations On A Theme (RoughTrade)
  12. Swans: Filth (Neutral)
  13. Minor Threat: Out Of Step (Dischord)
  14. Fleshtones: Hexbreaker (IRS)
  15. Golden Palominos: self-titled (Celluloid)
  16. New Order: Power Corruption And Lies (Factory)
  17. Birthday Party: Mutiny (Mute)
  18. Clock DVA: Advantage (Polydor)
  19. Virginia Astley: From Gardens Where We Feel Secure (Virgin)
  20. Alan Vega: Saturn Strip (Ze)
  21. Slickee Boys: Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi (Twin/Tone)
  22. Blasters: Non Fiction (WB)
  23. John Greaves & Peter Blegvad: Kew Rhone (Europa)
  24. Jah Wobble: Bedroom Album (Lago)
  25. Bob Wasserman: Solo (Rounder)
  26. Rip Rig Panic: Attitude (Virgin)
  27. Pere Ubu: Song Of The Bailing Man (RoughTrade)
  28. Lindsay Cooper: Gold Diggers (SyncPulse)
  29. Replacements: Hootenanny (Twin Tone)
  30. Cassiber: Man Or Monkey (Riskant)
  31. Meat Puppet: II (SST)
  32. Univers Zero: Ceux Du Dehors (Recommended)
  33. Go-Betweens: Before Hollywood (RoughTrade)
  34. Allan Holdsworth: Metal Fatigue (Enigma)
  35. Chris Knox: Songs For Cleaning Guppies (Flying Nun)
  36. Mofungo: Out Of Line (Zoar)
  37. Bill Laswell: Baselines (Elektra)
  38. 23 Skidoo: The Culling Is Coming (Operation Twilight)
  39. Alien Sex Fiend: Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain (Anagram)
  40. Embarrassment: Death Travels West (Fresh Sounds)
  41. Suicidal Tendencies: self-titled (Frontier)
  42. The The: Soul Mining (SomeBizarre)
  43. Green On Red: Gravity Talks (Slash)
  44. Rain Parade: Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (Enigma)
  45. 17 Pigmies: Hatikva (Resistance)
  46. Micronotz: Smash (Fresh Sounds)
  47. Social Distortion: Mommy's Little Monster (13th Floor)
  48. John Hiatt: Riding With The King (Geffen)
  49. Subhumans: The Day The Country Died (Spiderleg)
  50. Blue Nile: A Walk Across The Rooftops (Linn)
  51. Rudimentary Peni: Death Church (Corpus Christi)
  52. Cabaret Voltaire: Crackdown (Some Bizarre)
  53. Richard Thompson: Hand Of Kindness (Hannibal)
  54. Lou Reed: Legendary Hearts (RCA)
  55. Zoviet France: Mohnomishe (Red Rhino)
  56. Shonen Knife: Burning Farm (Zero)
  57. ZZ Top: Eliminator (WB)
  58. Ex: Blueprints For A Blackout (Big Brother)
  59. Danielle Dax: Pop Eyes (Initial)
  60. Cartoon: Music From Left Field (12-Tone Productions)
  61. Hunters And Collectors: The Fireman's Curse (White Label)
  62. Def Leppard: Pyromania (Virgin)
  63. D.R.I.: Dirty Rotten (R-Radical)
  64. Exciter: Heavy Metal Maniac (Shrapnel)
  65. Men And Volts: Hootersville (Eat)
  66. Three O'Clock: Sixteen Tambourines (Frontier)
  67. Wipers: Over The Edge (Brain Eater)
  68. Ono: Machines That Kill People (Thermidor)
  69. Paolo Conte: Paolo Conte
  70. Van Halen: 1984 (WB)
  71. Necros: Tangled Up (Restless)
  72. Shriekback: Care (Y)
  73. X: More Fun In The New World (Elektra)
  74. Ben Watt: North Marine Drive (CherryRed)
  75. Stephan Weisser: Elemental Music (Subterranean)
  76. Marillion: Script For A Jester's Tear (EMI)
  77. Adrian Belew: Twang Bar King (Island)
  78. Chris Stamey: It`s A Wonderful Life (DB)
  79. Velvet Monkeys: Future (Fountain Of Youth)
  80. Richard Kirk: Time High Fiction (Doublevision)
  81. Marc Almond: Untitled (Some Bizarre)
  82. 10,000 Maniacs: Secrets Of The I Ching (Christian Burial)
  83. SS Decontrol: Give It Away (Xclaim)
  84. Nurse With Wound: Ostranenie 1913 (Third Mind)
  85. Wolfgang Press: The Burden Of Mules (4AD)
  86. Killing Joke: Fire Dances (EG)
  87. U2: War (Island)
  88. Was Not Was: Born To Laugh At Tornadoes (Ze)
  89. Plimsouls: Everywhere At Once (Geffen)
  90. Tears For Fears: Hurting (Poligram)
  91. Nocturnal Emissions: Drowning In A sea Of Bliss (Sterile)
  92. Bananarama: Deep Sea Skiving (Rama)
  93. Arkansaw Men (Alterboys)
  94. Katrina And The Waves: Walking On Sunshine (Attic)
  95. Will Sergeant: Themes For Grind (Satisfied)
  96. Slicky Boys: Cybernetic Dreams Of Pi (TwinTone)
  97. Aztec Camera: High Land Hard Rain (RoughTRade)
  98. LeRoi Brothers: Check This Action (Amazing)
  99. Dumptruck: D Is For Dumptruck (Incas)
  100. Shockabilly: Earth VS (RoughTrade)
  101. Dome: Will You Speak to This World (Uniton)
  102. Stevie Ray Vaughan: Texas Flood (Epic)
  103. Hanoi Rocks: Back To Mystery City
  104. Let's Active: Cypress (IRS)
  105. Police: Synchronicity (A&M)
  106. Madonna: self-titled (Sire)
  107. Wire Train: In A Chamber (415)
  108. Renaldo And The Loaf: Arabic Yodeling (Ralph)
  109. Bryan Adams: Cuts Like A Knife (A&M)
  110. Meatmen: We're The Meatmen (Touch And Go)
  111. Midnight Oil: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (Columbia)
  112. Phosphenes: self-titled (Coyote)
  113. 45 Grave: Sleep In Safety (Enigma)
  114. Paul Marotta: Agit-prop Piano (DoSpeak)
  115. Phosphenes (Coyote)
  116. Big Country: The Crossing (Mercury)
  117. Triffids: Treeless Plain (Hot)
  118. Unclaimed (Hysteria)
  119. Kommunity FK: The Vision And The Voice (Independent Project)
  120. Ronnie James Dio: Holy Diver (Vertigo)
  121. Severed Heads: Since The Accident (Ink)
  122. Yaz: You And Me Both (Sire)
  123. Accept: Restless & Wild (Portrait)
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