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The Best Rock Albums of 2014

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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
Best of Rock Albums
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  1. Pyrrhon: The Mother of Virtues (Relapse)

  2. Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura: Interpenetrating Dimensional Express (Golden Lab)
  3. Sylvan Esso: Sylvan Esso (Partisan)
  4. Khun Narin: Electric Phin Band (Innovative Leisure)
  5. White Suns: Totem (Flenser)
  6. Robin Hayward: Nouveau Saxhorn Nouveau Basse (Pogus)
  7. Endon: MAMA (Daymare)
  8. Arca: Xen (Mute)
  9. Idylls: Prayer For Terrene (Tapes Of A Neon God)
  10. Valerio Tricoli: Miseri Lares (PAN)
  11. Richard Dawson: Nothing Important (Weird World)
  12. Guardian Alien: Spiritual Emergency (Thrill Jockey)
  13. Los Random: Pidanoma (Las Tias)
  14. Pye Corner Audio: Black Mill Tapes Volumes 1-4 (Type)
  15. Peter Batchelor: Kaleidoscope (Pogus)
  16. Bent Knee: Shiny Eyed Babies (Bent Knee)
  17. Perfume Genius: Too Bright (Matador)
  18. Bill Orcutt: Solo Acoustic Volume Ten (Vin du Select Qualitite)
  19. Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence (Interscope)
  20. Jonathan Badger: Verse (Cuneiform)
  21. St Vincent: St Vincent (Loma Vista)
  22. Aphex Twin: Syro (Warp)
  23. Black Dirt Oak: Wawayanda Patent (MIE)
  24. Thou: Heathen (Gilead Media)
  25. Peder Mannerfelt: Lines Describing Circles (Digitalis)
  26. Jute Gyte: Ressentiment (Jeshimoth)
  27. Teitanblood: Death (Ajna Offensive)
  28. Klara Lewis: Ett (Editions Mergo)
  29. Mitski: Bury Me at Makeout Creek (Dead Oceans)
  30. Chief Keef: Back From the Dead 2 (self)
  31. Thaiboy Digital: Tiger (mixtape)
  32. Horseback: Piedmont Apocrypha (Three Lobed)
  33. Dirty Knobs: The Hermit Seeks for Stillness (Xero Music)
  34. Typhonian Highlife: HR Giger's Studiolo

EPs and minis:

  1. Jar Moff: On How To Lubricate Capital's Effect (self) 7.5/10
  2. Frankie Cosmos: Zentropy (Double Double Whammy)
  3. Secluded Bronte: Secluded in Jersey City (Pogus) 7/10
  4. Lil Ugly Mane: The Weeping Worm (Self-released), 7/10
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  1. Sylvan Esso: HSKT
  2. Black Dirt Oak: Demon Directive
  3. Arca: Sisters
  4. Aphex Twin: Circlont14
  5. The War on Drugs: Red Eyes
  6. Perfume Genius: Grid
  7. Richard Dawson: Judas Iscariot
  8. Sadaf: C.F.C.
  9. White Sun: Priest in the Laboratory
  10. Andy Stott: Missing
  11. Jonathan Badger: Dotter
  12. Camellia: Into the Lava
  13. Raoul Bjorkenheim: Subterranean Samba
  14. Sun Kil Moon: Truck Driver
  15. Fatima Al Qadiri: Shanghai Freeway
  16. Angel Olsen: Hi-Five
  17. St Vincent: Birth In Reverse
  18. Linda Perhacs: When Things Are True Again
  19. Against Me: Transgender Dysphoria Blues
  20. Run the Jewels: Close Your Eyes
  21. Ben Frost: Nolan
  22. Pharmakon: Body Betrays Itself
  23. Mitsky: Townie
  24. Parquet Courts: Black & White
  25. Lana Del Rey: Sad Girl
  26. Amen Dunes: White Child
  27. Arca: Xen
  28. Real Estate: April's Song
  29. Circle: Valley
  30. Perfume Genius: My Body
  31. XXXtentacion: Vice City
  32. Ariel Pink: White Freckles
  33. Aphex Twin: Produk 29
  34. Tuneyards: Left Behind
  35. Sylvan Esso: Coffee
  36. Frankie Cosmos: Buses Splash With Rain
  37. Botanist: Erythronium
  38. Mark Lanegan: Judgement Time
  39. Girl Band: Lawman
  40. New Pornographers: Dancehall Domine
  41. Carla Bozulich: Ain't No Grave
  42. Clarence Clarity: Those Who Can't Cheat
  43. Vince Staples: 65 Hunnid
  44. Mac DeMarco: Passing Out Pieces
  45. Perfume Genius: Fool
  46. Mark Lanegan: Death Trip to Tulsa
  47. Xiu Xiu: Botanica de Los Angeles
  48. Sharon Van Etten: Your Love Is Killing Me
  49. Thaiboy Digital: Gtblessgo
  50. Future Islands: Seasons
  51. Lil Ugly Mane: Hideous Disfigurements
  52. Azealia Banks: Nude Beach a Go-Go
  53. Dope Body: Repo Man
  54. Hval: I Have Walked This Body
  55. Lucinda Williams: Everything But the Truth
  56. Digitalism: Wolves
  57. A Tribe Called Red: Burn Your Village to the Ground
  58. Yung Lean: Volt
  59. Zammuto: Great Equator
  60. Nmesh: AvonNiteMare Liquid Mascara
  61. Graham Repulski: Octopus Bribes
  62. Aldous Harding: Two Bitten Hands
  63. Mogwai: The Lord Is Out Of Control
  64. Bob Mould: Hey Mr Grey
  65. Jessica Pratt: Moon Dude
  66. Jenny Lewis: Just One of the Guys

Extended compositions
  1. Pyrrhon: The Mother Of Virtues
  2. Endon: Acme Apathy Amok
  3. Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura: Photospheric Composition
  4. Jar Moff: On How To Lubricate Capital's Effect
  5. Guardian Alien: Spiritual Emergency
  6. Los Random: Mee Chango
  7. Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura: 101010,000,000
  8. Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band: Show Wong Khun Narin
  9. Idylls: Lied To
  10. Swans: She Loves Us
  11. Black Dirt Oak: Crowning The Bard
  12. Dirty Knobs: The Pier Mourns The Wreck
  13. Pyrrhon: White Flag
  14. Richard Dawson: The Vile Stuff
  15. Valerio Tricoli: Miseri Lares
  16. Robin Hayward: Plateau Square
  17. Peter Batchelor: Arcade
  18. Demdike Stare: Primitive Equations
  19. Dave Phillips: The Less I Know
  20. Michael Pisaro: Anabasis
  21. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra: What We Loved Was Not Enough
  22. King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard: Am I In Heaven
  23. Kasai Allstars: Yangye The Evil Leopard
  24. Katie Gately: Pivot
  25. Steve Gunn: Tommy's Congo
  26. Gnod: 20 Sides A Minute
  27. Earth: Even Hell Has Its Heroes
  28. Roll the Dice: Assembly
  29. Scott Walker: Brando
  30. Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff: Topeka AM
  31. Dean Blunt: Forever
  32. Shackleton: Freezing Opening Thawing
  33. Thou: Ode To Physical Pain
  34. Man Forever: Clear Realization
  35. Oneohtrix Point Never: I Only Have Eyes For You
  36. Jute Gyte: Mansions Of Fear Mansions Of Pain
  37. Carl Hultgren: Transparency and Light
  38. Bill Orcutt: History And Repetition
  39. Bing & Ruth: Reflector
  40. Aisha Devi: Throat Dub
  41. Thurston Moore: Speak to the Wild
  42. Klara Lewis: Altered
  43. Blut Aus Nord: Paien
  44. Vladislav Delay: Viaton
  45. Mamaleek: Poor Mourner's Got a Home
  46. El Marrano de la Razon : No
  47. Horseback : Chanting Out The Low Shadow
  48. Kairon Irse: Rulons
  49. Ono: Oxblood
  50. Monolord: Empress Rising
  51. Typhonian Highlife: A Movement in the Cenobytes Journey to 15th Century Verona

  1. Sarah Manning: Harmonious Creature (Posi-Tone)
  2. Wadada Leo Smith: The Great Lakes Suite
  3. Fire Orchestra: Enter (Rune Grammofon)
  4. Anthony Davis: Notes from the Underground (Boston Modern Orchestra Project)
  5. Kim Myhr: All Your Limbs Singing (Sofa)
  6. Sylvie Courvoisier Trio: Double Windsor (Tzadik)
  7. Trio 3 & Vijay Iyer: Wiring (Intakt Records)
  8. Oliver Lake Organ Quartet: What I Heard (Passin' Thru)
  9. Pharoah & the Underground: Spiral Mercury (Clean Feed)
  10. Steve Lehman Octet: Mise En Abime (Pi)
  11. Mitchell/Taborn/Baku: Conversations (Wide Hive)
  12. Tyshawn Sorey Trio: Alloy (Pi)
  13. The Westerlies: Wish the Children Would Come On Home (Songlines)
  14. Jane Ira Bloom: Sixteen Sunsets (Pure Audio)
  15. Sam Newsome: Straight Horn of Africa - A Path of Liberation (Baby)
  16. Farmers By Nature: ove and Ghosts (AUM)
  17. Darius Jones and Matthew Shipp: Cosmic Lieder - The Darkseid Recital (AUM)
  18. Ambrose Akinmusire: The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier to Paint (Blue Note)
  19. Mark Turner Quartet: Lathe of Heaven (ECM)
  20. Kenny Barron & Dave Holland: The Art of Conversation (Impulse)
  21. Battle Trance: Palace of Wind (New Amsterdam)
  22. Chick Corea: Trilogy (Concord Jazz)
  23. Marquis Hill: The Poet (Skiptone)
  24. Jacques Schwarz-Bart: Jazz Racine Haiti (Motema)
  25. Mark Turner: Lathe of Heaven (ECM)
  26. Arve Henriksen: The Nature of Connections (Rune Grammofon)
  27. Unity Group: Kin (Nonesuch Records)
  28. Helen Sung: Anthem for a New Day (Concord Jazz)
  29. Joshua Redman: Walking Shadows (Nonesuch)
  30. Tom Harrell: Colors Of A Dream (HighNote)
  31. Kenny Garrett: Pushing The World Away (Mack Avenue)
  32. Pat Metheny: Tap (Nonesuch)
  33. Joe Lovano: Cross Culture (Blue Note)
  34. Matthew Shipp: I've Been To Many Places

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