Piero Scaruffi's Cognitive Workshops

Piero Scaruffi is a cognitive scientist who has been a visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford Universities, has written four books on Cognitive Science, published hundreds of articles on magazines, developed industrial applications of Artificial Intelligence, and lectured in three continents on matters related to mind and consciousness. He is conducting an interdisciplinary research on the nature of mind. His teaching activies include a seminar at U.C. erkeley on Formal Theories of the Mind and a class on the History of Knowledge. His latest book on these subjects is available on the Internet.


Piero Scaruffi periodically organizes workshops on the following subjects.
  • Basic introduction to philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology and neurobiology
  • Formal theories of consciousness, dreaming, emotions
  • Quantum reality and consciousness (including an introduction to quantum mechanics and relativity for non-physicists)
  • The binding problem (how consciousness arises from brain processes)
  • Linguistic aspects of the mental life (language origins and structure, metaphor, pragmatics, meaning)
  • Modern biological and mathematical theories of life (ecological realism, post-Darwinian evolutionism, bioenergetics, nonequilibrium thermodynamics)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence concepts and techniques (requires a computer science background)
Each workshop is 4-hours long and is roughly structured as follows: 2 hours of presentation, 1 hour of question and answer, 1 hour of concluding remarks.
The fee for attending a 4-hour seminar is $50 in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Fees for workshops outside the Bay Area vary.
Inquire about future events and specify which of the following you are interested in attending, your time constraints and your preferred location.