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This web site is an online service devoted to the world of culture and entertainment. Unlike other online magazines of this kind, which target mainly the general audience of tv viewers, this web site caters to the upscale audience of "intellectuals" and experts, who are more interested in critical news than in mundane news. They tend to be professionals with a broad range of interests and with a considerable budget for entertainment. The style of the writing is professional and mature, due to the extensive background of the writers in their respective fields. This web site is also one of the very first cultural magazines to target an international audience, thanks to a staff which as international as it could be, distributed among five continents. National versions are underway. Again, it is not only the news that makes this site unique: it is the depth of analysis. Internet users can find news on thousand of sites, they can find that depth of analysis only on this site. This website does not sell records or videos or T-shirts or anything: our reviews are reliable because we are not a store that is reviewing what it is trying to sell.

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This web site is a cultural magazine and archive that deals with several topics and therefore attracts a diversified audience. See the breakdown of visits by nations and subjects.

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