Piero Scaruffi's Editorial Internship Program offers college students and recent graduates a unique opportunity to be involved in many aspects of a website's editorial procedures.
Interns work on a part-time, unpaid basis for three to six months and receive practical experience in critical reading and analysis, research, fact checking and the general workings of an on-line archive and magazine.
Each intern works closely with Piero Scaruffi, an author and journalist with over twenty years of experience and thirteen published books.
Each intern takes part in the creation of the on-line archive and magazine, and is encouraged to generate ideas.

Applicants should have experience with reporting and writing, researching on-line databases and browsing over the world wide web. Applicants should have a few years of experience in philosophy of the mind, cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence, neurophysiology or related topics. Applicants should be voracious and curious readers, as well as capable writers, with a knack for synthesizing an argument in a few sentences and the background to understand scientific terms of more than one discipline. Experience with the internet and working knowledge of HTML (or willingness to learn it) are a plus.

Specific intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Researching and fact-checking
- Writing, reporting and proof-reading entries for an on-line archive and magazine
- Assembling and editing five books out of Scaruffi's existing texts:

  1. "Machine Intelligence/ Engineering the Human Mind"
  2. "Cognition/ A Story of Representation, Interaction and Communication"
  3. "Consciousness/ The Factory of Illusions"
  4. "Life/ of Entropy and Organization"
  5. "The Science of Immortality/ A Guide to 21st Century Physics"

- Turning the chapters of the book "Nature of Consciousness" into many webpages, each with appropriate keywords, to facilitate search engines
- Collecting and cataloging research on creativity
- Reporting news about new developments in Cognitive Science
- Reading a chapter of the book "The Nature of Consciousness" and researching which new developments in the scientific world are not covered; then preparing a bibliography and short summaries of such developments; reviews of the bibliography
- Expanding a section of the website on the great philosophers of the past

This internship requires roughly a 20-hours-a-week commitment.

The primary responsibility of interns is researching new books on topics related to cognitive science (mind, cognition, consciousness, brain, life, artificial intelligence, artificial life, etc.) and and preparing reasoned summaries for inclusion in the bibliography of the web site. Each posting will include relevant links and be organized in an efficient way for retrieval by both scholars and ordinary audience. Each posting will refer to the author's previous films, either via links to previous reviews posted on the website or via a link to the author's own web site. By exploiting the internet's features, the web pages must be organized so as to constitute an organic hypertext that can be visited in multiple formats, thereby allowing both casual access to new releases, as well as a article-like views on the work of an author, as well as global surveys of research under way worldwide on a specific topic. As required by an interdisciplinary and international approach.
This editorial system will provide a powerful tool for research in cognitive science, likely to be used by researchers worldwide. It will introduce a novel way to organize and make available the vast repertory of theories produced by a plethora of disciplines.

Interns will become familiar with the techniques and styles of book reviewing, with the latest theories on the mind, and with the work of some of the most influential researchers of our times.
Your contribution will be acknowledged in the Cognitive Science section of the web site and will constitute a significant reference in your curriculum vitae.

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