"Humankind 2.0" or "Thinking the Unthinkable"
The future of technology and society
(Chinese edition: CITIC, 2016)

Jinxia Niu, a China-based journalist, interviewed Piero Scaruffi for her magazine (Zheshang magazine) and then compiled the texts into a book, edited by James Yan (former president of Huawei USA) to produce the book "Humankind 2.0".

These pages contain notes in English about their conversations. These are notes, not fully-formed chapters of the book. They contain the core ideas that came out of the conversations so that the English-speaking reader can grasp the essentials. The actual texts are published by Jinxia Niu in Chinese language in her magazine, paraphrasing what Piero Scaruffi actually said to her, in order to make the concepts as clear as possible to the Chinese reader.

September 2017: Human 2.0 voted #1 book of the year for young people to read:

There is no plan to produce an English-language version of the articles or of the final book.
If you read Chinese, see all the articles published so far.

The idea for this series of "dialogues" came after the success of the Chinese edition of Piero's big book A History of Silicon Valley (co-authored with Arun Rao and translated into Chinese by James Yan) and after the publication in the USA of Piero's small book Intelligence is not Artificial.
(Vanity: here are pictures of the 2014 lectures and interviews in China and of the 2015-2017 lectures and interviews in China)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Big Data
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Nanotech
  7. Biotech
  8. Social Media and Sharing Economy
  9. Fin-tech and Blockchain
  10. 3D Printing
  11. Wearables
  12. Space and Drones
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Slide presentations:

  1. Introduction
  2. Big Data
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Internet of Things
  6. Nanotech
  7. Biotech
  8. Social Media and Sharing Economy
  9. Fin-tech (quite old)
  10. My 10-day Blockchain class (2018 addition)
  11. 3D Printing
  12. Wearables
  13. Space and Drones
  14. Clean Tech (2018 addition)
  15. Smart City Tech (2018 addition)
  16. Hardware (2018 addition)
  17. Transportation (2018 addition)
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The team:

Additional interviews (all of them done in March-April 2016):
  • BIG DATA: Weidong Yang, founder of Kinevitz
  • VIRTUAL REALITY: Han Jin, founder of Lucid VR
  • NANOTECH: Christine Peterson, founder of Foresight Institute
  • ROBOTICS: Oussama Khatib, head of Stanford Robotics Lab
  • INCUBATOR: Steve Hoffman, founder of Founders Space
  • COUNTERCULTURE: Dan Kottke (Steve Jobs' college friend)
  • ROBOTICS: Andra Keay, Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics and cofounder of Robot Garden
  • ROBOTICS: Morgan Quigley, designer of the Robot Operating System at Stanford and cofounder of the Open Source Robotics Foundation
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Josh Levy, hacker (SRI, Cuil, Viv Labs)
  • A.I.: Stuart Russell, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UC Berkeley
  • COUNTERCULTURE: John Law, founder of the Burning Man Festival
  • NANOTECH: Jennifer Dionne, Professor of Nanotechnology at Stanford
  • ROBOTICS: Melonee Wise, founder of Fetch Robotics, formerly of Willow Garage
  • BIOTECH: John Cumbers, founder of Synbiobeta and former NASA scientist
  • SPACE: Chris McKay, chief planetary scientist at NASA Ames
  • BIOTECH: Eric Gordon, venture capitalist of Skyline Ventures, Consulting Professor at Stanford University and President of Palantir Consulting
  • BITCOIN: Melanie Swan, founder of the Institute for Blockchain Studies and of DIYgenomics
  • A.I.: Nell Watson of Singularity University
  • MAKERS: Mitch Altman, co-founder of Noisebridge and pioneer of the Makers Movement
  • BIOTECH: Rob Carlson, author of "Biology is Technology" and president of the Bioeconomy Capital
  • BIOTECH: Andrew Endy, Professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, co-founder of the BioBricks Foundation and of the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM.org) competition
  • BIOTECH: Emily Leproust, founder of Twist Bioscience
  • BIOTECH: Max Hodak, founder of Transcriptic
  • ROBOTICS: Pieter Abbeel, Professor of Robotics at UC Berkeley and Founding member of OpenAI
  • SHARING. Irina Pesterean and Paolo Dobrowolny, Founders of Monkey Parking
  • SOCIAL: Antonio Forenza, Cofounder of Artemis
  • ROBOTICS: Shohei Hido, Chief Research Officer of Preferred Networks America

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