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    Round the world/ great civilizations of the past: Bejing and Xian (China), Angkor (Cambodia), Bagan and Mrak U (Burma), Konark and Ajanta (India), Samarkhand and Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Istanbul (Turkey), Valley of the Kings (Egypt), Athens (Greece), Rome (Italy).
    Round the world/ great wonders of nature: Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), Iguazu (Brazil), Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), Kajetur Falls (Guyana), Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Everest (Nepal), the Nile (Egypt), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Victoria Falls, Sahara (Morocco).
    Ancient kingdoms of Peru: Chavin, pyramids of Chan Chan, fortress of Kuelap, Pajaten, Cuzco, Machu Picchu, lines of Nazca.
    Silk Road: Kashgar (Chinese far west) to Kirgisistan to Uzbekistan (cities of Tamerlan) to Turkmenistan, ferry to Azerbaijan, overland to Tbilisi, Georgia, to Istanbul, Turkey.
    Guyana: spectacular nature trip that crisscrosses one of the most primitive countries in south America and reaches the legendary Kajetur waterfalls (with optional seven-day excursion to King George Falls waterfalls).
    The great Tibetan monasteries: from Lhasa to Sakya in ten days. Pilgrimage to Mt Kailash, Tibet: hike from Nepal to Kailash in Tibet; or drive from Katmandu to Kailash and then from Kailash to Kashgar and then to Pakistan on the Karakorum highway.
    Nepal and Bhutan: visit the Katmandu valley, hike the Everest, visit the remote kingdom of Bhutan.
    Seven wonders of China: Xian and the tomb of the 1,000 soldiers, Forbidden City, Great Wall, the sacred Mt Taishan, 3 sites of ancient buddhist caves.
    Venezuela: visit the mighty tepuis formations of the Guayana jungle, travel upriver to the tallest waterfalls in the world, hiking up Mt Roraima, the indio villages on stilt of the Orinoco delta.
    The Maya route: Palenque, Tikal, Copan, Belize, Yucatan.
    The Indonesian archipelago: temples of Bali, mountains of New Guinea, monsters of Komodo, Lombok volcano, Borobudur, Joyakarta, central Sumatra, Banjamarsin in Borneo.
    Hiking in South East Asia: Mt Fuji (Japan) to Mt Kinabalu (Borneo) to Mt Bromo (Java) to Mt Lombok (Indonesia) to Mt Jaya (New Guinea) to Mt Wilhelm (Papua New Guinea) to Mt Cook (New Zealand).
    Trekking in the Amazon jungle: travel upriver a branch of the Amazon river in Ecuador, travel downriver to Leticia, Colombia, then on to Manaus, Brazil.
    Etruscan Italy
    Medieval Germany
    The Russian Far East: Alaska, Murmansk, Vladivostok, Mongolia, Bajkal.
    Arizona natural wonders: Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Mesa Verde
    California: San Diego, Los Angeles, Death Valley, Las Vegas, highway 395, Mt Whitney, ghost towns, Mono Lake, Yosemite, San Francisco, Pt Reyes.
    Imperial cities of North Africa: Rabat, Marrakesch, Meknes, Fez, Tunisia, Valley of the Kings (Egypt), Sudan.
    Hike Mt Kilimanjaro from Tanzania
    Searching for Atlantis: Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), Cuzco (Peru), Machu Picchu, Inca ruins, lines of Nazca, pre-Inca civilizations of Peru, the great stone figures of Tierradentro (Colombia), lost city of the Tayronas (Colombia), Tikal (Guatemala), Palenque (Mexico), Tehotihuacan (Mexico).
    Great metropolis of the world: London - Paris - Rome - Florence - Venice - Vienna - Berlin- Moscow - Istanbul - Delhi - Bangkok - Singapore - Bejing - Tokyo -Kyoto- Los Angeles - San Francisco - Chicago - Boston - New York - (optional Rio - Buenos Aires).
    Colonial South America: Antigua (Guatemala), Cartagena (Colombia), Leiva (Colombia), Ouro Prieto (Brazil), ...
  • What is different about our travel agency?

    We are not a travel agency! We are travel specialists. We are travellers who love to travel, and love to teach others to travel. We also need to make our living, so we decided to organize trips, just like the ones we organize for ourselves, and charge a fee for the organization.
    We give you more than just reservations, we give you knowledge of those sites, of those cultures, of those systems. We teach you how to travel once you are there, what to see, who to contact. We don't sell you a package, we sell you the knowledge to make your own package.
    We travel with you. You decide how close we travel with you. But, in principle, we sleep where you sleep and we eat where you eat. That's our guarantee.
    We receive no commissions from the airlines. Therefore, we work only for you. We shop for the cheapest air tickets. We will advise you if you can save money by changing itinerary or dates, or if you can travel the same route overland. We make reservations only when it is truly indispensable. If you're better off without reservations, we will be honest and we will tell you so. One of our main assetts is a huge network of connections. We can shop for cheap or impossible tickets in four continents. You cannot buy the cheap tickets that are for sale in Bangkok or Amsterdam: we can. We will hold them for you over there. You don't have access to the hundreds and hundreds of special deals from airlines: we do, thanks to our computerized system and, quite simply, to friends around the world.
    The main difference between our travel agency and the regular ones is that WE HAVE BEEN THERE. We send you only to places that we are familiar with. We know how you travel in Tibet or what to see in Sinkiang, because we have been there. We know how hotels work in Sumatra because we have been there. We know how to get visas for the ex soviet republics of Central Asia. We know where it makes sense to rent a car and where it does not make sense. We know how important it is to speak the local language. We know how safe it is for your belongings.
    If we send you to a place that we have not visited, we will share part of the costs.
    We are also journalists, we write professionaly for travel magazines. This means that we can recommend the things you should not miss. If you read the standard brochure about Rome, you probably don't know that near Rome you can find two of the world's true wonders: Cerveteri, a monumental cemetery, a veritable city of the dead, built by the Etruscans about 3,000 years ago, and Ostia Antica, the original port of ancient Rome and the best preserved city of the Roman empire. Most agencies simply copy the same brochure over and over. We have the attitude of the reporter, we search for things, we find them, we report them.
    We have 25 years of experience in organizing customized trips to the most diverse destinations. We were and are our first customers.
    We can send you to the most traditional tourist destinations (Italy, Greece, Egypt, Mexico, Peru) and make you see them the way very few tourists have seen them.
    We can send you to places where tourists are still a rarity: one week overland tours to the ancient temple of Angkor in Cambodia, or five-day trekking tours in the Colombian jungle to the ruins of the ancient city of the Tayronas. If you are craving for the Indiana Jones kind of trip but dare not even think of it, let us advise you. It may be a lot easier than you ever imagined. We can provide you with local guides or with a guide in your own language.
    You don't need to be physically fit, except in special cases (e.g., trips to high altitude). We welcome inquiries by physically handicapped and elderly folks. This world is for everybody.
    We don't just send you there, we don't just take you there: we teach you. We offer a broad selection of travel and language books, that we offer at discount prices. We have connection with the best language schools in the world to help you master the elements of a foreign language. In countries like Peru and India we use local experts of archeology. If one of us travels with you, s/he will be knowledgeable about the culture, geography, economy, history and politics of the location.
    How do we make money? You pay us 50% of the fee at the beginning of the trip, and 50% of the fee at the end of the trip. The fee is proportional to how difficult it is to organize your trip. All other costs will be itemized and we will explicitly tell you if we charge you for any additional fee.
    All you have to do is tell us where you would like to go.
    What we don't do. We are travel specialists. We are not a travel agency: we don't buy you just a ticket San Francisco to Los Angeles.
    Leveraging on our 25-year experience in traveling around the world, and on our network of real estate specialists, we can also help you select real estate properties around the world: Hawaii, Florida, Bali, Europe, Singapore, Buenos Aires are just some of the favorite relocation or second home choices.

    TM, ®, Copyright © 1999 Ulysses-Travel all rights reserved.

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