Hiking Yosemite Basket Dome

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From the point of view of a condor, Basket Dome (2320m) is situated between Half Dome and North Dome. There is no trail to it. The easiest way to reach it is to take the trail from Mirror Lake towards North Dome and to leave the trail when it forks the second time: the first fork comes after 2.4 kms, the second one after 6kms (the second one is 9kms before North Dome). In both cases if you turn right you go to Tenaya Lake. Don't turn right at the first one and leave the trail right after the second one. Scramble up the steep ravine on the left to the top. If you want to reach North Dome from here, you have a steep gulley in between.
  • Walk from Half Dome Village to Mirror Lake and to the Snow Creek trailhead 3 kms
  • First junction to Tenaya Lake: 5.4 kms
  • Second junction to Tenaya Lake: 9 kms
  • Top: 13 kms

View from the top of Basket Dome

Pictures of the hike