Hiking in Death Valley
(And excerpt from the Death Valley's web site converted into the metric system)
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Death Valley is bounded on the west by Telescope Peak (3,367 meters high) and on the east by Dante's View. Badwater is the lowest point (-94 m.) in the western hemisphere. Death Valley is generally sunny, dry, and clear throughout the year. The winters are mild with occasional winter storms, but summers are extremely hot and dry. Summer high temperatures commonly run above 40 degrees.

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Shorty's Well to Telescope Peak | Hiking to the Race Track


Easy Hikes:
1) Golden Canyon Interpretive Trail

2) Gower Gulch Loop

3) Desolation Canyon

4) Natural Bridge Canyon

5) Badwater Salt Flat

6) Harmony Borax Works Interpretive Trail

7) Salt Creek Interpretive Trail

8) Sand Dunes

9) Mosaic Canyon

10) Titus Canyon Narrows

11) Dante's Ridge

12) Keane Wonder Mine Trail

13) Keane Wonder Springs

14) Little Hebe Crater Trail

15) Darwin Falls Trail

15) Panamint Sand Dunes

Adventurous Hikes: No trails. Rock scrambling... you're on your own!

16) DeathValley Buttes

17) Fall Canyon

18) Red Wall Canyon

19) Little Bridge Canyon

20) Wildrose Peak Trail:

Epic Hikes:

21) Telescope Peak from Mahogany Flat:

22) If you like climbing in the middle of nowhere: Dry Mt and Tin Mt

23) Panamint City and Sentinel Peak

24) The mother of all California day hikes (because of the elevation gain): Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well:

25) If you are in a suicidal mood 1.: Marble Canyon to Race Track (Playa):

26) If you are in a suicidal mood 2.: Race Track to Lake Hill

27) If you are in a suicidal mood 3.: Mahogany Flat to Ballarat via Telescope Peak, Sentinel Peak and Panamint City

28) Ubehebe Peak