Visitor Center to Sculptured Beach to Arch Rock, Point Reyes

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Note: Arch Rock collapsed in 2016.

This hike makes sense only on a day of low tide and possibly in winter when chances of fog are minimal. Any other season you are likely to see nothing because of the fog. If the tide is not low you will wonder what is special about this beach and never go back again. So i strongly recommend you pick a day of low tide (below zero) in winter.

From the Bear Valley visitor center take the Wittenberg Trail to Mt Wittenberg (3km), then down the Woodward Valley trail the Coastal trail (7 kms). Turn right and pay attention to the tiny sign for Sculptured Beach (8 km). You can frolic around the beach and return from the same stairs or find a way to rejoin the trail further up where two tiny waterfalls drop onto the beach. Continue on the Coastal trail until Arch Rock (12 km). You can return to the visitor center on the fire road, Bear Valley trail (19 km) or take an extra detour to Wildcat Camp (24 km) and then return to the visitor center from there (5 km on the Glen trail plus 5 km on the Bear Valley trail for a total of 34 km).