Five Brooks to Wildcat Camp, Point Reyes

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This is NOT the fastest way to reach Wildcat Camp (the fastest is probably from Palomarin) although it looks short on the map. It is not the fastest because of a steep hill at the beginning (especially if you are carrying a heavy backpack). But it may be the prettiest way to get to Wildcat Camp. Start from Five Brooks trailhead that is on highway 1 between Bolinas and Olema.

The Five Brooks parking lot is fairly large. Starts walking on the Stewart Trail which is really a road. Ignore the confusing sign five minutes into the hike and continue on this road about 500 meters until you find another confusing sign: to the left is the Olema Valley trail, to the right the sign points to the Greenpicker Trail (and Glen Camp and Wildcat Camp). Turn right and in about 1.3 kms you will reach the Greenpicker trail, a steep trail which eventually (after about 3 kms) summits at Fir Top (the sign "Fir Top" is conveniently hidden behind a bush). Turn right into the Stewart Trail (again, it's a big road) and then follow it all the way. It's 4.3 tedious kms down to the camp. The good news is that after the junction with the Coast Trail the last switchbacks afford great views of the camp and the beach.

  • Five brooks trailhead
  • Greenpicker trail: 30'
  • Fir Top: 1h15'
  • Junction with Old Out Rd: 1h55'
  • Junction with Coast Trail: 2h20'
  • Wildcat Camp: 3h
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