Sky Trail from Bear Valley to Arch Rock, Point Reyes

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Note: Arch Rock collapsed in 2016.

From the visitor center take the Bear Valley trail till the first junction (200m).
The Wittenberg Trail leads to the top of Mt Wittenberg (3km).
Calculate about one hour from the trailhead to the first major junction after the top.
The Sky trail leads from Mt Wittenberg down to the Coastal trail (7km).
Calculate about two hours from the trailhead to the junction with Baldy trail.
Turn left and reach the junction with Arch Rock (500m).
Turn right to Arch Rock (400m).
Calculate about three hours from the trailhead to Arch Rock.
Back to the junction (400m).
Continue straight on the Bear Valley fire road to the visitor center (6.5km).
Calculate about 1.5 hours from Arch Rock back to the trailhead.
Total distance: 18km (about 4.5 hours)