Mt Vision, Point Reyes

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Take the Limantour Rd and park at the second major trailhead, named Bayview. Take the fire road (not the small trail on the left). After a few minutes it will intersect a paved road (private property) but then you will find it again on the left about 100 meters up. The trail is wide and easy to follow. After the first major junction, you will start seeing views of the fjord on your right. Reyes Hill is the mountain in front of you (Mt Vision is behind). Eventually the trail narrows and gets steeper. At the top there is a fenced government structure. Now you have views also of the southern (left) part: the Estero, the beach, etc. Continue on the paved road that descends to a gate. To the right of the gate you can find a use trail that is usually in very good conditions. It leads tunnel-like through a dead forest. You are now on top of Mt Vision, although you can't see anywhere because you are in the middle of the forest. The best views are in fact from the other side of the paved road.