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A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

compiled by Piero Scaruffi
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Dec 31: Roman Polanski's Short Films with Live Music by Sza/Za @ Letterman Digital Arts Center
Dec 4: Juilliard String Quartet @ Stanford
Dec 3: Bach's Mass in B Minor @ First Congregational Church - Berkeley
Dec 3: Nakamatsu Plays Chopin @ California Theatre - San Jose
Dec 3: Igor Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale @ Aurora Theatre Company
Dec 3: Lisa Mezzacappa @ Trinity Chapel
Till Nov 26 @ Meridian Gallery: Centennial Celebration of the Home of Meridian Center for the Arts
November 11 @ Italian Cultural Institute: Novilunio
November 11 @ SF Conservatory: George Bristow's Symphony No. 2 (lost for 150 years)
November 10 @ Stanford: Helen + Newton Harrison
November 7 @ USF: Art Science Evening
November 5 @ Berkeley: New Media Film Festival
November 4 @ Cantor Museum: The Science & Technology of Painting (Curt Frank, Michael Marmor, Piero Scaruffi) for the Bay Area Science Festival
November 2 @ swissnex: Special LASER for the Bay Area Science Festival
November 1 @ swissnex: The Art of Robots
October 31 @ Berkeley ATC: Christine Van Assche on "The Centre Pompidou New Media Collection"
October 28 @ Berkeley: Ligeti, Korngold, Schumann
October 26 @ San Francisco Library: Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe
October 26 @ Stanford: Russian artist Ilya Kabakov & Russian novelist Vladimir Sorokin
October 26 @ everywhere: Bay Area Science Festival
October 24 @ Stanford CCRMA: Gloria Cheng performs John Cage
October 21 @ Hub: Intersection for the Arts Exhibition Opening
October 20 @ Stanford: Interdisciplinary Panel with Susskind, Wight, Pamela Z and English-Lueck
October 19 @ Berkeley ATC: Beyond Design Thinking by Regina Connell
October 18 @ Stanford: The Middle East After the Arab Spring
October 17 @ Stanford: The Rise of China and Taiwan's Response
October 16 @ Headlands Center for the Arts: Open House for Laurie Frick and Andy Vogt
October 15 @ Performance Art Institute: Peter Foucault, Jennifer Gwirtz, Barbara Kristoff, Anya Liftig, Ellen Mueller, Naomi Sex, Ann Marie Stoehr, Jordan Essoe, Merav Tzur, Kathryn Williamson, Kathrine Worel, Gordon Winiemko...
October 14 @ Berkeley Museum: Kurt Schwitters exhibition and Fassbinder's film "World on a Wire" (1973)
October 13 @ Berkeley ATC: How to Knit a Popular History of Media by Kristen Haring
October 10 @ Berkeley ATC: Kal Spelletich
October 8 @ Gallery Hijinks: Pakayla Biehn
October 6 @ swissnex: Game Design
October 5 @ Kadist Art Foundation: Lin Yilin
October 5 @ Throckmorton: Reading of Lynne Kaufmann's new play "Walking the Dead"
October 5 @ Stanford: Leonardo Art Science Evening
October 4 @ Stanford: The crisis of Europe
October 2 @ Zellerbach Hall: Khmer Arts Ensemble
September 29-30 @ Davies Symphony Hall: MTT conducts Mozart and Stravinsky
September 28-29 @ Stanford CCRMA: Acousmatic Night
September 28-30 @ UC Berkeley Hertz Hall: Ligeti & Korngold
September 27 @ Marsh: Reading of Lynne Kaufmann's new play "Acid Test"
September 25-30 @ Hilton Union Square: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
September 24 @ Recology: San Francisco Dump Artist in Residence Exhibitions
September 24 @ Davies Symphony Hall: MTT conducts Mahler's Third Symphony
September 22 @ NOMA Gallery: artist Jamie Bollenbach
September 21 @ Computer History Museum: Venture Capital in the Valley
September 21 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Mahler's Third Symphony
September 21- November 12 @ SFAI: Exhibition "Think Art-Act Science"
September 18 @ Mission Dolores Basilica: Women's Antique Vocal Ensemble (WAVE)
September 17 @ Yerba Buena Gardens: Gamelan Sekar Jaya
September 16 @ DeYoung: Mixed-media works by Todd Brown
September 16-18 @ Monterey: Jazz Festival
September 16 @ Zellerbach Hall: Mark Morris Dance Group
September 15 @ swissnex: Urbanization Around the World
September 14, 16, 17 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Michael Tilson Thomas and Yo-Yo Ma
September 12 @ USF: Leonardo Art Science Evening (LASER)
September 11 @ St. Paul's Episcopal Church: Bach's B Minor Mass
September 10 @ Catherine Clark Gallery: Julie Heffernan's solo exhibition
September 9 @ Brava Theater: San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
September 1 @ Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema: Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) Block Party
August 28 @ Roxie Theater: "How Life Could End on Earth" discussion with astrophysicist Greg Laughlin and planetologist Chris McKay
August 27 @ Krowswork: SFMOMA assistant media arts curator Tanya Zimbardo
August 26 @ Krowswork: "The Spontaneous Underground Presents Laser Fest"
August 25 @ Yerba Buena Gardens: koto music by Sawai Koto
August 25 @ Alliance Francaise: Three Series of Paintings by Pascale Hery
August 25 @ Roxie: International Women's Film Festival
August 20 @ YBCA: 25+ local artists
August 19- September 4 @ Carmel Valley: Days and Nights Festival organized by Philip Glass
August 18-21 @ Novellus Theater at YBCA: Virgil Thomson and Gertrude Stein's opera "Four Saints in Three Acts"
August 18 @ Asian Art Museum: Wayang Tantri Puppetry with I Wayan Wija" Balinese Shadow Puppet Night
August 16 @ Singularity University: Women at the Frontier exposition
August 11 @ Menlo School's Martin Family Hall: The Late Works of Brahms
August 8 @ Los Altos United Methodist Church: Bach Mass in B minor
August 8 @ Room: Pamela Z and Qube Chix
August 6 @ Kuhl Frames: Qahar Behzad, oil paintings from Afghanistan
August 6-27 @ Gallery Hijinks: Gregory Ito's paintings, sculptures, and installations
August 6-27 @ Shooting Gallery: Skinner's "The Fragile Art of Existence"
August 4 @ Xerox PARC: Brian Arthur on How Technology is Recreating the 21st-Century Economy
August 4 @ McLoughlin Gallery: Patter Hellstrom's works of acrylic on polypropylene
August 4 @ Gallery Paule Anglim: Lynn Hershman Leeson
August 3 @ Stanford Cantor Museum: Expanding Views of Africa
August 3 @ Stanford: Leonardo Art Science Evening
August 1-29 @ Canessa Gallery: Barbara Traub's photography
July 30 and 31 @ Asian Art Museum: Balinese Music with Gamelan Kori Mas
July 29-30 @ YBCA: Carla Kihlstedt's song cycle "Necessary Monsters" based on Borges' "Book of Imaginary Beings"
July 29 @ Room: Pamela Z with Butoh dancers and musicians
July 28 @ Stanford Cantor Museum: Jeremy Bailenson on "The Dawn of the Virtual Revolution"
July 24 @ Royal NoneSuch Gallery: Elysa Lozano on "Unveiling of the New Art World Economy" Autonomous Organization Residency
July 22 - August 13 @ Menlo Park: Music@Menlo chamber music festival
July 22 @ 1043 Marin St in SF: Kal Spelletich's Robotics/machine Performance
July 22 @ DeYoung Museum: Kieran Ridge on "Picasso and Modern Literature: Liquid Architecture of the Palace of Marvels"
July 21 @ Xerox PARC: Eric Ries on Lean Startups
July 16-30 @ Carmel: Carmel Bach Festival
July 16 @ Stanford: Stages of Memory Symposium
July 15-23 @ Conservatory: Summer Bach Festival
July 15 @ Wire and Nail: Luca Nino Antonucci's "Collapse"
July 15-16 @ Herbst Theater: Post Ballet
July 14 @ Castro Theatre: Silent Film Festival
July 14 @ San Jose's California Theatre: Midsummer Mozart Festival
July 13 @ Singularity University: Women @ the Frontier exposition
July 11 @ USF: Leonardo Art Science Evening
July 9 @ Palo Alto Saint Ann's Chapel: William Byrd's Great Service and Motets
July 9 - October 22 @ YBCA: Art triennial
July 9 @ Adira in San Jose: Belly Dancing Show
July 8-10 @ Counterpulse: Matthew Milo Sergi's verse comedy Rare Earth
June 30 @ Brick & Mortar Music Hall: Music for Arctic Sounds performed by Red Shift Ensemble
June 30 @ Xerox PARC: Gillian Tett on "The Medium and Mixed Messages - What anthropology can teach modern media"
June 28 @ swissnex: Does Data Visualization Tell Us What to Think?
June 25 @ Milpitas Jain Temple Auditorium: Purbayan Chaterjee (sitar) and Ustad Tari Khan (tabla)
June 25 @ Google: Foresight Inst's 25th Anniversary Reunion Conference
June 23-26 @ Davies Symphony Hall: MTT conducts Beethoven's Missa solemnis
June 14-21 @ Davies Symphony Hall: San Francisco Symphony Chamber Music with Yuja Wang
June 11 @ Meridian Gallery: Elliott Sharp with William Winant and Mark E. Miller
June 5: an evening of violas at Royce Gallery
May 21 - Sep 6 @ SFMOMA: David Claerbout's video installations.
May 13, May 14, May 15 @ Asian Art Museum: Wayne Vitale's multimedia gamelan opera "Makrokosma Bali"
Through May 13 @ Gray Area Foundation: Transmutations
May 9 @ USF: Leonardo Art Science Evenings
May 7 @ Mumm Napa Gallery: Robert Buelteman's photography
May 3 @ San Jose State Univ: Arthur Kao on "Chinese brush painting"
Apr 30 @ Yerba Buena: Philip Glass recital
Apr 29 @ Berkeley Symphony Orchestra: Stravinsky's Symphony (free!)
April 27 @ Stanford: Thomas Hacker on "Architecture as Fragment: Reflection of an Extended Whole"
April 26 @ Stanford: Leon Botstein on "Music Between Nature and Architecture"
April 25 @ NASA AMes: Microbes Mind Forum
April 21 @ Stanford: "Multitasking: How it is changing the way children and adults think and feel"
April 21-23 @ Stanford: Vision eARTh: Stanford's First Annual Arts + Sustainability Festival
April 20 @ Stanford: Mathematician and table palyer Manjul Bhargava on "Linguistics, Poetry, and Mathematics"
April 20 @ Stanford: The Life of the Image in the Time of the Nation: Visual Culture from Bazaar Art to Satellite Television
April 19 @ Stanford: Avantgarde composer Bob Ostertag at CCRMA:
Apr 18 @ Stanford CDDRL: "New Media and the Wave of Arab Protest"
Apr 2 - October 2 @ DeYoung Museum: Marco Breuer's photography
Mar 10 @ Yerba Buena: Jose Navarrete and Violeta Luna's "Atlacualo" dance piece
Mar 10 @ Stanford CDDRL: "The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy"
Mar 4 - Apr 9 @ Kala Art Institute: Sonya Rapoport's retrospective
Mar 3 & 4 @ Exploratorium: Art as a Way of Knowing conference
Mar 3 @ Stanford CDDRL: "Why Technology Has Not Revolutionized Politics"
Feb 26 @ Frey Norris Gallery: Art at the Forefront of Cultural Convergence
Feb 24 @ Stanford CDDRL: "Social Media and the Struggle for Political Change"
Feb 24 @ Basement Gallery Oakland: Thea Rae's exhibition
Feb 24 @ Xerox PARC: Zack Exley on Wikipedia
Feb 22 @ Stanford CDDRL: Hicham Ben Abdallah on "The Dynamics of Culture in the Contemporary Arab World"
Feb 17 12pm @ Stanford: Turkey's Transformation
Feb 13 in Fremont: Wayne Lanier
Feb 10 @ Computer History Museum: William Draper, author of The Startup Game
Feb 10 @ Altman Siegel Gallery: Trevor Paglen's "Unhuman"
Feb 9: Leonardo Art Science Evening
Feb 4 @ Stanford: Mariko Chang on "Why women have less wealth"
Feb 4 @ USF: Linda Weintraub on "Meaning of Visual Culture in Contemporary Society" followed by panel with Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Tami Spector, Richard Kamler, Piero Scaruffi
Feb 3 @ Stanford's Cantor Arts Center: photographer Leo Rubinfien
Feb 3 5:30 @ Xerox PARC: Van Jacobson on "The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Digital Distribution: A Content-centric Networking Perspective on Evolving Network Architecture"
Feb 3 8pm @ Stanford Wilbur Dining Hall (658 Escondido Road): Glenn Greenwald on "The War on WikiLeaks and Why it Matters"
Feb 3 @ Stanford: Patrick Olivelle on "India's Oldest Writings: New Perspectives on the Asokan Inscriptions."
Feb 1 @ Stanford: panel on "The Humanities and the Dream of America"
Jan 31 @ Berkeley Sociology Colloquium Series: Gary Alan Fine on "The Politics of Expertise and the "Who Lost China" Debate"
Jan 31 till March 11 @ Stanford Serra house: Lisa Solomon exhibition
Jan 30 @ Stanford: Chinese Spring Festival Gala (songs, dances, kongfu, drama, magic show, instrumental performances)
Jan 29 @ Paul Mahder Gallery: Renee Billingslea's photographs
Jan 27 @ Computer History Museum: Jane Smiley, author of The Man Who Invented the Computer
Jan 27 5:00pm - 8:30pm @ Zza's Trattoria: Wonderarium meetup
Jan 26 @ Berkeley Art Museum Eva Hesse
Jan 24 @ Berkeley's ATC: Natalie Jeremijenko on "Redesigning our Relationship to Natural Systems, Wrestling Rhinoceros Beetles, Launching the Urban Space Station, and Other Cross(x)Species Adventures"
Jan 24 2pm @ Berkeley Sociology: Ananya Roy on "How Poverty Became Capital: Millennial Modernity and its Discontents"
Jan 21-22 @ Recology South San Francisco: Suzanne Husky and others
Jan 22 - Feb 26 @ Gray Area Foundation for the Arts: Zimoun's kinetic, sonic sculptures
Jan 21 @ SAP Future Salon: Kevin Kelly on technology as a living organism
Jan 18 6:30pm @ Hub SoMa (925 Mission St, San Francisco): Hub Ventures Launch Event
Till Jan 16 at Stanford Green Library: "Celebrating Mexico: The Grito de Dolores and the Mexican Revolution, 1810|1910|2010"
Jan 13-17 at the Computer History Museum: "The First 2000 Years of Computing" at the Computer History Museum
Jan 15 @ Stanford Humanities Center: Nariman Skakov on "The Cinema of Tarkovsky: Labyrinths of Space and Time."
Jan 15 @ Stanford: Jeremy Adam Smith on "How women's soaring economic power is changing men"
Jan 13 at Xerox PARC: Paul Kedrosky on "Data Exhaust - What We Know About Everything "
Jan 10 at USF: Leonardo Art Science Evening
Jan 8 Kambui Olujimi at Catharine Clark Gallery
Jan 6 at Stanford Levinthal Hall: Paula England on the Gender Revolution