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A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

compiled by Piero Scaruffi
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Dec 13 @ Kala: Kala Artists' Annual Exhibition
Dec 12 @ Stanford: LASER: Jennifer Parker (Director of OpenLab), Jennifer Dionne (Stanford Nanotech Lab), Audrey Shafer (Stanford Medical Humanities), Mark Wagner (Street painter)
Dec 11 @ UC Davis: "Organism", an art show fusing art, science and technology
Till Dec 9 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Barry McGee's exhibition
Dec 7 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Quartet San Francisco Plays the Music of Raymond Scott
Dec 5-6 @ Stanford: Ned Block, one of the most influential philosophers of our time
Dec 4 @ PARC: Lots of startup founders
Dec 3 @ Stanford: Amitav Ghosh on "China and the Making of Modern India"
Dec 3 @ Stanford CDDRL: "The Conflict in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo"
Dec 2 @ Berkeley Art Museum: electronic percussionist Ikue Mori with throat singer Ken Ueno
Till November 30 @ Chinatown Hilton Hotel: Chinese female artists
Nov 29 @ Stanford: CCRMA Fall Concert
Nov 28 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Gamelan of Java and Bali (free concert)
Nov 25 @ Berkeley Zellerbach Hall: Mummenschanz
Till Nov 22 @ Kala Art Institute: art exhibition about Time
Nov 18 @ Yerba Buena Center: free chamber music day
Nov 18 @ Berkeley: China Forum 2012
Nov 17 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Javanese Shadow Play
Nov 16-17 @ Yerba Buena Center: Taiko Festival
Nov 14 @ Stanford: Workshop on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Consciousness
Nov 14 - Feb 10 @ Cantor Museum: Christian Marclay's Video Quartet
Nov 13 @ Stanford: Performance by Luciano Chessa and Laura Steenberge on Sculptures
Nov 9 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Ornette Coleman
Oct 27 @ SOMA: CODAME art and tech festival
Oct 27 - Nov 3 @ SOMA: Bay Area Science Festival
Oct 26-28 @ Zellerbach Hall: Philip Glass' opera Einstein on the Beach
Oct 24 @ Stanford: Salma Arastu, Indian painter
Oct 20 @ Baybasi Sharod Utsav, Foster City: Chitresh Das Dance Company
Oct 18 @ Stanford: SMMMASH 2.0
Oct 17 @ 560 3rd St: Silicon Valley documentary by Javier Ideami
Oct 17 @ Stanford: Ends of Enlightenment with John Bender
Oct 17 @ 2133 Univ Ave: Cheryl Leonard on Nature Sounds, Lisa Moscow on voice and Galein Dog on electronics
Oct 15-16 @ Stanford: Strindberg's "Miss Julie"
Oct 14 @ Berkeley's First Congregational Church: Bach's Mass in B Minor
Oct 13-14 @ Treasure Island: Music Festival
Oct 13 @ St. Mark's in Palo Alto: Bach's Mass in B Minor
Oct 13 @ Stanford: Mark Applebaum performance
Oct 12 @ Berkeley Museum: Terry Riley
Oct 11 @ Stanford: Robert Whitman's installation "Local Report"
Oct 10,13,18,21,23,26,30 @ Davies Hall: Jake Heggie's opera "Moby Dick"
Oct 10 @ Stanford Art Science Evening
Oct 5 @ Stanford: "The Science of Happiness" with Fred Luskin
Oct 2 @ Stanford: "Can Civilization be Saved?" with Paul Ehrlic
Sep 30 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Sonny Rollins
Sep 30 @ Berkeley campus: free performances by Chitresh Das Dance Company; Cypress String Quartet; Davitt Moroney; shadow puppets with Daniel Barash; Gamelan Sekar Jaya; Kronos Quartet; Lily Cai Dance Company; etc
Sep 28-30 @ Davies Hall: MTT conducts Mahler's 5th
Sep 27-28 @ Stanford CCRMA: Two evenings of outdoor concerts of avantgarde music
Sep 23 @ Fort Mason: San Francisco Library Book Sale
Sep 21-22 @ Recology: Dump Artists in Residence (Tamara Albaitis, Amy Wilson Faville, Calder Yates)
Sep 21 @ Performance Art Institute: Puppet show by Niki Ulehla and Echidna's Choir Boys
Sep 20 @ Berkeley's First Congregational Church: Benjamin Britten centennial
Sep 18 @ Zellerbach Hall: Laurie Anderson
Sep 18 @ Atherton's Center for the Performing Arts: Benjamin Britten centennial
Sep 15-16 @ Zellerbach Hall: National Circus of China
Sep 14 @ 1st Street & San Carlos: San Jose Zer01 Street Festival
Sep 14 @ Berkeley Art Museum: John Cage Celebration
Sep 13 6pm @ ZERO1 Garage San Jose: ZERO1 Biennial Opening Party
Sep 13 @ Computer History Museum: The Anthropology of Innovation
Sep 12-15 @ Davies Hall: Bychkov conducts Shostakovich's 11th & Schubert's Unfinished
Sep 10 @ USF Art Science Evening
Sep 7 @ Conservatory of Music: Indre Viskontas performing Osvaldo Golijov
Sep 7-9 @ Brava Theater: Electronic Music Festival
Sep 6 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: Talk by Ian Mackaye of Fugazi
Sep 6 @ Red Poppy of Music: Peter Foucault's interactive art
Sep 4 - Oct 6 @ ProArts in Oakland: Amy Ho's art installations
Aug 31 @ Royce Gallery: Vocal pieces by Cage and inspired by Cage (Pamela Z, Amy X Neuburg, etc)
Aug 29 7pm @ SETI Inst: Peter Ward on "The Rare Earth Hypothesis" of the origin of life
Aug 25 @ Catharine Clark Gallery: Recology Alumni Group Exhibition
Aug 25 @ Mt Hamilton Astronomical Observatory: Mariska Kriek on "A Deep View on the Early Universe"
Aug 11 @ Mt Hamilton Astronomical Observatory: Aaron Barth on "Supermassive Black Holes"
Aug 8 @ Stanford Art Science Evening
Till Aug 5 @ San Jose Museum of Art: Frank Lobdell
Till July 29 @ SF MOMA: Buckminster Fuller
Till July 28 @ Eli Ridgway Gallery: Wolfgang Ganter
July 11 - Aug @ Stanford: Films from around the world at Stanford on "Global Politics of Food and Water"
July 31 @ SLAC: In the Shadow of the Higgs Boson
July 30 @ Stanford: How to live How to die - Socrates, Christ & Krishna
July 31 @ USF: BioArt with Oron Catts (Symbiotica), Phil Ross, Meredith Tromble (art historian), Piero Scaruffi, etc
July 26 @ Xerox PARC: Women and Innovation
July 26 @ Stanford: Will Genomic Information Improve Healthcare?
July 26 @ Asian Art Museum: Matcha party (Imin Yeh and 27 artists)
July 24 @ Computer History Museum: Dan Kaufman of DARPA
July 22 @ San Jose Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater: Robert Rich
July 21 @ Catherine Clark Gallery: Recology Group Exhibtion
July 30 @ Stanford: Jerry Yang on Sustainable Buildings
July 20 @ Stanford: Jerry Yang on Sustainability
July 16 @ Stanford: Jerry Yang on Sustainability
July 15-21 @ San Francisco Community Music Center: Outsound New Music Summit
July 9 @ USF Art Science Evening
Till July 8 @ Blitzer Gallery: Earth Science Art
July 7-21: Mendocino Music Festival
Jun 30 @ Mt Hamilton Astronomical Observatory: Music concert and telescope tour
Jun 27 @ Computer History Museum: Tod Machover
Till June 23 @ Luggage Store Gallery: Streetopia events
Jun 21 @ Julia Morgan monumental cemetery: Paul Dresher... Ellen Fullman... Miya Masaoka... Luciano Chessa... and many others in concert
Jun 15-16 @ Palace Hotel: ACM Turing Centenary Celebration
Jun 9 @ Davies Hall: Dutoit Ravel's Concerto for Left Hand & Shostakovich's Symphony 5
Jun 6 @ Stanford Art Science Evening
Jun 2 - Jul 1 @ Ethnic Dance Festival
Jun 2 @ Cowell Theater: Gamelan Sekar Jaya
Till Jun 2 @ Southern Exposure: Phil Ross et al
May 30 @ Stanford: Emily Kopley on "The Waves as Lyric Poem"
May 29 @ Stanford: The neuroscience of Kyoto's rock gardens
May 29 @ Stanford: The 2012 U.S. Presidential Election and U.S. Foreign Policy
Till May 28 @ SF MOMA: Retrospective of Rineke Dijkstra
May 26 @ Stanford: Gu-Zheng Ensemble
May 26-27 @ Minerva Foundation: Conference on Neuroesthetics
Till May 20: International Arts Festival
May 18-19 @ Recology: SF Dump Artists in residence
May 19 @ Yerba Buena Center: Karole Armitage's ballet "Three Theories"
May 18 @ all over the Tinderloin: Streetopia opening
May 7-8 @ Stanford CEMEX: Sonya Rapoport's "nuclear" isntallation
April 20-May 3: San Francisco International Film Festival
April 19-21 @ Berkeley Museum: for Making Time, a three-day cross-disciplinary symposium that explores the term "time-based art"
Till April 14 @ San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery: Luca Antonucci, Phil Ross, Daniel Small, Gail Wight, etc
Apr 11-14 @ Stanford: Summit of Middle-eastern leaders
Apr 11-12 @ Stanford Dinkelspiel Auditorium: Early musical performance recordings
Apr 7 @ Stanford: San Francisco Shakespeare Festival performance of Macbeth
Apr 6-7 @ Stanford: Conference On Economic And Political Development Of The Muslim World
Apr 6 @ Stanford CCRMA: Open House
Apr 6 @ Stanford Memorial Church: Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross
Apr 6 @ Stanford Cubberley: The Art and Science of Sustainability
Apr 4 @ Stanford: Leonardo Art Science Evening
Mar 31 @ First Congregational Church: Bach's Double Concertos
Mar 31 @ Mills College: Roscoe Mitchell's chamber music
Mar 30 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z's "Low Reed" for voice, electronics and low reeds
Mar 29 @ Stanford: A Plan for Clean, Sustainable Energy Worldwide in 20-40 Years
Mar 28 @ Xerox PARC: "Innovation Growth"
Mar 28 @ Computer History Museum: "Bell Labs"
Mar 24-25 @ Most Holy Redeemer Church: Rameau's harpsichord music
Mar 24 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Eco Ensemble performing contemporary composers
Mar 24 @ Berkeley Zellerbach Hall: Zakir Hussein and masters of percussion
Mar 22 - Apr 1 @ Bindlestiff Studio: Erling Wold's chamber opera Certitude and Joy
Mar 22 @ Xerox PARC: Hal Varian on Innovation
Mar 21 @ Stanford: Terry Winograd on "the Net Delusion"
Mar 18 @ Davies Hall: Meredith Monk's Realm Variations, Steve Reich's Music for Pieces of Wood, Foss' Echoi
Mar 17 @ Romer Young Gallery: Joshua Kit Clayton's performance "Concentric/Acentric"
Mar 17-18 Creators Project (multimedia festival)
Mar 15 @ Fibre Arts Studio: Lynn Powers' solo exhibition
Mar 15-17 @ Davies Hall: Mason Bates' Mass Transmission & John Adams' Absolute Jest
Mar 14 @ Herbst Theater: Lera Auerbach's chamber music
Mar 14 @ Kadist Art Foundation: Rivane Neuenschwander's one-night show
Mar 12 @ USF Art Science Evening
Mar 12 @ Stanford CCRMA: composer Morton Subotnick and vocalist Joan LaBarbara
Mar 11 @ Davies Hall: Morton Subotnick's Jacob's Room
Mar 10 @ Zellerbach Hall: Bach's Mass in B Minor (Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra)
Mar 8 @ Stanford CCRMA: Kurt Schwitter's (ultra-rare) Ursonate
Mar 7 @ Kadist Art Foundation: Dora Garcia
Feb 29, 2012 - June 17, 2012 @ Berkeley Museum: California Art circa 1970
Till Feb 25 - Gottfried Helnwein @ Modernism
Feb 13 @ Palo Alto Oshman Family JCC: Tokyo String QUartet
Feb 11 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Eco Ensemble performing contemporary composers
Feb 10 @ Berkeley Art Museum: A tribute to Justin Eastman
Till feb 4 @ Eli Ridgway Gallery: Mauricio Ancalmo's "Installation and Mixed Media Work"
Feb 3-5 @ Stanford: Stanford Pan-Asian Music Festival
Feb 2 @ Italian Cultural Institute: Art historian Deborah Loft on Bernini's Medusa and the myth of the serpent
Feb 2 @ Herbst Theatre: A Night of Rumi and Persian Classical Music with Kayhan Kalhor
Jan 29 @ Community School of Music and Arts (CSMA) at Finn Center: Stephen Kent on didjeridu
Jan 28 @ Stanford: Diavolo Dance Theater
Jan 21 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Eco Ensemble performing contemporary composers
Jan 20-22 @ Zellerbach Hall: Peking Acrobats
Jan 20-21 @ SF Dump: Artists in residence exhibit
Jan 19 @ Stanford: Interdisciplinary Panel with Rabinow, Bailenson, Herschman and Peterson
Jan 18 - March 11 @ Mills College: A Sonya Rapoport retrospective
Jan 12,13,14 @ Davies Hall: MTT conducts Debussy
Jan 11 @ Stanford: Dan Arnold on Buddhist theory of mind
Jan 9 @ USF: Art Science Evening
Jan 8 & 22 @ Pena Pachamama: Carolina Lugo's & Carole Acuna's Ballet Flamenco
Jan 6 @ Vessel Gallery: Beili Liu's "Stalemate"