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A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

compiled by Piero Scaruffi
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(Note: I do not list expensive events here. Most of these are free or very cheap).


Dec 19 @ Xerox PARC: The Age of Context
Till Dec 14 @ San Francisco Art Institute: exhibition of Mission School artists such as Alicia McCarthy
Dec 13-14 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Takemitsu, Prokofiev, Saint Saens
Dec 12 @ Stanford: Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley Psychology), Ellen Fullman (composer), Uwe Bergmann (Stanford), David Stork (Rambus)
Dec 11 @ UC Berkeley: Javier Ideami (filmmaker), David Salesin (Adobe), Christoper McKay (NASA)
Till Dec 8 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Yang Fudong's video art
Dec 7-8 @ Zellerbach: Kronos Quartet (Terry Riley, Philip Glass, George Crumb)
Dec 5 @ Stanford Cordura Hall: Masaya Yoshida on Cognition and Language
Dec 4 @ Stanford CCRMA: An evening of avantgarde music
Dec 02 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Zhang Ga
Nov 25 @ San Francisco Art Institute: painter Brad Kahlhamer
Nov 22 @ Hertz Hall: Javanese and Balinese Gamelan Music and Dance
Nov 21 @ San Francisco Art Institute: visual artist and curator Michele Grabner
Nov 20 @ Hertz Hall: Brahms Piano Quartet No. 3 in C minor, op. 60
Nov 18 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Laetitia Sonami
Nov 17,23,24 @ War Memorial Opera House: Wagner's Die Walkure
Nov 17 @ Craneway Pavilion, Richmond: Rhys Chatham's A Secret Rose for 100 Guitars
Nov 17 @ Richmond's Craneway Pavilion: Rhys Chatham's A Secret Rose for 100 electric guitars
Nov 15 @ San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art: Terry Berlier's kinetic sculptures
Nov 14 @ San Francisco Art Institute: found-artist Alicia McCarthy
Nov 12, 15 @ War Memorial Opera House: Wagner's The Flying Dutchman
Nov 12 @ Stanford CCRMA: Traditional Music from Zimbabwe
Nov 11 @ San Francisco Art Institute: sculptor Kori Newkirk
Nov 9-10 @ Zellerbach Hall: Taiko festival
Nov 9 @ Hertz Hall: Gamelan Sari Raras
Nov 8 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Bang on a Can All-Stars' founder Evan Ziporyn
Nov 6 @ Stanford: "Art Meets Technology" symposium
Nov 4 @ USF: Laura Richard (art historian), Paul Skokowski (Stanford Philosophy of Mind), Caitlin Denny (multimedia artist), Tania Lombrozo (UC Berkeley Psychology)
Nov 4 @ San Francisco Art Institute: painter Keltie Ferris
Oct 27 - Nov 2 @ various locations: Bay Area Science Festival
Nov 1-2 @ Zellerbach: Shanghai Ballet
Nov 1-2 @ Geekdome: CODAME festival
Nov 1 @ Berkeley Art Museum: China's Cultural Revolution and the arts
Oct 31 @ Stanford Cordura Hall: Kathryn Bock on Cognition and Language
Oct 28 @ UC Berkeley: Eyal Weizman on "Forensic Architecture"
Oct 27 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Juilliard String Quartet performs Beethoven and Schubert
Oct 26 - Jan 20 @ DeYoung Museum: David Hockney (free on Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7)
Oct 26 - 27 @ Z Space: Chitresh Das Dance Company featuring Rachna Nivas (check out highlights )
Oct 26 @ Et Al (620 Kearny Street): William Basinski's 'Disintegration Loops'
Oct 25 @ Computer History Museum: Grady Booch on "Computing: The Human Experience"
Till Oct 25 @ AIA: AIASF's "Unbuily City" exhibition of never built buildings
Oct 25 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Verdi's Requiem
Oct 24 @ Stanford: Medieval Books and Buildings in the Making of Modern France: Viollet-le-Duc and Gaston Paris
Oct 23-24 @ Zellerbach: Nederlands Dans Theater
Oct 23 @ Computer History Museum: Trip Hawkins
Oct 22 - Nov 01 @ swissnex: The Book Lab
Oct 21 @ Stanford Encina Hall Central: Summer of 2013 - A Focus on Egypt and Turkey
Oct 21 @ San Francisco Art Institute: painter Anoka Faroquee
Oct 19-20 @ San Francisco Art Institute: annual art party
Oct 19 @ Center for New Music: Sarah Cahill performing new music
Oct 19 @ 1043 Marin St: Kal Spelletich's robotic art
Oct 19 @ Shiridi Sai Parivaar in Milpitas: Akkarai Subhalakshmi & Akkarai Swarnalatha
Oct 18 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Kiandanda Dance Theater
Oct 18 @ Stanford: "The new Science of Happiness" with John Hennessy Jennifer Aaker, Firdaus Dhabhar, Ian Gotlib, David Kelley, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Katie Couric
Oct 17 - Oct 27 @ Stanford: United Nations international documentary film festival
Oct 17 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak's Symphony 7, Schumann's Piano Concerto
Oct 17 @ San Francisco Art Institute: painter Paul Lafolley
Oct 16 @ Mills College Art Museum: Live music by James Fei and Maggi Payne
Oct 14 @ Berkeley ATC: Jennifer Gonzalez
Oct 4-29 @ Pacific Film Archives: Fassbinder's films
Oct 4-12 @ Palace of Fine Arts: Smuin Ballet
Oct 12 @ Stanford CCRMA: Now Hear Ensemble
Oct 11-18 @ Various: Literary festival Litquake
Oct 11 @ Rafael Film Center: Sanborn's Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera
Oct 10 @ Exploratorium Kanbar Forum: Cheryl Leonard's Antarctic Music for rocks, shells, penguin bones, icicles, kelp, sand, salt and glass
Oct 10 @ Stanford: Sasha Leitman (Stanford CCRMA), Katharine Hawthorne (choreographer), Kate Nichols (visual artist), Taraneh Hemami (visual artist)
Oct 10 @ Stanford: Stanford CCRMA outdoors concert
Oct 10 @ Stanford Cordura Hall: Lisa Pearl on Cognition and Language
Oct 9 @ UC Berkeley: Zann Gill (author), Jennifer Parker (UCSC OpenLab), Cheryl Leonard (composer), Wayne Vitale (composer)
Oct 8 @ UC Santa Cruz: inaugural Santa Cruz LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening)
Oct 7 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Roy Brand
Oct 7 @ Stanford: Earth Matters: "Fracking"-The Blue Bridge to a Green Future?
Oct 6 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Andras Schiff performs Bach and Beethoven
Oct 6 @ Sfjazz: Dave Holland
Till Oct 6 @ Magic Theater: Sam Shepard's play "Buried Child"
Till Oct 5 @ Z Space: Joe Goode's dance theater piece "Hush"
Oct 5 - Oct 21 @ Pacific Film Archive: Best of Pasolini retrospective
Oct 5 @ 142 Throckmorton Theater: Sanborn's Performance Indeterminate Cage Opera
Oct 4 @ Center for New Music: Bob Marsh's Sonic Clothing
Oct 4 @ Stanford: The Impressionist Magic of Claude Debussy: An Evening with the Saint Michael Trio
Oct 4 @ Zellerbach Hall: Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette
Oct 3 @ UC Davis: Art/Science Fusion (LASER series)
Oct 3 @ Center for New Music: Ada Gentile's opera
Sep 30 @ San Francisco Art Institute: conceptual artist Mickalene Thomas
Sep 29 @ UC Berkeley: free day of Calperformances
Sep 28-Dec 20 @ Zer01 Garage: Maggie Orth, Catherine Richards, Phil Ross, Daniel Rozin, Scott Snibbe, Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv
Sep 27 @ Stanford: Donald McCallum on the art of the Yakushiji temple
Sep 27 @ Berkeley First Congregational Church: Michael Daugherty compositions
Sep 26 @ Yerba Buena: Michael Daugherty compositions
Sep 26 - Oct 5 @ Z Space: Joe Goode's dance theater piece "Hush"
Sep 26 - 29 @ ODC: Body Traffic dance company performs three works by international choreographers
Till Sep 26 @ ACAC: Asian Contemporary Art Week
Sep 26 @ Stanford Cordura Hall: Michael K. Tanenhaus on Cognition and Language
Sep 26-29 @ Fort Mason: San Francisco Library book sale
Sep 24 @ Center for New Music: computer network music by the Hub
Sep 22 @ Stanford Bing: Itzhak Perlman
Till 21 @ Exit Theater: San Francisco Fringe Festival
Sep 21 @ Southern Exposure: Birthday block party with performances by Cliff Hengst, Pawel Kruk, Lucas Murgida, Peter Simensky and Michael Zheng
Sep 20 - Oct 21 @ Pacific Film Archive: Pasolini retrospective
Sep 20 - 21 @ Recology Dump: Kristin Cammermeyer, Chad Hasegawa, Racine Polycarpe, Romel Jean Pierre and Claudel Casseus
Sep 18 @ Davies Symphone Hall: Mahler's Ninth Symphony
Sep 18 @ Swissnex: Big Science with scientists from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE), the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), and the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative
Sep 16 @ Berkeley ATC: Allan deSouza
Till Sep 15: Shakespeare's Macbeth @ Presidio Main Post Parade Ground Lawn
Sep 14 @ Center for New Music: Steve Adams' compositions performed by the Rova Sax Quartet, Tim Perkis and John Hanes on electronics
Sep 13 @ Stanford: Brazil in the 21st Century
Sep 13 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Ellen Fullman's The Long String Instrument
Sep 12 - Oct 26 @ Southern Exposure: large-scale group exhibition and performance series
Sep 12-15 @ Sfjazz: Bill Frisell
Sep 12-15 @ Z Space: Christine Marie's shadow play "Signaling Arcana"
Sep 12 - Dec 14 @ San Francisco Art Institute: exhibition of Mission School artists such as Alicia McCarthy
Sep 12 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Doug Wolens' documentary "The Singularity"
Sep 11 - Oct 6 @ Magic Theater: Sam Shepard's play "Buried Child"
Sep 9 @ USF: LASER with science historian Helene Mialet, kinetic artist Bernie Lubell, visual artist Allison Leigh Holt, mathematician Margot Gerritsen
Sep 9 @ Stanford: Paintings & Lithos by Toko Shinoda on her 100th birthday
Sep 7 @ Center for New Music: "The Memory Table" (media artist Ian Winters, composer Evelyn Ficarra and choreographer Paige Starling Sorvillo)
Sep 6: Annie Alley: AIASF's "Unbuily City" exhibition of never built buildings
Sep 6-21 @ Exit Theater: San Francisco Fringe Festival
Aug 31 @ Freight and Salvage: Improvisation in Classical Persian Music & Poetry
Aug 28 @ Meridian Gallery: Shelley Hirsch
Aug 27 @ Center for New Music: Seth Cluett, Johanna Beyer, James Tenney, Paul Dresher
Aug 15 - Aug 25 @ Stanford: Samuel Beckett's Happy Days
Aug 24-25 @ St Mark's Lutheran Church: Brahms' Requiem
Aug 24 @ Weinstein Gallery: Pioneers of Abstract Painting
Aug 24 @ Grace Church of Evergreen: Lecture Recital By Dr Zhao Zhao Yang on Chopin's Twenty Four Preludes Op.28
Aug 24 @ College Avenue Presbyterian Church: Screening of Renetta Sitoy's "The Work of Laetitia Sonami"
Aug 24 @ Center for New Music: Shelley Hirsch and Fred Frith
Aug 23 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z presents an evening of new music for brasswinds
Aug 23 @ Center for New Music: Jorrit Dijkstra's "Miniatures for Reed Quintet and Electronics"
Aug 23 @ 1043 Marin St: Industrial Robotics Art Performance
Aug 22 @ Emerald Tablet: Contemporary Chamber Music from Asia
Aug 22 @ ZERO1 Garage: Dorothy Santos and others on "The Art and Culture Critic: Examining the Expanding Role of the Writer in Arts and Technology"
Aug 20 @ Quixey: Luke Muehlhauser on "Effective Altruism and the End of the World" 278 Castro Street, Mountain View (enter through the back door, from the parking lot at the corner of Dana & Bryant)
Aug 18 @ Calvary Presbyterian Church: Haydn's "The Seasons"
Aug 18 @ SAFEhouse: Summer Performance Festival
Aug 17 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: Amy Neuburg and Polly Moller
Aug 17 @ Napa Valley Museum: Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale
Jul 21- Aug 16 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Thingamajigs Performance Group
Aug 14 @ UC Berkeley Extensions in San Francisco: Design vs Art with Maria McVarish, Meredith Tromble, Piero Scaruffi, Stuart Kendall, Hunter Whitney
Aug 13 @ Zer01: ANTIVJ
Aug 9 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z presents an evening of new music for percussion and hammered dulcimer
Aug 8 @ Stanford: LASER with pupper maker Niki Ulehla, David Israel (SRI Intl) on Natural Language Processing, filmmaker Jeanne Finley and robot scientist Tony Pratkanis (Stanford Univ)
Aug 7 @ UC Berkeley: LASER with street painter Mark Wagner, Melanie Swan on "Natural Aesthetics: GenArt, BioArt, Biomimicry, SynBio, CrowdArt", composer Robert Rich on "Slow Music in a Manic World" and kinetic artist Kal Spelletich
Aug 3 @ Arts Benicia Artist in Residency (ABAiR): Kal Spelletich
Jul 28 @ Life Changing Ministries: Beautiful Noise experimental music
Jul 26 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z presents an evening of new music for for voice and electronics
Jul 25 @ Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse: The Beth Custer Ensemble
Jul 25 @ 544 Capp St: computer music hackery curated by Joe Lasqo with CNMAT and CCRMA
Jul 22 @ Zer01 Garage: Jennifer Parker on "OpenLab: Creating Art + Science Platforms to Engage Citizens and Grow Community"
Jul 21-27 @ 544 Capp Street: Outsound New Music Summit including
Jul 20 @ Bot & Dolly: RobotFilmFestival
Jul 19 @ Thick House: Bay Area Playwrights Festival
Jul 18 - Aug 11 @ Stanford: Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Jul 18 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Taraneh Hemami's public work Free
Jul 18 @ Zer01 Garage: Cecilia Galiena & others on How Social Practitioners Connect to Communities
Jul 16-28 @ San Luis Obispo: Mozaic Festival
Jul 14 @ Ali Akbar Khan College: sitarist Krishna Bhatt and tabla player Swapan Chaudhur
Jul 14 @ Roll up Gallery at The Public Works: Art by Code in conjunction with the Techno Fashion event
Jul 13-27 @ Carmel: Bach Festival
Jul 13-27 @ Mendocino: Music Festival
Jul 12-20 @ Royce Gallery: Samuel Beckett's "Endgame"
Jul 12-21 @ Conservatory of Music: American Bach Festival
Jul 11-20 @ Santa Cruz: Fringe Festival with Antara Bhardwaj, etc
Jul 8 @ USF: LASER with Christine Marie (shadow artist), Sarah Cahill (composer), Dave Deamer (UC Santa Cruz), Adrian David Cheok (Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore)
Jul 5 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z presents an evening of new music for remote and local reeds
Jun 28-30 @ Stanford Bing: St. Lawrence String Quartet free concerts
Jun 22 @ Berkeley: World Music Festival
Jun 26 @ CODAME: Fashion and Wearable Technology
Jun 21 @ Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland: Garden of Memory performances of new music
Jun 20 @ Xerox PARC: Hester Hilbrecht on "Design Thinking"
Jun 19-22 @ Davies Hall: Michael Tilson Thomas conducts Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring
Jun 17 @ Zer01 Garage: Smart Cities of the Future featuring Eric Gressier-Soudan
Jun 15 @ Hertz Hall: Music by Henry Cowell and Lou Harrison
Jun 15 @ The Lab: Division of Labor Festival of improvised, experimental and electronic music with Half of Half (Reina Lam), Zeek Sheck, Freddy McGuire, etc
Jun 15 @ Berkeley Doubletree Hotel: SkeptiCal conference of science and skepticism
Jun 14-16 @ Castro Theater: Hitchcock's silent films
Jun 14 @ Hertz Hall: Gamelan Sari Raras
Jun 14 @ Century Cinema 16, Mountain View: first public screening of the restored NASA video "Mars in 3D" done by Viking 1 and 2 spacecrafts in 1976-9 with music by John Chowning and Michael McNabb
Jun 13 @ Hertz Hall: Mark Morris Dance Group performing Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring"
Jun 12 @ Swissnex: Visual Science Communication
Jun 11 @ swissnex: The Future of the Global Health Landscape with the World Economic Forum
Jun 9 @ Center for New Music: Gustav Holst's The Planets, Urmas Sisask's Spiral Symphony, George Crumb's Celestial Mechanics, David Lang's Before Gravity
Jun 8 @ Oakland's Cathedral of Christ the Light: Brahms' A German Requiem
Jun 8 @ Portola Valley: Robert Buelteman's "Chasing the Light" photographs
Jun 8 @ Asian Art Museum: Odissi & Bharatanatyam Indian classical dances
Jun 8 @ StMark's Lutheran Church: Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem
Jun 7 @ San Jose: Subzero festival (on South First Street between San Carlos & Reed Streets)
Jun 6 @ Stanford: LASER: Sean Gourley (Quid) on "The new AI - not Artificial Intelligence, but instead Augmented Intelligence", Walter Kitundu (Sound artist), Melanie Swan on "GenArt, BioArt, Biomimicry, SynBio, CrowdArt", Jeremy Mende (Designer) and Bill Hsu (San Francisco State University)
Jun 6 @ UCSF Sandler Neurosciences Center: Solo exhibition by Elizabeth Jameson
Jun 5 @ UC Berkeley: LASER Indre Viskontas (Neuroscientist and Musician) on "Music and Brain", Robert Buelteman (Photographer), Jennifer Dionne (Stanford Nanotechnology) on "The Future of Nanotechnology", Vijaya Nagarajan (USF Hinduist Studies) on "The Kolam of South India"
Jun 4 @ Stanford: Education's Digital Future: New Media Literacies and Participatory Culture
Jun 2 @ Mt Tamalpais: Annual Planetary Dance
Jun 1-2 @ SFMOMA: starts at 6pm on Saturday and runs until Sunday - free entrance, with Chessa/Berlier/Living Earth Show (June 2nd at 3:30pm @ SFMOMA's Rooftop) and many others
May 31 @ Palo Alto St Mark's: Slavyanka Russian Chorus
May 30 - Jun 2 @ East of Sacramento: FireDrums
May 30 @ Southern Exposure: "Reverse Rehearsals" (six visual artists (incl Terry Berlier) and seven writers interpret and respond to each other's work in three separate stages of making)
May 29 @ Stanford: "The US, the Middle East, and Af-Pak"
May 29 @ Stanford: "The Symphonic Body", a performance made entirely from gestures
May 28 @ Center for New Music: Maggi Payne's avantgarde music
May 28 @ Stanford: "Germany in the 21st Century"
May 28 @ Stanford: CCRMA Spring Concert
May 20 @ SETI Inst: Space Art
May 17-18 @ Recology (SF Dump): Artist in Residence Exhibitions (Benjamin Cowden, Ian Treasure and Hannah Quinn)
May 17 @ Fox Theater: Beethoven's "Symphony 6"
May 16-17 @ swissnex: Feel the Music: Sound and Emotion
May 14 @ Stanford: Robert Buelteman's photography
May 13 @ USF: Lucia Ayala Asensio (UC Berkeley) on combining art, history and cosmology, Lettering artist Sara Loesch-Frank on "Metallic Leaf and Unusual Media in Art", visual artist Reuben Margolin on "Making Waves", Sasha Leitman & John Granzow (Stanford CCRMA) on computer music
May 12 @ ?: ATOMIC walk and discussion
May 10 @ Stanford Institute for Computational Mathematics and Engineering: Allison Leigh Holt
May 9 @ Stanford: The Use and Misuse of the Past in Contemporary Russia"
May 8 @ Computer History Museum: "Women, Work and the Will to Lead"
May 8 @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall: The music and mind of Beethoven
May 8 @ Stanford: Mark Bittman on "The Future of Food"
May 6 @ Stanford Annenberg: Connie Wolf (Cantor Museum). Daniel Joseph Martinez and Elisabeth Sussman (Whitney Museum)
May 3,4,5 @ San Rafael: Ambicon Festival with Robert Rich, Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Stephan Micus, Jeff Pearce, Tim Story.
May 1 @ Codame: 3D Printing
May 1 @ Stanford: Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys
Apr 26 @ First Congregational Church: Vivaldi and Corelli
Apr 26 @ Performance Art Institute: Nick Hallett's "Auroville" with Luciano Chessa, Pamela Z, Ana Matronic, Monique Jenkinson, etc
Apr 22 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Alexander Rose & Land Art for the Next 10,000 Years
Apr 21 @ Stanford CCRMA: Sitar Concert by Pandit Nayan Ghosh
Apr 20 @ Stanford: Nonsemble 6 presents Arnold Schoenberg's "Pierrot Lunaire"
Apr 19 & 21 @ Ives Quartet Palo Alto: Mozart, Lou Harrison, Brahms
Apr 19 & Berkeley Art Museum: avantgarde musician Pamela Z and video artist Christina McPhee
Apr 18 @ Stanford: SMMMASH: Language
Apr 18 @ swissnex: Touching Art: Tribute to Judith Scott
Apr 17 @ Stanford: AMENDS Summit - Activism and the Art of Change 10-2 PM in the MacKenzie Room of the Huang Engineering Center
Apr 17 @ Computer History Museum: SRI's Curt Carlson and Bill Mark
Apr 13 @ Stanford CCRMA: Music and the Brain symposium
Apr 13 @ ?: ATOMIC hike and discussion
Apr 12 @ Palo Alto Art Center: video artists Mel Day and Jeanne Finley
Apr 11 6:30 pm @ Stanford History Corner, Building 200, Rm 002 "A New Illustrated Edition of Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings"
Apr 10 @ Stanford: Robot Block Party
Apr 8 @ SLAC: Coping with climate change
Apr 7 @ Tiburon's Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church: Wagner works transcribed for piano
Apr 6 - Jun 2 @ SF MOMA: Marclay's Clock
Apr 6 @ Clark Gallery: New Media panel discussion with Ken Goldberg and others
Apr 6 @ Stanford Memorial Church: Mozart Requiem
Apr 6 @ Mills College: Mills Music Now - X Sound Festival
Apr 4 @ Stanford: Visual artist Jesse Houlding, NASA scientist Chris McKay, Hindu scholar Vijaya Nagarajan, puppeteer Niki Ulehla
Apr 4 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: "A State of Technology" with robotics engineer Ken Goldberg, space scientist Ariel Waldman, electronic musician Amy X Neuburg, moderated by Boing Boing tech blogger David Peskovitz
Apr 3 @ Stanford CCRMA: Jacob Kirkegaard' "Labyrinthitis" (avantgarde music)
Apr 2 @ Stanford: The God Problem by Howard Bloom
Apr 1 @ UC Berkeley Banatao Auditorium: Scott Summit, Designer, Bespoke Innovations
Till Mar 30 @ Pacifica's Sanchez Art Center: Niki Uleha's puppet show "The Inferno Cantos 8-17"
Mar 29 @ Stanford: Haydn's "The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross"
Mar 28 @ Asian Art Museum: exploratory tour with Amy Ho
Mar 28 @ Stanford: The Past and Future of the Internet (RSVP required )
Mar 28 @ Cantor Museum: Art Loves Technology: When Hollywood Ran Off With Silicon Valley
Mar 24 @ Subterranean Arthouse: Trance Mission Trio
Mar 21 @ San Francisco Conservatory: Shostakovich Viola Sonata and Brahm's String Sextet
Mar 21 @ Xerox PARC: The ARPA-E Innovation Model
Mar 14-24 @ various venues: Asian American Film Festival
Mar 15 @ Zellerbach Hall: Trisha Brown Dance Company
Mar 14-17 @ Davies Hall: MTT conducts Mahler's Ninth
Mar 14 @ Stanford: Pawan Sinha, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
Mar 14 @ Computer History Museum: The Age of Edison: Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America Author
Mar 11 @ Computer History Museum: Grady Booch on Computing: The Human Experience
Mar 11 @ USF: Kinetic sculptor Terry Berlier, Stanford chemistry professor Curt Frank, Stanford biologist Deborah Gordon, choreographer Katharine Hawthorne
Mar 10 @ wilderness: ATOMIC hike
Mar 9 @ Berkeley Arts Festival (2133 University Ave): Sarah Cahill performing minimalism and postminimalism
Mar 7-10 @ 201 Franklin St: Zakir Hussain
Mar 5 @ The Emerald Tablet: Natural Aesthetics - GenArt, BioArt, Biomimicry, SynBio, CrowdArt (free class)
Mar 3 @ Hertz Hall: Bartok and Beethoven quartets
Feb 28 @ Xerox PARC: Peter Sims on Little Bets and Black Sheep: The Revolution
Feb 23 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: The Opus Project Multi-Media Event with music by Schoenberg, Bartok, Stravinsky, Webern, Berg, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Hovhaness, Britten, etc
Feb 22-23 @ Stanford: Conference on "Narrative Self, Lyric Self, Absent Self: Literary, Psychological, and Philosophical Approaches to Self-Fashioning."
Feb 16 @ Berkeley Arts Festival (2133 University Ave): Sarah Cahill premiering "Intenso", a 70-minute piece by Maria de Alvear
Feb 14 @ Stanford: Joshua Landis, "Syria: What's Next?"
Till Feb 10 @ Cantor Museum: Marclay's "Video Quartet"
Feb 10 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: Le Sacre du Printemps for wind ensemble Elektra Smith
Till Feb 2, 2013: Kala Artists' Annual Exhibition
Feb 7 @ Xerox PARC: Cheryl Perkins on Be a Leader of Unorthodox Ideas
Feb 7 @ Cantor Museum: Roundtable on Islamic Art
Feb 7 @ Autodesk: Design Night: Biomimicry
Feb 6 @ Stanford: LASER with Luke Muehlhauser (Singularity Institute), Carina Earl (visual artist), Jeremy Mende (Designer) & Bill Hsu, Christine Marie (shadow artist)
Feb 5 @ Stanford: David Chalmers on Consciousness
Feb 4 @ UC Berkeley: Kate Hartman
Feb 3 @ Zellerbach Hall: Kodo taiko drums
Feb 1-2 @ UC Berkeley Room 112, Wurster Hall: Studio One Symposium of Architecture and Technology
Feb 1 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint, Terry Riley, Astor Piazzolla,
Jan 30 @ Stanford: Alex Weinreb on "The Effects of Plague on Religion"
Jan 30 @ Stanford: The US and Iran: War or Diplomacy?
Jan 30 @ UC Davis: Meredith Tromble, Chau Huynh, Lisa Rybovich Cralle, Alan Hopkins
Jan 26 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: The Opus Project Multi-Media Event with music by Schoenberg, Bartok, Stravinsky, Webern, Berg, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Hovhaness, Britten, etc
Jan 25-26 @ Recology: Michael Damm, Julia Goodman, and Jeff Hantman
Jan 24 @ Stanford: Emmanuel Saez on Income Inequality
Jan 24 @ Cantor Museum: Rachid Kora‹chi
Jan 23 @ Zer01 Garage: Mona El-Khafif, Cecilia Galina, Daniela Steinsapir, and Paula Levine
Jan 20 @ Berkeley Botanical Garden: Natural Discourse Symposium on Form & Function
Jan 20 @ Headlands Center for the Arts: Headlands' annual winter exhibition
Jan 19 @ Berkeley Arts Festival (2133 University Ave): Sarah Cahill performing Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Debussy
Jan 18 @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall: Grand opening of the new concert hall with Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 and Symphony No. 5
Jan 18 @ Montalvo: Chinyakare Ensemble (Zimbabwean music)
Jan 17 @ Stanford: SMMMASH: Oussama Khatib (Director, Robotics Lab), Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley multimedia and robots), Sarah Cahill (contemporary music performer) and Antara Bhardwaj (Chitresh Das Dance company)
Jan 17 @ Stanford: Greg Smith on "Why I Left Goldman Sachs"
Jan 15 @ Stanford: Larissa MacFarquhar of the New Yorker on "Extreme Morality"
Jan 14 @ USF: LASER: Piero Scaruffi (Cultural Historian), Meredith Tromble (San Francisco Art Institute), Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley), Alvy Ray Smith (computer graphics)
Jan 12 @ Stanford: Free classical music concerts to inaugurate the Bing Hall
Jan 10 @ Performance Art Institute: "The Body as the Design" (hosted by CODAME)
Jan 10 @ Xerox PARC: Philip Auerswald on "The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy"
Jan 5 @ Bay Area Discovery Museum: Chinyakare Ensemble (Zimbabwean music)