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A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

compiled by Piero Scaruffi
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(Note: I do not list expensive events here. Most of these are free or very cheap).


Dec 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Farewell party to the old building with a full day of free events including Ligeti's Pome Symphonique for 100 metronomes
Till Dec 19 @ Zero1: Karolina Sobecka
Dec 17 @ Stanford CCRMA: Berglind Maria Tomasdottir and Carolyn Chen
Till Dec 14 @ Pacific Film Archives: The Films of Hou Hsiao-hsien
Dec 12 @ Chabot Science Center: Matt Walker on "Mysteries of the Sleeping Brain"
Dec 11 @ Stanford: Robert Lang on Art and Science of the Origami CANCELED FOR BAD WEATHER
Dec 11 @ Stanford: An art/science evening with Sally Benson (Stanford/ Energy Engineering), Lucia Jacobs (UC Berkeley Psychology) on "How the Brain Evolved from a Nose", Rachna Nivas (Chitresh Das Dance Company), Chris Chafe (Stanford CCRMA) and Josef Parvizi (Stanford Neurology) CANCELED FOR BAD WEATHER
Dec 10 @ UC Berkeley: An art/science evening with Lily Alexander (UC Santa Cruz) on "Counterculture, Collectivity, and the Aesthetics of Early Communications Art", Carlo Sequin (UC Berkeley) on "Hyperbolic Hexagon to Evolving Trefoil", Paula Birnbaum (USF Art History) on "Contemporary Feminist Art and Globalization", Laetitia Sonami (Kinetic and Sound Artist)
Dec 9 @ Castro Theater: Jared Diamond
Dec 9 @ Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience: Dirk DeRidder on "The Bayesian brain, phantom percepts and brain implants"
Dec 8 @ Long Now Foundation: Juerg Lehni's chalk drawing robot
Dec 6 @ Stanford: Shostakovich's Qiartet #8
Dec 5 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Terry Riley
Dec 4-6 @ Yerba Buena: Christine Marie's shadow show 4TRAINS
Dec 4 @ Byers Auditorium, Genentech Hall, UCSF Mission Bay Campus: Clown and mime Geoff Hoyle
Dec 4 @ Stanford: Indian Literature and Culture in Medieval China
Dec 3 @ CCRMA: Computer music concert
Dec 3 @ Stanford: Sustainable architecture
Dec 2 @ Stanford: David Adjaye - Designing the Architecture of Civic Space
Dec 2 @ Stanford: Susskind, Linde, Kuo and Silverstein on "How Did the Universe Begin, and How Will We Know?"
Dec 1 @ Stanford: Christof Koch on "Exploring Cortex in a High-Throughput Manner"
Nov 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Pauline Oliveros
Nov 21 @ Mozilla: Virtual Reality with Kinetech's immersive 3D data experience
Nov 18 @ Computer History Museum: IBM's Chairman & CEO Ginni Rometty
Nov 17 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Rick Lowe
Nov 16 @ Hertz Hall: World premiere of two works by George Crumb
Till Nov 14 @ swissnex: Placemakers/ Moments in Algorithmic Places (MAPs)
Nov 14 - Jan 31 @ Jules Maeght Gallery: Art In Motion with Kal Spelletich and others
Nov 13 @ CCRMA: Composer, performer, and installation artist James Fei will present a solo show of The Nerve Meter and Sine of Merit III
Nov 13 @ Stanford: Hyeonseo Lee, North Korean Defector and Activist
Nov 13 @ Stanford: David Velleman on "Kant among the sherpas"
Nov 12 @ Stanford: David Velleman on "Aristotle in Bali"
Nov 10 @ Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience: Steve Chase (Carnegie Mellon University)
Nov 10 @ USF: LASER with Brenda Hutchinson (Composer) on "Sound, Listening and Public Engagement", Amy Ho (Projection Artist) on "The Space We Inhabit", Danielle Tullman-Ercek (UC Berkeley/ Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) on "Synthetic Biology", John Granzow (Stanford CCRMA) on "Drawing Things into Sound"
Nov 8 @ Omni: Daniel Spaulding on Marxist Art History
Nov 7 @ Stanford: Michael Bratman on "Shared Agency: A Planning Theory of Acting Together"
Nov 6 @ Stanford: Monks, Silks and Spices: Towards a History of Buddhist Mobility in the 2nd-millennium Indian Ocean Region
Nov 6 @ Stanford: Suzanne Guerlac on "Proust and Photography"
Nov 5 @ ZERO1: panel discussion with Roselyn (Cissie) Swig, Bay Area cultural civic leader, Derek Slater, Policy Manager at Google Inc, Sean Hewens, Amplify Program Director and In-House Counsel at IDEO. org in conversation with Jaime Austin
Nov 5 @ Stanford: Roberto Calasso
Nov 4 @ Berkeley: Indrani Baruah's "Cultural Re-imaginations"
Nov 4 @ Stanford: mathematician Tadashi Tokieda on "Toy Models"
Nov 3 @ CCA: A symposium on machines that construct stuff
Oct 31 @ Geekdom: Codame's In-Secure
Oct 30 @ Stanford: Joshua Landy on "Proust and Consciousness - Philosophy as Fiction"
Oct 29 @ Stanford: Zimbabwean mbira master Cosmas Magaya presents a concert of traditional mbira music
Oct 28 @ Omni: Biohacker Social in Counter Culture Labs
Oct 27 @ BAASICS: "Monsters" with Erik Butler, Daniel Cohen, Brynda Glazier, John Hafernik, Jill Miller
Oct 26 @ CCRMA: Special concert for 40 years since CCRMA's inception, 50 years of computer music at Stanford, John Chowning's 80th birthday
Oct 25 @ Rohnert Park: Laurie Anderson
Oct 24 @ California Institute of Integral Studies: "Is Mind Change the new Climate Change?" symposium
Oct 23 - Nov 1 @ San Francisco: Bay Area Science Festival - lots of events:
Oct 23-25 @ The Lab, San Francisco: the second LAST festival mixing science talks (Chris McKay of NASA, Bruno Olshausen of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, Christine Peterson of the Foresight Institute on Nanotech, Charles Chiu of UCSF on the Ebola epidemics, Piero Scaruffi on the Singularity) with digital/interactive/participatory art (Adam Carlin & Erich Richter: "Some Thing Grounded"; Carlos Castellanos: "Mobile Bioenergy Lab"; Gene Felice & David Kant: "Coactive Systems"; Peter Foucault: "Attraction/Repulsion"; Emily Martinez: "AntiApocalypse"; OpenLab (Sean McGowen, Ian Ayyad, Richard Vallejos, Joel Horne) : "BioSensing Garden"; SonicSENSE (Jennifer Parker & Barney Haynes): "SoundPool"; Erich Richter: "Chant") plus a live performance by sound artist Laetitia Sonami, and a noise music coda
Oct 21 @ swissnex: Placemakers
Oct 21 @ Stanford: Doug Wolens' documentary "The Singularity"
Oct 21 @ Modernism: Jonathon Keats' Microbial Associates (Read about it here: )
Till Oct 18 @ Hosfelt Gallery: Jim Campbell
Oct 16-26 @ Palo Alto: International Documentary Film Festival
Oct 16 @ Yerba Buena: Emergent Atlas' interactive exhibition with Amy Ho and others
Till Oct 16 @ SFSU's Fine Arts Gallery: A survey of collage practices in the Bay Area
Till Oct 16 @ Agrella Art Gallery: "Art and Science Intersect" with Gail Wight, Adrien Segal, Ken Goldberg, Amanda Hughen, Chris Taggart, John Roloff
Till Oct 16 @ Museo Italo Americano: Lina Wertmuller's films
Oct 15 @ San Francisco Conservatory Recital Hall: Sarah Cahill performing Sofia Gubaidulina's Chaconne, Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin, Beethoven's "Spring" Sonata and Mozart's Sonata in E minor
Oct 15 @ Minerva Foundation: Lynn Hershman, JD Beltran, Karen Marcelo, etc
Oct 12-13 @ ODC Theater: dance piece by Gilles Jobin CERN with visual artist Julius von Bismarck and physicist Nicolas Chanon
Oct 12 @ Fort Mason/ The Interval: Book launch of Leonard Shlain's posthumous "Leonardo's Brain: Understanding Da Vinci's Creative Genius"
Oct 11 @ San Mateo: Robert Buelteman, Lia Cook, Alan Rath, Kal Spellectich
Oct 9-11 @ San Mateo Art Silicon Valley Fair
Oct 9-10 @ Stanford: Inaugural Symposium of the Stanford Neurosciences Institute
Oct 9 @ Stanford Univ: Andrea Stevenson Won (Stanford's Communication Dept) on "The Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab", Margot Knight (Djerassi Resident Artists Program) on "Scientific Delirium Madness", Maria McVarish (Stanford/ Modern Thought and Literature) on "Mapping the Uncharted: Non-Cartesian Spaces", Patricia G Lange (California College of the Arts) on "Evaluating Techno-Aesthetics in Video"
Oct 8 @ Computer History Museum: Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Marissa Mayer
Oct 8 @ UC Berkeley: Alison Gopnik (UC Berkeley/ Psychology) on "The Philosophical Baby", Edward Frenkel (UC Berkeley/ Mathematics) on "Love and Math", Stephen Palmer (UC Berkeley/ Psychology) on "Color, Music, and Emotion", Drue Kataoka (Visual artist) on "TBA"
Oct 5 @ Stanford: Kronos Quartet
Oct 5 @ Point Reyes Dance Palace: Schubert's B-flat major Trio, Beethoven's "Spring" Sonata, Mozart's E minor Sonata
Oct 4 @ Yerba Buena: Open City/Art City Festival
Oct 3 @ Zero1: Karolina Sobecka
Oct 2 @ Stanford: Dave Eggers and Tobias Wolff on privacy in the digital age
Oct 1-2 @ Stanford CCRMA: Outdoors computer music concert
Oct 1 @ Stanford: Earth Matters: Feeding the World in the 21st Century, lecture by Roz Naylor
Till Sep 30 @ PAcific FIlm Archives: Kubrick's films
Till Sep 28 @ Yerba Buena: Bay Area Now 7th Triennial
Sep 27-28 @ Art Institute: Iranian Film Festival
Sep 27-28 @ The Lab, 2948 16th Street: Brutal Sound Effects Festival #78
Sep 26-27 @ Recology: Samuel Levi Jones, Jeremy Rourke and Shushan Tesfuzigta
Sep 25-28 @ Davies Hall: Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra
Sep 25-28 @ Zellerbach Hall: Mark Morris' "Spring"
Sep 25 @ Stanford: Fundamental Themes in Neuroscience
Sep 23 @ Stanford: Conflict, War and Genocide in East Central and South East Europe
Sep 21 @ Redwood Park in Oakland: Art in Nature festival, featuring music, dance, sculpture, painting, martial arts, poetry, body painting, circus arts, theater, visual arts, ...
Sep 20-21 @ Treasure Island: Dragon Boat Festival
Till Sep 20 @ Classic Cars West: Elena Kulikova photography
Sep 20 @ Castro: A night of 1914 cinema
Till Sep 20 @ Exit Theaterplex: Fringe Festival
Sep 20 - Oct 16 @ SFSU's Fine Arts Gallery: A survey of collage practices in the Bay Area
Till Sep 20 @ Stanford: David Glowacki's digital interactive quantum art piece
Sep 18-21 @ Davies Hall: Tchaikovsky's Symphony 5
Sep 18 @ Agrella Art Gallery: "Art and Science Intersect" with Gail Wight, Adrien Segal, Ken Goldberg, Amanda Hughen, Chris Taggart, John Roloff
Sep 18 @ St Johns Presbyterian Church: Diane Ackerman on "The Human Age: The World Shaped by Us"
Sep 18 @ Xerox PARC: Steve Omohundro on AI and Robotics
Sep 18 @ Stanford: Computing, Imagination and Identity in Phantasmal Media
Sep 16 - Oct 21 @ UC Berkeley: Piero Scaruffi's class on History of Thought
Sep 13-14, 18-21 @ Cowell Theater: Dances of the Sacred and Profane, a collaboration among Mark Foehringer, Camille Utterback, David Glowacki, Phill Tew, Melissa Kaufman-Gomez, Michael StClair
Sep 14 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: Sarah Cahill performing Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants with the composer
Sep 12 @ UC Berkeley's Wheeler Auditorium: Free screening of the film "Particle Fever" with UCB physicists Lawrence Hall, Yasunori Nomura, Surjeet Rajendran, Beate Heineman, Petr Horava, Marjorie Shapiro
Sep 12 @ 310 Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley: Nick Bostrom on Superintelligence
Sep 10-13 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Piano Concerto 1 & Bates' Alternative Energy
Sep 10 @ Stanford: Insights From The Intersection of Technology, Law & Politics
Sep 8 @ USF: LASER with Loren Frank (UCSF/ Neuroscience) on "What is a memory?", Lia Cook (Visual Artist) on "Woven Faces and Neuro Nets", Birgitta Whaley (Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center) on "What role does Quantum Mechanics play in Biology?", Marcy Darnovsky (Center for Genetics and Society) on "The Case for a New Biopolitics"
Sep 6-7 @ UC Berkeley: 2014 Conference on Neuroesthetics
Sep 5 @ Zero1: Eric Parren's immersive audiovisual performance
Sep 4-20 @ Stanford: David Glowacki's interactive installation "danceroom Spectroscopy"
Till Aug 29 @ Pacific Film Archive: Kenji Mizoguchi's films
Till Aug 28 @ Pacific Film Archive: Derek Jarman films
Aug 20 @ Zero1: David Szlasa's real-time post-production
Aug 9 @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall: Chick Corea
August 7 - Stanford University: Lynn Rothschild (NASA Astrobiology), Jonathon Keats (Philosopher), Stuart Kendall (California College of the Arts), Indrani Baruah (Architect and Visual Artist)
August 6 - UC Berkeley: Philip Marcus (UC Berkeley/ Mechanical Engineering), Curator and artist Danielle Siembieda-Gribben, Marion O'Leary (Carnegie Institute), Andrea Lingenfelter (USF)
Aug 6 @ Zero1: Cara Rose DeFabio's interactive cell phone theater
Aug 4 @ Stanford: Kenny Burrell
Aug 3 @ Stanford: Fred Hersch
Aug 1 @ Zero1: Live performance by ATOM-r (Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality)
Jul 31 @ Montalvo: Taj Mahal and John Hiatt
Jul 31 @ Royce Gallery: Donald Swearingen, Jon Leidecker, Pamela Z, and Kadet Kuhne
Jul 27 @ Djerassi: Scientific Delirium Madness open house
Jul 26 @ Kala: Residency Projects by Brian Barr, Ben Bigelow, Tammy Rae Carland, Andrew Connelly, John Davis, Corey Escoto, Amy Ho, Cybele Lyle, James Sterling Pitt
Jul 26 @ Alter Space: Soundwave Festival's Opening night party of Atmospheric Multimedia Exhibition
Jul 24 @ Yerba Buena: Lucas Artists Residency Program with composer Tiffany Lin, Mexican musician Andres Solis, Columbian dancer Sandra Gomez, performance artists Susan O'Malley and Leah Rosenberg
Jul 23 - Nov 17 @ Cantor Museum: Experiments in Light by Gyorgy Kepes
Jul 23 @ Zero1: John Slepian's levitation
Jul 20 @ Headlands Center for the Arts: Open House
Jul 19 @ Stanford: Mozart's Symphony #40
Jul 19 @ Catherine Clark Gallery: live performance by John Slepian
Jul 19 @ SOMArts: Pamela Z's solo performance
Jul 19-20 @ ODC Theater: Kinetech Arts' "The Other Sight" by Daiane Lopes da Silva, Weidong Yang, Charlie Levin, Raymond Larrett Robert Edgar, Robin Edgar and Jean Tarantino
Jul 18 @ CounterPulse: Bay Area Now 7 After Party
Jul 18 - Sep 28 @ Yerba Buena: Bay Area Now 7th Triennial
Jul 18 @ Starry Plough in Berkeley: Moe Staiano, Amy Neuburg, Joey Molinaro
Jul 14 @ ODC Theater: BAASICS Monsters with John Hafernik, Erik Butler, David McGuire, sculptor Brynda Glazier
Jul 12 @ Mirus: British painter James Roper
Jul 11 - Aug 8 @ : Amy Ho's We Are Only Dust and Shadow
Jul 10 @ Swissnex: Who Are the Hacktivists?
Jul 10 @ Royce Gallery: Piano music by Sarah Cahill, Luciano, Chessa, and Joe Lasqo
Jul 10 - Sep 28: Soundwave Festival
Jul 7 @ USF: July 7 - Univ of San Francisco: David Glowacki (Bristol University), Jackie Quinn (Autodesk Bio/Nano), Digital video sculptor Alan Rath, Catherine King (International Museum of Women)
Jul 3 @ Center for New Music: Cheryl Leonard performing natural-object instruments
Jul 1 @ Stanford: Ravi Shankar's lecture on compassion
Jun 27 @ Montalvo Arts Center: Terry Berlier's kinetic sculpture "played" by Chris Chafe, Luciano Chessa, and Ellen Fullman
Jun 26,27,29 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Britten's "Peter Grimes"
Jun 25 @ Zero1: Miwa Matreyek's multimedia live performance
Jun 22 @ SF Jazz Festival: Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
Jun 22, 23,25,27,28,29 @ Stanford: St Lawrence String Quartet
Jun 20 @ SF Jazz Festival: Zoe Keating
Jun 21 @ Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland: Garden of Memory performances of new music
Jun 19-21 @ Ojai: North Music Festival
Jun 19-21 @ Zellerbach Hall: Ojai North Music Festival
Jun 17 @ SF Jazz Festival: Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood
Jun 19-21 @ Ojai: North Music Festival
Jun 12 @ Stanford: Leonardo Art Science Evening with Tania Lombrozo (UC Berkeley Psychologist), Rachel Haurwitz (CaribouBioSciences), Annapurna Pandey (San Jose State Univ/ Anthropology), David Stork (Rambus Labs)
Jun 11-29 @ ACT: "The Orphan of Zhao"
Jun 11 @ UC Berkeley: Leonardo Art Science Evening with Stacey Bent (Stanford's TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy), Soraya Murray (UC Santa Cruz/ Film & Digital Media), Danielle Tullman-Ercek (UC Berkeley/ Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering), Kiri Rong (Curator) on "The State of the Arts in China"
Jun 6-7 @ Zero1: the first LAST festival
Jun 4-7 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven Concerto #2 & Shostakovich Symphony #10
Till May 25 @ Berkeley Art Museum: The Possible
May 15-18 @ Fort Mason Center: artMRKT
May 22 @ Stanford: Benjamin Simon performing and lecturing on the Haydn quartets
May 17 @ Cubberley Community Center: Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra performing Ralph Vaughan Williams, Ernest Bloch and Handel
May 16-17 @ Stanford: Jack Kornfield on neuroscience and Buddhism
May 15 @ Stanford: Robin Fleming on using human bones to rewrite history
May 13 @ SRI Intl: Sven Beiker on "The Future of Automobiles and Our Personal Mobility"
May 9-10 @ Zellerbach Hall: Orchester Wiener Akademie & John Malkovich
May 9-10 @ Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama St: Katharine Hawthorne's "The Escapement," a evening-length dance performance tracking human methods of timekeeping from sundials through the atomic clock
May 9 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Michael Gordon's opera "Van Gogh"
May 6 @ UCSC: Paul Koch (Biology), Norman Locks (Art), Elaine Sullivan (History), Ronaldo Wilson (Literature)
May 5 @ USF: Terry Johnson (UC Berkeley) on "Synthetic Biology: Teaching Old Cells New Tricks", Chhoti Rao (USF) on "India's Contemporary Art Scene", Bruno Olshausen (Director of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UC Berkeley) on "Modeling the Neural Basis of Visual Perception, and Implications for Technology and Art", Ashley Bellouin (Composer) on "In Search of an Eternal Present"
May 3 @ UC Berkeley: Cognitive Science Conference
May 3 @ Kickstarter: Kickstarter block party
May 2 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Del Sol String Quartet
May 1 @ Center for New Music: composer Brenda Hutchinson
May 1 @ Stanford CCRMA: Laptop Orchestra
Apr 30 @ Stanford: Ed Catmull, cofounder of Pixar
Apr 29 @ Berkeley: Bay Area Modern Music
Apr 29 @ Stanford: mediaX 2014 Conference
Apr 29 @ Kinetech: David Glowacki on Quantum Art
Apr 29 @ California College for the Arts: Isaac Julien speak his NYMOMA installation Ten Thousand Waves
Apr 28 @ UC Berkeley ATC: composer Paul De Marinis
Apr 27 @ Sudo Room: BICEP2's collaborator Jamie Tolan on their discovery of gravitational waves
Apr 25-26 @ Zellerbach Hall: Mark Morris Dance Group
Apr 25 @ Marines Memorial Theater: Baghdad in Its Golden Age (762-1300)
Apr 25 @ St. Mark's Episopal Church in Palo Alto: Shostakovich's Piano Quintet, in G minor, Op.57
Apr 24-27 @ Fort Mason: Sweet Thunder: Electro-acoustic music festival
Apr 24 @ Stanford: Chrystia Freeland on "Plutocrats, the Hollowed out Middle Class and Democracy"
Apr 24 @ Berkeley Arts Festival: Multimedia Extravaganza - An evening of light, motion, music, technology, innovation, art, science, and dance.
Apr 23 @ Stanford: Morris Chang, founding chairman of Taiwan's TSMC conversation with Stanford University President John Hennessy
Apr 22 @ Center for New Music: The Hub, the world's first laptop ensemble
Apr 22 @ SETI Institute: Ed Frenkel
Apr 19 @ Abbott Lighthouse in Santa Cruz: Eve Warnock, Gene, Nate Ober, Catalina Giraldo, etc
Apr 18 @ Stanford: Haydn's Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross
Apr 16 @ Pacific Film Archives: Godard's Contempt with lecture
Apr 16 @ Stanford: Imagining Xi Jinping's China in 2023
Apr 15 @ Stanford CCRMA: Annual one-night presentation of Electronic Music
Apr 15 @ Kinetech (1 Grove St): Piero Scaruffi on "A Brief History of Creativity kfrom Athens to Silicon Valley"
Apr 14 @ Stanford: Sitta von Reden on Global Economic History 1000 BCE - 600 CE
Apr 12 @ Hertz Hall: Eco Ensemble performing Garvey, Lin, Gee, Campion
Apr 11 @ Center for New Music: Ned Rothenberg
Apr 11 @ Stanford: St Michael Trio performing and lecturing on Beethoven
Apr 11 @ California College for the Arts: Piero Scaruffi on "The Body"
Apr 11 @ CA College of Arts: Lisa Cholodenko
Apr 11 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Alvin Curran
Apr 11 @ Stanford: Michael McFaul (former US Ambassador to Russia) on US-Russian Relations
Apr 10 @ Computer History Museum: Sony Computer Entertainment's Shuhei Yoshida
Apr 10 @ Stanford: Pakistan in the Contemporary World
Apr 10 @ SRI Intl: Xconomy Forum: Robo Madness 2014
Apr 9 @ Intersection: Berlie Lubell's reception
Apr 9 @ Stanford: The technology of simulation and animation in Japan
Apr 9 @ Stanford: "The Status of Women in Islam"
Apr 9 @ Stanford: The Crisis of Inequality and the Challenge for American Education
Apr 8 @ Stanford: Jeff Raikes (Gates Foundation) on " Wealth, Philanthropy, and Inequality"
Apr 7 @ Berkeley Gund Theater: Ed Catmull
Apr 7 @ UC Davis: Christina Cogdell (UC Davis), Jesse Drew (UC Davis), Michael Neff (UC Davis), Piero Scaruffi (Cultural Historian)
Apr 8 @ UC Santa Cruz: Jenny Reardon, Pamela Z, Slawek Tulaczyk, Martin Berger
Apr 6 @ Hertz Hall: Kronos Quartet performing Aleksandra Vrebalov's "World War I Chronicles"
Apr 5 @ Stanford: "Rediscovering Brahms": Demonstration, Workshop, Discussion
Apr 4 @ Interface: Site responsive artworks by Finnis, Lyle, Amy Ho, Spertus
Apr 4 @ Old First Church: Clarinet Thing
Apr 4 @ CA College of Arts: Kristian Simsarian "Meaning First: Let's Humanize Technology"
Apr 1-6 @ Zellerbach Hall: Alvin Alley Dance Theater
Apr 3 @ Stanford: Patricia Burchat (Stanford Physics), Robert Rich (Composer), Kal Spelletich (Kinetic Artist), Sharon Spain (Art Curator)
Apr 2 @ UC Berkeley: chaos scientist Jim Crutchfield, cognitive scientist Lucia Jacobs, multimedia artist Shan Shan Sheng, video and sound artists Renetta Sitoy and Laetitia Sonami
Mar 31 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Stephanie Syjuco>
Mar 23 @ Zellerbach Hall: Zakir Hussain and the Masters of Percussion
Mar 22-23 @ Hertz Hall: Bartok's Quartets
Mar 21 - 22 @ Zellerbach: Trey McIntyre Project
Mar 20 @ ZERO1 Garage: premiere of Tiffany Shlain's film "The Science of Character"
Mar 16 @ Zellerbach Hall: Shostakovich's Quartets #2,4,13
Mar 15 @ Mills College: Signal Flow Festival
Mar 14 @ Stanford CCRMA: CCRMA Winter Concert
Mar 14 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Joan LaBarbara
Mar 14 @ Sandler Neurosciences Center: Mind Matters multidisciplinary art exhibit
Mar 12 @ Zellerbach Hall: Eva Yerbabuena (flamenco)
Mar 12 @ Computer History Museum: Technion's president Peretz Lavie
Mar 12 @ Pacific Film Archives: DeSica's Umberto D with lecture
Mar 10-28 @ Sandler Neurosciences Center: Mind Matters multidisciplinary art exhibit
Mar 10 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Don Buchla
Mar 10 @ USF: Katherine Worel (Visual Artist), Dawn Sumner (UC Davis/ Earth and Planetary Sciences), Jeremy Mende (Visual Designer), Ellen Fullman (Composer)
Mar 8 @ Cubberley Community Center: Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra performing Britten's Simple Symphony and Shostakovich's first piano concerto
Mar 8, 9, 13, 29; Apr 5, 12, 19 @ Pacific Film Archives: Jean-Luc Godard
Mar 7-8 @ Zellerbach: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Mar 6 @ Stanford: Hirokazu Yoshikawa: Public Policy and Interventions Designed to Reduce Poverty and Inequality
Mar 6, 8, 9, 23, 29, 30; Apr 6, 12, 19, @ Pacific Film Archives: Satyajit Ray
Mar 4 @ Stanford: Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohn, "The New Digital Age, Transforming Nations, Business and Our Lives"
Mar 4 @ swissnex: Forecasting the Future of Science and Science Communication.
Mar 3 @ Computer History Museum: Google's Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen in conversation with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg
Feb 28, Mar 8, Mar 9, Mar 13, Mar 29, Apr 5, Apr 12, Apr 19 @ Pacific Film Archives: Jean-Luc Godard
Feb 28 @ UC Santa Cruz: Oron Catts
Feb 28 @ Stanford: Technology + Performance with Magrin-Chagnolleau, Christine LeRoy, Shannon Jackson, Abigail deKosnik, Jennifer Brody
Feb 27-28 @ UC Berkeley: Art-in-Science: The intersection of image and research
Feb 27 @ UC Santa Cruz: Amy Youngs
Feb 26 @ Zellerbach: Yo-yo Ma and Emanuel Ax
Feb 26 @ UC Santa Cruz: Helen and Newton Harrison
Feb 25 - March 2 @ San Francisco Ballet: Firebird
Feb 25 @ UC Santa Cruz: LASER
Feb 24 @ UC Berkeley ATC: Casey Reas
Feb 23 & Alley Cat Books Gallery (3036 24TH St): Jack Freeman reception and Babar Jug Band
Feb 23 @ Hertz Hall: Schoenberg's String Quartet No 2 and Schubert's String Quartet No 14
Feb 22-23 @ Zellerbach Hall: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet
Feb 23 @ Stanford CCRMA: Buddha, the Brain, and Bach
Feb 22 @ Stanford CCRMA: Music and Altered Cognitive States
Feb 22 @ Lake Chabot: ATOMIC walk
Feb 20-22 @ Stanford: "American Buffalo" by David Mamet
Feb 22 @ Hertz Hall: Eco Ensemble performing Ligeti, Bedrossian, Jodlowski
Feb 20 @ Stanford: The Fight for Internet Freedom
Feb 19 @ Stanford: "The Evolutionary Enigma of Sex,"
Feb 19 @ Pacific Film Archives: Orson Welles' Citizen Kane with lecture
Till Feb 15 @ SOMArts Cultural Center: "All Possible Futures" exhibition on graphic design
Feb 16 @ Mills College: Haydn
Feb 16-28 @ Alley Cat Books Gallery (3036 24TH St): Jack Freeman retrospective
Feb 15, 23, 27; Mar 6, 8, 9, 23, 29, 30; Apr 6, 12, 19, @ Pacific Film Archives: Satyajit Ray
Feb 13 @ Stanford: Ingrid Robeyns on "Having Too Much"
Feb 12 @ Stanford: Adrian David Cheok (Mixed Reality Lab, Singapore), Dave Deamer (UC Santa Cruz Astrophysics), Margot Gerritsen (Stanford Computational Mathematics), Mark Applebaum (Stanford CCRMA)
Feb 11 @ Berkeley: Mason Bates' Digital Loom
Feb 11 @ UC Berkeley: Eric Paulos (multimedia artist), Curt Frank (Stanford Chemical Engineering), Bernie Lubell (Kinetic Artist), Katherine Sherwood (Visual Artist)
Feb 9 @ ZSpace: Amy Neuburg and Kronos Quartet
Feb 8 @ Stanford: Understanding Buddhist Art
Feb 7 & 8 @ Joe Goode Annex in Project Artaud: "Carbon Song Cycle", an intermedia work for chamber ensemble and expanded cinema by composer Pamela Z and video artist Christina McPhee
Feb 4 @ Stanford Dinkelspiel: George Gershwin Legacy
Feb 3 @ Stanford: Marvin Odum, President of Shell Oil Company
Feb 3 @ Berkeley: Ren Weschler on "A Typology of Convergences: Towards a Unified Field Theory of Cultural Transmission"
Feb 1 @ Stanford Bing Studio: Pan-Asian Music Festival panel
Jan 31 - Feb 1 @ Zellerbach: Martha Graham Dance Company
Jan 30 @ Stanford CCRMA: Jonathan Berger's chamber operas "Visitations"
Jan 30 @ Stanford: Elaine Pagels on The Book of Revelation
Jan 30 @ Kala: Light artist Amy Ho
Jan 30 @ Cantor Arts Center: Nancy Troy
Jan 30 @ Stanford: "The Holocaust, Modern Genocides and the Anti-Atrocity Movement"
Jan 29 - May 25 @ Berkeley Art Museum: The Possible
Jan 28 @ Stanford: David Glowacki and Joseph Hyde - Danceroom Spectroscopy: Generating Coupled Graphics & Sound by Modelling Humans as Energy Fields
Jan 25- Feb 2 @ San Francisco Ballet: Giselle
Jan 24-25 @ Recology: Yulia Pinkusevich; Stephanie Syjuco and Brittany Watkins
Jan 25-26 @ Zellerbach: Peking Acrobats
Jan 23 @ San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Kinetic sculptor Terry Berlier
Jan 23 @ Stanford: Karl Eikenberry on "The Limits of Counterinsurgency Doctrine in Afghanistan"
Jan 22 @ Stanford: A selection of videos about dance selected by Lynette Kessler
Jan 22 @ Stanford: Vint Cerf, inventor of the Internet protocol
Jan 18 @ Stanford: Beethoven's Great Fugue with lecture
Jan 16 - Feb 15 @ SOMArts Cultural Center: "All Possible Futures" exhibition on graphic design
Jan 16 @ Stanford: Multimedia and American Liberalism from World War II to the Psychedelic Sixties
Jan 16 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: ConVerge, an evening of cross-disciplinary performance and conversation
Jan 15 @ Stanford: Nicholas Lemann on "The Transaction Society: Origins and Consequences"
Jan 14 @ SRI Intl: Cafe Scientifique with Robert Kerr of the Arecibo Observatory
Jan 13 @ USF: Paula Birnbaum (USF Art History) on "Contemporary Feminist Art and Globalization", John Cumbers (NASA) on "The Synthetic Biology Startup Ecosystem", Danielle Siembieda-Gribben (Curator) on "The Future of Eco Art/Tech", Kiri Rong (Curator) on "The State of the Arts in China"
Jan 12 @ Shapeshifters Cinema: live performance by Allison Leigh Holt & Scott Stark
Jan 10 @ Stanford: Interdisciplinary workshop on sound as an embodied experience
Jan 8 & 15 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven and Mason Bates