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A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

compiled by Piero Scaruffi
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(Note: I do not list expensive events here. Most of these are free or very cheap).


Till Dec 31 @ California Historical Society: Engineers of Illumination: A Projected Light Project by Optic Flare to celebrate the centennial of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition
Dec 18 @ Sonoma State Univ: Soweto Gospel Choir
Dec 16 @ SoMa StrEat Food Park: Seth Shostak of SETI Inst presents The Science of Star Wars
Dec 13 @ MilkBar: Ian Winters' Open House
Dec 12 @ Stanford: Will Ackerman, Mark Isham and Barbara Higbie >br>Dec 11-12 @ Strand: Bill Irwin "On Becket"
Dec 10 @ Stanford: James Doty (Founding Director, Stanford's Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education), Sally Benson (Stanford/ Energy), Danielle Siembieda-Gribben (Visual Artist and Curator), Christine Metzger (California college of the Arts)
Dec 10 @ Xerox PARC: How will Artificial Intelligence Change our Economic Future?
Dec 9 @ UC Berkeley: Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab), Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley/ Theater), Weidong Yang (Kine-tech), Paul Payton (Chief Data Scientist of VisaLabs)
Dec 5 @ Zellerbach Hall: Beethoven's piano sonata 31
Dec 5 @ Castro Theater: Filent Film Festival with Allo Orchestra
Dec 3-5 @ ODC Theater: Katharine Hawthorne's Mainframe
Dec 3 @ Stanford: Tadashi Tokieda on "Science from a sheet of paper"
Dec 1 - Feb 14 @ YBCA: Works In Progress Exhibition with Terry Berlier and others
Nov 30 @ UC Berkeley: Proxies and Placeholders ***** Hito Steyerl, Artist and Filmmaker, Germany
Till Nov 30 @ Castro Theatre: Wim Wenders retrospective
Nov 27-28 @ Zellerbach Hall: Swiss mime troupe Mummenschanz
Nov 22 @ Hertz Hall: Haydn, Ades, Beethoven quartets
Till Nov 22 @ Rafael Film Center: Orson Welles retrospective
Till Nov 22 @ Central Works: Lauren Gunderson's play "Ada and the Memory Engine"
Till Nov 21 @ California College for the Arts: Sam Lewitt's installation
Nov 20 @ De Young Museum: "100 Years of Robot Art and Science in the Bay Area", 6:30-9pm with Ken Goldberg and others
Nov 20-22 @ Palace of Fine Arts: International Hip Hop DanceFest
Nov 20-21 @ Davis: Estonian performance group Non Grata and and
Nov 20-21 @ Yerba Buena: Akram Khan dance company
Nov 20-21 @ Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts: Smuin Ballet
Nov 18,21,24,27 @ Davies Hall: Wagner's Meistersinger
Nov 16 @ Berkeley Center for New Media: Benjamin Bratten on "Design Geopolitics and Planetary-scale Computing"
Nov 15 @ Kinetech Arts: International DanceHackDay, a full day of experimentation with dancers, scientists and technologists.
Till Nov 15 @ Yerba Buena: Alonzo King's LINES Ballet
Nov 14-15 @ Palace of Fine Arts: Ethnic Dance Festivals auditions, open to the public
Nov 14 @ Royce Gallery: Pamela Z, Jorge Bachmann, Lisa Mezzacappa, Amy X Neuburg, and Teddy Rankin-Parker
Nov 13-14 @ Zellerbach Hall: Flamenco
Nov 13-15 @ Davies Hall: Sibelius concerto
Nov 13-15 @ Herbst/Bing/First Congregational Church: Philharmonia Baroque
Nov 13-15 @ Counterpulse: Liz Tenuto's choreography "This Year Is Different: A Absurdist Musical"
Nov 13-14 @ Kinetech Arts: State Space 2, a full evening dance performance
Nov 13 @ Computer History Museum: Katharine Hawthorne's choreography "Mainframe"
Nov 13 @ Stanford: Bach's "Brandeburg Concertos"
Nov 13 @ Old First Church: Sarah Cahill plays Brahms, Prokofiev, Stravinsky
Nov 12 @ Herbst Theatre: Bach's Brandenburg Concertos
Nov 11-14 @ Rude Mechs' theatrical play "The Method Gun"
Nov 9 @ USF: Cherie Hill (choreographer), Derek Ouyang (architect), Therese Lahaie (Media Artist) and Piero Scaruffi
Nov 8 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Eroica Symphony conducted by Zubin Mehta
Nov 7-8 @ Zellerbach Hall: Youssou N'Dour
Nov 7 @ Stanford: Sibelius Festival Symposium
Nov 6-8 @ Hertz Hall: Ensemble Intercontemporain
Nov 6 @ Stanford: Tony Freeth (University College London): The Antikythera Mechanism (the first mechanical calculator)
Nov 5-7 @ California College for the Arts: Exploring Science in the Studio:
Nov 5 @ Adler Gallery: Robert Buelteman's retrospective
Nov 2 @ UC Berkeley: Julian Oliver, Artist and Engineer
Nov 2 @ Stanford: Women in Data Science Conference
Till Nov 1 @ Asian Art Museum: masterpieces from some of China's most influential painters of the 14th-18th centuries
Oct 31 @ Brava Theater: Houdini Seance
Oct 31 @ The Lab: Jaap Blonk performing Antonin Artaud's 1947 radio art shocker "To Have Done with the Judgement of God."
Oct 29-30 @ Zellerbach Hall: Australian performance troupe Circa
Oct 28 @ Swissnex: Biorobots
Oct 26 @ UC Santa Cruz: Paulo Tavares on "Colonial Violence and De-colonial Resistance at the Frontiers of Climate Change"
Till Oct 25 @ SF airport international terminal: The Tushanwan Pagodas
Oct 25 @ Stanford: Academy of St Martin in the Fields performing Mozart's quintet and Schubert's octet
Oct 25 @ Montalvo: OneBeat music festival
Oct 24-25 & Oct 31 @ Mill Valley Library: The Pataphysical Slot Machine
Oct 24 @ First Congregational Church: Bach
Oct 24 @ Kinetech Arts: Halloween Party
Oct 23-24 @ Monument: CODAME Festival 2015 - "Movement"
Oct 23-24 @ Marines Memorial Theater: Dawn of the Italian Renaissance
Oct 22 @ Modernism Gallery: Jonathon Keats' supercontinent Pangaea Ultima
Oct 22 - Nov 7: Bay Area Science Festival
Oct 22 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: Panel on New Experiments in Art and Technology with Ken Goldberg and others
Oct 18 @ Stanford: Baroque fireworks (Handel, Vivaldi, Bach)
Oct 16-18 @ Stanford: The 3rd L.A.S.T. Festival Artificial Intelligence, Nanotech, Synthetic Biology, Space Exploration, Neuroscience + 12 digital art installations + Homo Digitalis + ...
Oct 16-17 @ Zellerbach Hall: Twyla Tharp
Oct 15-25 @ Stanford: UN Film Festival
Oct 15 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Kadet Kuhne's Sedimentary Noise
Oct 15 @ Stanford: Brian Conrad (Stanford/ Math), Andreas Weigend (Stanford and former chief scientist at Amazon), Elizabeth Kessler (Stanford/ Art), Meredith Tromble (San Francisco Art Institute)
Oct 15 @ Jules Maeght Gallery: Kal Spelletich's interactive tree robots and others
Oct 14 @ UC Santa Cruz: Star Gazing with Artist Russell Crotty
Oct 14 @ UC Berkeley: Christine Metzger (California College of the Arts), Jenn Smith (Mills College), Sasha Petrenko (Choreographer), Pieter Abbeel (UC Berkeley/ Robotics)
Oct 13 @ House Theater: Karen Armstrong
Till Oct 11 Joe Goode Annex: Joe Goode's mobile, immersive performance "Poetics of Space"
Oct 11 @ Hertz Hall: Haydn, Shostakovich and Schubert quartets
Oct 10 @ Stanford: Jonathan Berger's "My Lai" for tenor and Vietnamese percussion
Oct 8-11 @ San Mateo County Event Center: Art Silicon Valley/San Francisco
Oct 8 @ Stanford: Free classical music program with "Harmony for Humanity"
Oct 7 @ Stanford: Scarlatti's "Glory of Spring"
Oct 5 @ House Theater: Richard Dawkins
Oct 5 @ Tom Abel, Director of Stanford's Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Oct 4 @ Davies Hall: Andras Schiff playing the last sonatas b Hadn, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert
Oct 3 @ The Lab: Yoshi Wada
Oct 1-4 @ Zellerback Hall: Mariinsk Ballet and Orchestra performing Prokofev's "Cinderella"
Sep 28 @ UC Berkeley: Everything I Know Will Be Yours: Surveillance In Plein Air ***** Vito Acconci, Artist, Architect, Designer, Professor, the Pratt Institute, NY
Sep 26 @ Stanford: Nrityagram Dance Ensemble
Sep 26 @ The Lab: William Basinski
Sep 19 - Jan 10 @ Legion of Honor: Breguet: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking
Sep 19 @ Stanford: Chick Corea and Bela Fleck
Sep 18-19 @ Recology (SF Dump, 401 Tunnel Ave): Jenny Odell, Chris Sollars and Roger Ourthiague Jr.
Sep 15 @ World Affairs Council: 18th UNAFF Press Conference and screening
Sep 14 @ USF: Daiane Lopes Da Silva (Choreographer), Rob Meagley (ONE Nanotechnologies), Jasmina Bojic (Stanford/ Cinema), Lily Alexander (UC Santa Cruz)
Sep 12 @ Brava Theater Center: San Francisco Electronic Music Festival Info:
Till Sep 11 @ Art Works Downtown San Rafael: Peter Foucault & others
Sep 9 @ House Theater: Salman Rushdie
Sep 4 @ San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Niki Ulehla's puppetshow "George Travels to the Afterlife"
Aug 20 @ Xerox PARC: Jacob Morgan on "The Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work"
Aug 13 @ Stanford: Tami Spector (USF), James Wall (Stanford/ Biodesign), Weidong Yang (Kine-tech), Tony Wyss-Coray (Stanford/ Neurology)
Aug 13 @ The Lab: Join Hamza Walker, curator at Renaissance Society
Aug 12 @ UC Berkeley: Greg Niemayer (UC Berkeley/ Center for New Media), Therese Lahaie (Artist), Charlotte Jacobs (Stanford), Lauren Baines (Choreographer)
Till Aug 9 @ Strand Theater: Caryl Churchill's play "Love and Information"
Till Aug 8 @ Stanford: Jazz Festival
Aug 7-9 @ San Jose: Jazz Festival
Aug 4 @ The Lab: Bodyscape with Luca Forcucci
Aug 4 @ Palo Alto's Oshman JCC: Thomas Lewis on The Neuroscience of Love
Aug 2 @ Sunnyvale Cultural Center: Omkaar- A Festival of Classical Indian Dance and Music
Aug 1 @ Great American Music Hall: Sufi Qawwali Concert and Film
Till Aug 1 @ LACIS Museum of Lace and Textiles: Mongolian paper cutting artist Turburam Sandagdorj
Till Aug 1 @ Wendy Norris: Exhibition of Surrealist artists who investigated quantum physics and the Theory of Relativity
Jul 31 - Sep 11 @ Art Works Downtown San Rafael: Peter Foucault & others
Till Jul 31 @ Weinstein Gallery: Kurt Seligmann
Till Jul 25 @ Pacific Film Archive: Andrei Tarkovsky's films
July 25 @ Community Of Infinite Spirit: Karnatik Music Concerts
July 24 -31 @ ASC Projects: Scott Kildall's solo exhibition "Bad Data"
July 24 @ Montalvo Art Center: "Rock the Garden", a night of performances
July 19 @ Djerassi: Open House for the Scientific Delirium Madness
July 18 - Aug 1 @ Carmel: Bach Festival
July 18 @ The Lab: Z'ev performance
July 18 @ Japan Center: Anime & Cosplay Festival
July 16-26 @ San Luis Obispo: Festival Mozaic
July 26 - Aug 1 @ Community Music Center: Outsound Music Festival
July 16 - Sep 10 @ swissnex: Art installation City Cells, produced as part of the Data Canvas project Sense Your City,
Jul 16 - Aug 9 @ Stanford: Stanford Repertory Theater's annual summer festival, celebrating the work of Noel Coward July 16, 23, 30 @ Stanford: Camera As Witness Program
July 13 @ USF: Melanie Swan (Founder, Institute for Blockchain Studies) on "Bitcoin/Blockchain Technology Explained", Margot Knight (Djerassi Resident Artists Program) on "Scientific Delirium Madness", Stuart Russell (UC Berkeley/ Center for Intelligent Systems) on "The long-term future of (Artificial) Intelligence", Nicholas de Monchaux (UC Berkeley Architecture) on "Spacesuits and Cities"
July 11 @ Davies Symphony Hall: A Beethoven Celebration
July 11-25 @ Mendocino: Mendocino Music Festival
July 10th & 11th @ SAFEhouse Arts: Kine-tech and friends
July 8 - Aug 2 @ Bruns Amphitheater, Orinda: Pedro Calderon de la Barca's masterpiece "La Vida es Sueno "
July 6 @ PianoFight: Birgitta Whaley on "The Quantum Strangeness Beneath Our Everyday World"
July 3 @ Davies Hall: Mozart's Figaro
June 26-28 @ Sfjazz Center: Terry Riley's 80th birthday celebrations
June 26 @ Southern Exposure Gallery: Bernie Lubell's airship
Till June 27 @ Fine Arts Theater: Ethnic Dance Festival
June 27 & 30 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
June 19 @ Old First Church: Sarah Cahill performing music for Terry Riley's 80th birthday celebrations
June 18 @ Codame: Body Scan Jam
June 17-19 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Symphonies
June 14,18,21,24,27,29 @ Davies Hall: Mozart's Marriage of Figaro
June 12,16,20,25 @ Davies Hall: Berlioz's Trojans
June 14 @ Legion of Honor: Indre Viskontas' Vocallective
June 13 @ Telegraph Ave: Berkeley World Music Festival
June 11 @ Stanford: Tito Jankowski (Biocurious), Bruno Olshausen (Berkeley/ Neuroscience), Maria McVarish (Stanford/ Art), Paul DeMarinis (Stanford/ Music)
June 10 @ UC Berkeley: Robert Lang (Origami Artist), Lisa Iwamoto (UC Berkeley), Kathryn Roszak (Choreographer), John Edmark (Stanford/ Design)
June 10-13 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Missa Solemnis
June 5-6 @ Omni Oakland Commons: Cherie Hill's dance "Terrestrial Footprints"
May 30 @ Fort Mason: San Francisco Arts Festival, incl "The Edward Snowden Revelations"
May 30 @ Yerba Buena: Emergence, the annual convening of the Emerging Arts Professionals network
May 28 @ Stanford: Iran, 36 Years After the Revolution
May 28 @ Stanford: Camera As Witness Series: Reflections on Art through Documentary Filmmaking - "Waste Land"
May 27 & 30 @ Fleet Room: Kinetech's "Mirror #1, Time Bubble"
May 25 @ Baasics: Pascal Lee, the chairman of the Mars Institute, and Gail Patricelli (UC Davis)
May 23 - Sep 12 @ San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Amy Ho
May 23 @ Lake Merrit Blvd Amphitheater: Eastlake Music Festival 2015
May 23 @ San Jose Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater: Robert Rich
May 23 @ Catharine Clark Gallery:: musical performance by Kal Spelletich's robots with street artist and performer Chris Johanson
May 22-23 @ Recology: Michael Arcega, Ma Li and Eden Evans
May 21 - May 24 @ Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts: Smuin Ballet "Unlaced"
May 21 - Jun 7 @ Fort Mason: "Co-related Space" by artists Wes Modes, Lanier Sammons, and Brent Townshend
May 21 - Jun 7 @ Fort Mason: Surveillance in the Drone Age exhibition curated by Hanna Regev
May 21-31 @ Gray Area Foundation: Free Art & Technology Lab's artists, hackers, engineers, musicians, and graffiti writers
May 21-24 @ Gray Area: The Gray Area Festival
May 21 @ Stanford: Conversations on Compassion with Thupten Jinpa
May 20-21 @ Bing Hall Studio: Stanford CCRMA concert
May 19-20 @ Palace of Fine Arts: Wearable World Congress
May 18 @ Swissnex: Cryptoparty
May 17 @ Stanford: TEDxStanford
May 16 - Aug 1: @ Wendy Norris: Exhibition of Surrealist artists who investigated quantum physics and the Theory of Relativity
May 16 @ Hayward: ATOMIC walk
May 16 @ Davies Symphone Hall: Music by John Cage
May 15 @ San Francisco Art Institute: MFA exhibition - 100 artists from the graduate program present installations, painting, photography, video, sculpture, printmaking, performances, etc
May 14 @ Catharine Clark Gallery: kinetic sculptor Kal Spelletich and Buddhist monk Alistair Shanks on "Robots and Mystical Transformations"
May 13 @ Shultz Hall: Leonard Mlodinow on "The Evolution of Science "
May 12-13 @ Moscone center: Internet of Things conference
May 12 @ Swissnex: Vulnerability in the Connected World
May 11 @ PianoFight: Peter Schattner on "Sex, Love, and DNA"
May 11 @ USF: Marjorie Schwarzer (USF), Laura Maguire (Stanford/ Philosophy), Tami Spector (USF), Michal Gavish (Visual Artist)
Till May 9 @ The Lab & Kadist: Ai Weiwei, Asco, Bernd Behr, Natalia Sui-hung Chan, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Yin-Ju Chen, George Chinnery, Megan Cope, Sergio de La Torre, Dung Kai-cheung, Larry Feign, James T. Hong, Rustam Khalfin, Henry Kiyama, Irene Kopelman, Firenze Lai, Lam Qua, Dorothea Lange, Lee Kit, Len Lye, Gabriel Leung, Ma Liuming, Josef Ng, Pak Sheung Chuen, etc
May 7 - 9 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Mahler
May 6 - 29 @ Swissnex: Project Cyber Virus - Digital Security Then and Now
May 5 @ Swissnex: Project Cyber Virus opening Reception
May 5 @ Swissnex: Project Cyber Virus
Till May 4 @ Cantor Museum: The Lives of Middle Eastern Women, Through a Camera's Lens
May 2 @ UC Berkeley: California Cognitive Science Conference
May 1-2 @ Yerba Buena: World premiere of Mikrokosma Bali, live media collaboration among composers Wayne Vitale & Brian Baumbusch, Gamelan Sekar Jaya and the Lightbulb Ensemble
Apr 30 @ YBCA: a Luciano Chessa retrospective (orchestral compositions, chamber music, solo music)
Apr 29 @ Xerox PARC: The Physical Realization of an Electronic Computing Instrument
Apr 28 - May 30 @ Palo Alto Gallery House: Silicon Valley Open Studios
Apr 28 @ Stanford: anthropologist Tanya Marie Luhrmann
Apr 28 @ California College of the Arts, Timken Hall: Swiss designer Marco Walser
Apr 27 @ Stanford: Understanding ISIS
Apr 25 @ UC Santa Cruz: Digital Arts + New Media (DANM) MFA at UC Santa Cruz
Apr 24 - May 3: Bay Area Dance Week
Apr 24-May 8 @ San Francisco and Berkeley: San Francisco International Film Festival
Apr 24 @ Hearst Memorial Mining Building: Steve Reich's Different Trains, for string quartet and pre-recorded performance tape
Apr 22 @ Hertz Concert Hall: Indonesian Gamelan Ensemble
Apr 22 - 24 @ Stanford @ Berkeley: Planet Earth New Play Festival
Apr 21 @ Stanford: physicist Andrei Linde on "Imagining the Universe"
Apr 19 @ Headlands Center: Open House
Apr 17 @ Computer History Museum: Gordon Moore: the Man and the Law with William H. Davidow and Carver Mead
Apr 17 @ SAFEhouse Arts: Kinetech Arts 2nd Anniversary Party
Apr 16 @ Stanford: Sharon Salzberg
Apr 16 @ Stanford: Ronald Suny on "What led the Young Turks to carry out the massacre of Armenian and Assyrian subjects"
Apr 14 @ Stanford: The Lightbulb Ensemble: Mikrokosma
Apr 13 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Jesse Drew and Glenda Drew
Apr 12 @ Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park: The Art of Aquascaping
Apr 11 @ Pro Arts: kinetic artist Terry Berlier artist talk
Till Apr 11 @ Chinese Culture Center: Ink Art of Lu Chuntao
Till Apr 11 @ Capital Gallery: Rainen Knecht's abstract paintings
Apr 11 - May 23 @ Catharine Clark Gallery: Kal Spelletich's seven robotic sculptures
Apr 10 @ Commonweal, Bolinas: John Gouldthorpe on "An Exploration of Goethe's Holistic Thinking"
Apr 10 - Jun 14 @ Santa Clara Univ: Brian Wall's outdoors sculptures
Apr 10 @ Stanford: Inside the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
Apr 9-12 @ Z Space: an immersive performance installation by choreographer Liss Fain
Apr 9-11 @ Market St: Market Street Prototyping Festival
Apr 9 @ UC Davis: Matt Gilbert on "The Comparative Anatomy of Angels", Alison Van Eenennaam on "Alba: the Fluorescent Bunny", Thomas Gordon on "The Beauty of Disease and Why We Still Have Trees" and Evan Clayburg and Sally Hensel on "Art as a Social Practice"
Apr 8-19 @ San Francisco Ballet: Shostakovich Trilogy
April 8 @ UC Berkeley: Melanie Swan on "Bitcoin", Amy Ho (Projection Artist), Lily Alexander on "Participatory Art". Nicholas de Monchaux (Berkeley/ Architecture)
Apr 7 @ The Interval at Long Now: nonphilosopher Jonathon Keats
Apr 6 @ California College of the Arts: architect Meejin Yoon
Apr 6 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Jose Carlos Martinat and Enrique Mayorga
Apr 6 @ Mills College: composer Mark Applebaum
Till Apr 5 @ Burlingame's Peninsula Museum of Art: Shan Shan Sheng's solo Exhibition
Apr 4 @ Brava Theater: Switchboard Music Festival
Apr 3 @ Pro Arts: A performance with Terry Berlier, Luciano Chessa and Jessie Marino at 7pm
Apr 3 @ Zero1: Viral video fest
Apr 2 - May 30 @ Zero1: Jonathon Keats' "Neanderthal Design Studio"
Apr 2 @ Stanford Bing Hall: Jaron Lanier on our digital future
Apr 2 @ Rickshaw Stop: The WELL's 30th anniversary celebration
Apr 1 - May 9 @ The Lab & Kadist: Ai Weiwei, Asco, Bernd Behr, Natalia Sui-hung Chan, Oscar Chan Yik Long, Yin-Ju Chen, George Chinnery, Megan Cope, Sergio de La Torre, Dung Kai-cheung, Larry Feign, James T. Hong, Rustam Khalfin, Henry Kiyama, Irene Kopelman, Firenze Lai, Lam Qua, Dorothea Lange, Lee Kit, Len Lye, Gabriel Leung, Ma Liuming, Josef Ng, Pak Sheung Chuen, etc
Apr 1 @ Bing Concert Hall: "The Demo", an opera about Doug Engelbart, composed by Ben Neill & Mikel Rouse
Mar 31 @ Palace of Fine Arts: The 1915 World Fair
Mar 31 @ First Congregational Church of Berkeley: writer Kazuo Ishiguro
Mar 31 @ UC Santa Cruz: conceptual artist/photographer Catherine Wagner, Mills College; documentary filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, UCSC; composer, artist, and bio-acoustic reseacher David Dunn, UCSC, and archeologist/anthropologist J. Cameron Monroe, UCSC
Till Mar 30 @ Room Gallery: Peter Foucault's solo show
Mar 29 @ Hertz Hall: George Crumb's Xylophony, Edgard Varese's Ionisation, etc
Mar 28 @ Center for New Music: The Plath Project (works by five composers whose music features the poetry of Sylvia Plath)
Mar 28 @ Art Institute: The Uncertainty Salon
Mar 28 @ Yerba Buena Center: Meredith Monk and Bob Rosen's experimental film "Ellis Island"
Mar 28 @ Z Space: choreographer Kat Roman's "The Conference of the Birds"
Mar 27-29 @ Yerba Buena: composer Meredith Monk
Mar 27 @ Old First Presbyterian Church: Beethoven's Triple Concerto
Mar 27 @ SFJazz Center: Vijay Iyer Trio
Mar 26-29 @ SFJazz Center: ECM Fest
Mar 26 @ Gallery Paule Anglim: Indre Viskontas' Vocallective
Mar 25-27 @ Davies Hall: Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 8
Mar 22-29 @ Palace of Fine Arts: Flamenco Festival
Mar 20-29 @ War Memorial Opera House: Helgi Tomasson's ballet Don Quixote
Mar 20-22 @ Hertz Hall: Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra performing Stravinsky, Adams, Mahler, etc
Mar 20 @ St Mark's Luutheran Church: Bach's birthday celebration
Mar 19-22 @ Z Space: Allen Shearer's chamber opera "Middlemarch in Spring"
Mar 19 @ Mills College: composer Eyvind Kang and Fast Foward
Mar 19-21 @ ODC Theater: Left Coast Chamber Ensemble's opera "Death with Interruption"
Mar 19 @ Zellerbach Hall: Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock
Mar 18 @ Stanford: "Imagining the Universe" with Roger Malina (Univ of Texas/ Astronomer), Katharine Hawthorne (Choreographer), Allison Holt (Visual Artist) and Chris McKay (NASA Ames)
Mar 16 @ Davies Hall: Academy of St Martin in the Fields
Mar 15 @ The New Parkway Theater: The Ear Goes To The Sound: The Work of Laetitia Sonami
Mar 15 @ Davies Hall: Takacs Quartet performing 3 Schubert quartets
Mar 15 @ Marsh Theater: philosopher John Searle "How Words Work: From Noise to Meaning"
Till Mar 14 @ SOMArts: Homesteading in Art and Culture
Mar 14-15 @ Zellerbach Hall: The Joffrey Ballet
Mar 12 @ Zellerbach Hall: Boulez's piano music
Mar 12-14 @ Z-Space: David Glowacki's digital performance Hidden Fields
Mar 11 @ Stanford: David Glowacki's digital performance Hidden Fields
Mar 11-14 @ Davies Hall: Haydn's Drumroll Symphony & Handel's Fireworks
Mar 11 @ Zellerbach Hall: South Africa's jazz great Hugh Masekela
Mar 11 @ SFJazz: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Mar 10 @ Palace of Fine Arts: The 1915 World Fair
Mar 9-21 @ San Francisco Art Institute: Panama Pacific International Exposition Centennial
Mar 9 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Tarek Atoui on "DeafSpace and Making Musical Instruments"
Mar 9 @ USF: Indrani Baruah (Architect and Visual Artist) on "Cultural Re-Imaginations : Experiments in Creative Placemaking", Christine Metzger (California college of the Arts) on "Lights, Camera...Fiction?", Weidong Yang (Kine-tech) on "Data insights through gestural interactive 3D visualization", Stephen Bailey (Lawrence Berkeley Labs) on "How to Make a 3D Map of the Universe (and Why?)"
Mar 7 @ Rohnert Park: Murray Perahia
Mar 6 @ Presidio: Transcendent Art with Mark Wagner and others
Mar 6 @ Presidio/ China Brotsky Gallery: Living Shaman Museum (Mark Lewis Wagner, Clayton Thiel, and Amazon Art)
Mar 6-8 @ SFJazz Center: Other Minds avantgarde music festival
Mar 5-7 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Thomas Ades & Dawn Upshaw
Mar 4 @ David Brower Center: publisher Malcolm Margolin and Berkeley museum director Lawrence Rinder in Conversation
Feb 27 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Lou Harrison and Hindemith
Feb 23 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Rirkrit Tiravanija
Feb 22 @ Ken Ueno, Luciano Berio's Linea and Luigi Nono's Hay Que Caminar Sonando
Till Feb 22 @ Asian Art Museum: Japanese painter Tetsuya Ishida
Feb 21 @ UC Davis: Art by Brett A. Thomas, Anna Davidson, Zach Clark, Angela Willits, Matt Debbaubt, Sarah Chan, Julian Tan, Kristin Hough, Jeffrey Mayry, Lauren Rayburn, Jonathan Sprague, James Angello, Matt Gilbert, Nuno Correia, and Wesley Miller.
Feb 19 @ Xerox PARC: Design Thinking
Feb 13 @ The Lab: Arnold Dreyblatt
Feb 13 @ Stanford: neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga
Feb 12 - May 14 @ Brower Center: Lisa Blatt's and Christina Seely's photographs
Feb 12 @ Stanford: Cathy Zoi (Stanford) on "Renewable Resources", neuroscientist Lucia Jacobs (UC Berkeley), Rachna Nivas (Chitresh Das Dance Company), Chris Chafe (Stanford CCRMA) and Josef Parvizi (Stanford Neurology)
Feb 11 @ Berkeley: Birgitta Whaley (Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center), Jonathon Keats (Philosopher), Tami Spector (USF) on "The Molecular Elusive", Amanda Hughen (Visual Artist) on "Consumerism and cellular transformation"
Feb 10 @ UC Santa Cruz: Lewis Watts "Black Presence in France", Noah Wardrip-Fruin "Expanding Fiction's Possibilities", Deanna Shemek "the Science of Preserving Cultural Heritage", Colleen Reichmuth "Exploring the Inner Worlds of Marine Mammals"
Feb 8 @ Temescal Art Center: musical compositions by Cheryl Leonard for sounds of water, glass, shells, kelp and sand
Feb 7 @ Mills College: electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick
Feb 6 - Mar 27 @ Zero1: Adam Brown and Robert Root-Bernstein's "Origins of Life"
Feb 6 @ Stanford: Francis Fukuyama
Feb 5 @ UC Davis: Wes Modes. "A Secret History of American River People." Mike Davis. "Mushroom Facts, Folklore and Fun." Wayne Vitale, "Microcosms of Bali" Danielle Siembieda-Gribben, "Alter Eco-Art". Organized by Anna Davidson
Feb 3 @ Room Art Gallery: Peter Foucault's solo show
Jan 31 @ SF Conservatory of Music: Steve Reich's Drumming
Nov 14 - Jan 31 @ Jules Maeght Gallery: Art In Motion with Alexander Calder, Kal Spelletich, Paul Bury, and others
Jan 22 @ Stanford: John Bickle on Philosophy of Consciousness
Jan 10-31 @ Root Division: Living with Endangered Languages in the Information Age
Jan 29 @ Stanford: Sherman Jackson on "Shariah and Democracy"
Jan 28 @ Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience: Rich Ivry on "Embodied Decision Making: System interactions in sensorimotor adaptation and reinforcement learning"
Jan 28 @ Stanford: architect Jeanne Gang
Jan 27-28 @ Yoshi's: avant-jazz-rock guitar virtuoso Bill Frisell
Jan 26 @ David Brower Center, Berkeley: Caroline Woolard on "What is a Work of Art in the Age of $120,000 Art Degrees?"
Jan 25 @ Yerba Buena: "Alien She", an art exhibit inspired by the Riot Grrrl movement
Jan 25 @ Legion of Honor: All Bach program
Jan 24-25 @ Zellerbach Hall: Peking Acrobats
Jan 24 @ Rohnert Park: Yo Yo Ma performs Bach
Jan 23 @ San Francisco Jewish Community Center: Fritz Lang's "Women on the Moon" with soundtrack by techno pioneer Jeff Mills
Jan 22 @ Stanford: Francis Fukuyama
Jan 21 @ Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience: Adrienne Fairhall
Jan 21 @ Stanford: Louise Gluck, poet
Jan 19 @ CCRMA: Thomas Ankersmit's live electronics
Till Jan 18 @ Asian Art Museum: Archeology of Arabia
Till Jan 18 @ San Jose's Taylor St Bridge: Cirque du Soleil's "Kurios"
Jan 18 @ Berkeley Hertz Hall: Kronos Quartet and Wu Man
Jan 18 @ Headlands Center for the Arts: Im(Material), exhibit of paper sculptures
Jan 17 - Feb 28 @ Harvey Milk Photography Center: Parisian photographs by Imogen Cunningham
Jan 17 @ Congregational Church of San Mateo: percussionists of the San Francisco Chamber Orchestra
Jan 17 @ San Jose Westminster Presbyterian Church: Tchaikovsky's Quartet No. 1, Shostakovich's Quartet No. 3
Jan 16-18 @ Palo Alto & Berkeley: Canadian quartet Pallade Musica performing instrumental music of the 17th century
Jan 16-17 @ Berkeley Arts Festival Space 2133 University Ave: Hardly Strictly Personal Festivalt - A celebration of Post-Beefheart Art
Jan 16 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Stravinsky's "The Soldier's Tale"
Jan 15-17 @ San Francisco Conservatory of Music & Center for New Music: New Music Gathering, a three-day conference featuring Claire Chase, Sarah Cahill, Kronos Quartet and Wu Man
Jan 15 @ Root Division: Explorations into the Rise and Fall of Sign and Artificial Languages (Scott Kildall, Jonathon Keats, etc)
Jan 14-18 @ Fort Mason: FOG Design and Art Fair
Jan 13 @ Green Apple Books: poets Sandra Lim and Randall Mann
Jan 12 @ USF: Charlotte Jacobs (Standford), Meredith Tromble (SFAI), Pireeni Sundaralingam (Poet and Neuroscientist), Sasha Petrenko (Choreographer) - Virtual Reality art, Polio, Neuropoetry, Dance
Jan 9-11 @ Victoria Theater: San Francisco Tape Music Festival
Jan 9 - Jan 31 @ Roll up Gallery: Codame's "Art by Code"