A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

(Note: I do not list expensive events here. Most of these are free or very cheap).


Till Dec 29 @ Jack Fischer Gallery: Agelio Batle's graphite skeletons
Dec 15 @ Xerox PARC: Katherine Isbister on "Tech to Augment In-Person Interaction" http://www.parc.com/event/2318/connecting-through-play.html
Dec 14 @ Computer History Museum: The evolution and history of word processing
Dec 13 @ Berkeley Art Museum: performance artist Dohee Lee, taiko drummer Jimi Nakagawa, Congolese choreographer Byb Chanel Bibene http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Dec 10 @ Counterpulse: Dance Hack Day dancehack.org
Dec 9 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Cheryl Misak
Dec 8 @ Stanford: Cheryl Leonard (Composer), Mark Nelson (Stanford Peace Innovation), "Speed of Light Photography", etc www.lasertalks.com
Dec 7 @ UC Berkeley: Philip Sabes (UCSF/ Neuroscience), Fyodor Urnov (UC Berkeley/ Genomics), Stan Shaff (Composer), Adrien Segal (Data Artist) www.lasertalks.com
Dec 7 @ Computer History Museum: Sue Black on Bletchley Park
Dec 5 @ Mills College: Vocal Jazz Improvisation Ensemble conducted by Molly Holm
Nov 30 @ Swissnex: Tom Comitta presents selections from Bill the Musikill http://www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org
Nov 29 @ Center for New Music: Luciano Chessa (saw) & Tyrel Williams (turntables) http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/
Till Nov 26 @ Black and White Projects: Scott Kildall's "Machine Data Dreams" https://blackandwhiteprojects.com/
Nov 19 - Dec 30 @ Berkeley Art Museum: The Films of Powell & Pressburger
Nov 19 @ Mills College: Alvin Curran
Nov 19 @ Center for New Music: Rova plus One http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/
Nov 18 @ Computer History Museum: Thomas Haigh on the ENIAC computer
Nov 17-18 @ Los Angeles: Technarte Los Angeles http://www.technarte.org/speakers/ (i know this is not in the Bay Area but it sounds really interesting)
Nov 17 @ Xerox PARC: Kathy Giori on "An Open Model for Commercializing the IoT"
Nov 17 @ Grace Cathedral: Elizabeth Jameson's art that uses her own brain scans "Mind on Fire" http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=4bb5d6e44cde630300bed1cf4&id=14c9e19499
Nov 16 @ CounterPulse: CODAME salon with choreographer Jesse Hewit and digital artist/creative coder Donald Hanson
Nov 14 @ Berkeley Art Museum: installation artist Amy Rathbone http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Nov 14 @ USF: Amy Balkin (Media Artist), Peter Walter (UCSF/ Biochemistry and Biophysics), Mitch Altman (Virtual reality pioneer and Noisebridge founder), Mary Tang (Stanford/ Nanofabrication) www.lasertalks.com
Nov 13 @ Swissnex: The Dada divas http://www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org
Nov 13 @ San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art: Russell Crotty's art based on astronomical observations, notably his tribute to San Jose's Lick Observatory, the first traveling exhibition of the UC Santa Cruz Institute of the Arts and Sciences http://sjica.org/exhibitions_and_programs.html
Nov 11 @ Hotel Zetta: Codame's Artificial Experiences https://www.eventbrite.com/e/artificial-experiences-artex-tickets-28324833339
Nov 5-26 @ Black and White Projects: Scott Kildall's "Machine Data Dreams" https://blackandwhiteprojects.com/
Nov 5 @ AT&T Park: Bay Area Science Festival's Discovery Day
Nov 4 - Feb 26 @ San Francisco MOMA: Sohei Nishino collaged "Diorama Maps"
Nov 4 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with David Copp
Nov 4 @ Swissnex: Dada exhibition opening and performances http://www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org
Nov 3 @ NUMU Los Gatos: SETI Artist in Residence show http://www.seti.org/
Nov 3 - 12 @ Canessa Gallery: The Pataphysical Slot Machine and Dada-inspired art
Nov 1-13 @ 20 venues in San Francisco: Dada World Fair http://www.dadaworldfair.net
Nov 2-3 @ Park Central Hotel: Virtual Reality Developers Conference http://vrdconf.com/
Oct 29 - Mar 31 @ Pace Institute: David Byrne's and Mala Gaonkar's "Neurosociety", an 80-minute immersive theater performance http://www.pacegallery.com/exhibitions/12834/the-institute-presents-neurosociety
Oct 28 - Mar 5 @ New Museum Los Gatos: the first ever exhibition of art from the SETI Artist in Residence program, including Danny Bazo, George Bolster, Charles Lindsay, Marko Peljhan, Rachel Sussman, Martin Wilner and Karl Yerkes http://www.numulosgatos.org/exhibitions-2/2016/10/28/making-contact-seti-artists-in-residence
Oct 27 @ UC Berkeley Energy Biosciences Institute: Elizabeth Jameson's art that uses her own brain scans "Mind on Fire" http://us7.campaign-archive1.com/?u=4bb5d6e44cde630300bed1cf4&id=14c9e19499
Oct 26 @ Computer History Museum: Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch, and Bill Reichert, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/#day-dead-postmortems-silicon-valley
Oct 22 - Nov 7 @ various: Bay Area Science Festival http://www.bayareascience.org
Till Oct 22 @ Black and White Projects: Evie Leder https://blackandwhiteprojects.com/
Oct 22 @ Stanford: Robert Kapilow's opera "Green Eggs and Hamadeus" based on Dr. Seuss's "Green Eggs and Ham" http://sto.stanfordtickets.org/single/EventListing.aspx?k=175
Oct 21 - Dec 11 @ Royal NoneSuch Gallery: Amy Ho & Dennis Crookes
Oct 20-23 @ UC Santa Cruz: Margaret and Christine Wertheim's Crochet Coral Reef, the largest art + science project in the world http://ias.ucsc.edu/events
Oct 19 - Dec 23 @ Berkeley Art Museum: first-generation Conceptual art ("Mind Over Matter")
Oct 19 @ Stanford Oshman Hall: David Byrne (artist/musician, The Talking Heads), Mala Goankar (investor/technologist), Charles Kronengold (Music) and Anthony Wagner (Psychology and Neuroscience)
Oct 18 @ Mission Bay Conference Center: PingWest's 4th SYNC (China-US high-tech) https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sync-sf-2016-the-beyond-tickets-27960726285
Oct 16 @ Stanford Dinkelspiel Auditorium: Constantin Basica's "Knot an Opera", Alexandra Hay's "Metanoia", Jessie Marino's "Experiments in Opera II", Caroline Miller's "How to Survive a 100-Hour Workweek" http://events.stanford.edu/events/622/62223/
Oct 15 @ Berkeley Art Museum: shakuhachi virtuoso Masayuki Koga, live calligraphy painting by Aoi Yamaguchi, solo dance by Dana Iova-Koga http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Oct 14 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Robert Wardy
Oct 13 @ Stanford CCRMA: Laetitia Sonami performing Eliane Radigue's OCCAM IX and Paul DeMarinis' Tunnel of Love http://events.stanford.edu/events/622/62237/
Oct 13 @ Stanford: Symposium of the Stanford Neurosciences Institute http://events.stanford.edu/events/580/58095/
Oct 13 @ Stanford: * Jenn Smith (Mills College/ Assistant Professor of Biology) on "Leadership in Mammalian Societies: Emergence, Distribution, Power, and Payoff" * Greg Niemeyer (Associate Professor of the UC Berkeley Center for New Media and Founder of the Stanford University Digital Art Center) on "Edge of Consciousness" * David Anderson (UC Berkeley/ Space Sciences Laboratory) on "An introduction to SETI@home" * Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley/ Dep of Theater, Associate Professor and Department Vice-Chair) on "Improvisational Dance Within Computer Augmented Spaces: Dancing with the Unknowable" www.lasertalks.com
Oct 12 @ UC Berkeley: * Michal Gavish (Visual Artist) on "Visualizing DNA" * Henry Segerman (Oklahoma State/ Mathematics) on "Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing" * Kim Anno (California College of the Arts) on "Climate's Secular Dante" * John Law (Cacophony Society, Burning Man) on "Chaos, Cacophony and the Counterculture - How the San Francisco Underground made your life weirder" www.lasertalks.com
Oct 11 @ Stanford: Douglas Wilson on "Are videogames games?" http://events.stanford.edu/events/628/62863/
Till Oct 9 @ Bruns Memorial Amphitheater: Shakespeare's "Othello" www.calshakes.org
Oct 5 @ Gray Area 2665 Mission St: Steve Mann - Phenomenological Augmented Reality; Anouk Wipprecht - Robotic Fashion and Intuitive Interfaces; Neil Mendoza - Escaping the Default; Alex Murray-Leslie - The Liberation of the Feet Via Sounding Wearables
Oct 4-6 @ South San Francisco Conference Center: Synbiobeta http://synbiobeta.com/conferences/synbiobeta-sf-2016/
Oct 1 @ 2881 23rd St, San Francisco: Carl Pisaturo's kinetic art
Sep 30 @ Stanford: Shaolin monks
Till Sep 29 @ Chandra Cerrito Contemporary: Spaces From Yesterday The Garage with Amy Ho and others http://www.chandracerritocontemporary.com/current-exhibition#/spacesfromyesterday/
Sep 29 @ SAP Labs: Essinova Salon's "Art, Science and Innovation" http://www.essinova.com
Sep 28 - 30 @ Gray Area / Grand Theater: Recombinant Festival http://recombinantfestival.com/
Sep 28 @ Osher Marin Jewish Community Center: Jeff Sheehy on Gene Editing http://wonderfest.org/promise-peril-of-gene-editing-sept-28/
Sep 27 @ Stanford: Rob Moore on "A Material World: a Renaissance at the Atomic Scale" https://oso.stanford.edu/lectures/247-a-material-world-a-renaissance-at-the-atomic-scale
Sep 25 @ Green Music Center: Shanghai Acrobats of China gmc.sonoma.edu
Sep 24-25: Grand Opening of Switzerland at Pier 17 http://cts.vresp.com/c/?SwitzerlandatPier17/4f8c077d9f/d6e6a634f0/728c6e2dda
Till Sep 24th @ Warehouse 416, Oakland: Maria Renetta's Storefront History http://warehouse416.com/
Sep 23-25 @ Z Space: Paul Dresher's Schick Machine http://www.dresherensemble.org/
Sep 23-25 @ Oakland's Omni Commons: BioHTP Conference http://biohacktheplanet.com/
Sep 23-24 @ Recology: Artist in Residence Exhibitions (Miguel Arzabe, Sherri Lynn Wood, Paula Morales and Kathy Sirico) http://recologyartistinresidenceprogram.cmail20.com/t/r-l-whukdjd-htlylrqlr-r/
Sep 23 @ Mills College's Littlefield Concert Hall: Music by Milhaud. Ravel, Boulanger, Satie, and Enescu http://musicnow.mills.edu/
Sep 18 @ Asian Art Museum: Chinese Art from Taiwan's National Museum http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Till Sep 18 @ Pacifica's Sanchez Art Center: 69 artists create one artwork each day for a span of 50 days www.sanchezartcenter.org/
Sep 17 @ CuriOdyssey Museum at Coyote Point: Kinetech Arts' multimedia event "Index of Probabilities" https://www.eventbrite.com/e/index-of-probabilities-tickets-26988408055?aff=es2
Sep 16 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Broun Fellinis + Lisa Mezzacappa http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Sep 12 @ Univ of San Francisco: * Andra Keay (Silicon Valley Robotics) on "Designing Good Robots" * Nina Waisman (Media Artist) on "Intelligence Moves: Intelligence starts on a small scale (single cell? quantum?)" * Goran Konjevod (Origami Artist) on "Origami Beyond Geometry" www.lasertalks.com
Sep 9 @ Mills College Littlefield Concert Hall: Robert Taub's piano recital (Brahms, Scriabin, Schoenberg, and Babbitt)
Till Sep 5 @ various locations: San Francisco Mime Troupe www.sfmt.org
Till Sep 5 @ various parks: San Francisco Mime Troupe sfmt.org
Aug 30 - Sep 4: Erling Wold's Fabrications and Underworld Opera, a jazz opera set in the Soviet Union of the 1930s uksus.org
Till Aug 28 @ Pacific Film Archives: Hitchcock/ Truffault
Till August 21 @ San Jose Museum of Art: Tabaimo's room-sized animations http://sjmusart.org
Aug 18 @ Greek Theater: Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma calperformances.org
Aug 12-14 @ Palo Alto: Mobile Digital Art Summit http://www.mdacsummit.org/
Aug 11 @ UC Berkeley: Liz Tenuto (Choreographer), Laura Maguire (Stanford), Loren Frank (UCSF), Theresa Wong (Composer)
Aug 10 @ Stanford: Tina Seeling (Stanford), Paul Payton (VisaLabs), Rachel Haurwitz (Caribou BioSciences), Adrien Segal (Data Artist)
Till Aug 5 @ Stanford: Jazz Festival
Till July 16 @ Anglim Gilbert gallery: Lynn Hershman and others
July 15-29 @ Jewish Museum & Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Stanley Kubrick
July 15-16 @ UC Santa Cruz: Meredith Tromble's Dream Vortex
Till Jul 15 @ Opera Plaza: Documentary on Frank Zappa
Jul 14 - Aug 28 @ Pacific Film Archives: Hitchcock/ Truffault
July 11 @ USF: Panel on "When A.I. makes it, is it art?", Lark Buckingham (Berkeley/ Center for New Media), Cere Davis (Media Artist), Beibei Song (Essinova) www.lasertalks.com
July 10 @ ODC Theater: SAFEhouse Dance festival
Till July 2 @ Haines Gallery: Ai Weiwei
Till July 1 @ Wendy Norris gallery: Miguel Angel Rios
Till July 1 @ Hosfelt Gallery: Patricia Piccinini's sculptures
Jun 30 @ Xerox PARC: Alexander Rose of the Long Now Foundation on "The 10,000 Year Clock Project" ://www.eventbrite.com/e/designing-for-longevity-the-10000-year-clock-project-tickets-25313991831hur
Jun 29 - Jul 2 @ Davies Hall: Mahler's Resurrection Symphony
Till June 25 @ Fraenkel Gallery: Christian Marclay's Six New Animations https://fraenkelgallery.com/
Jun 21 @ The Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland: Garden of Memory with more than 20 avantgarde composers http://www.gardenofmemory.com/
Jun 18 @ Kinetech Arts: 3rd Anniversary Party and Performances https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kinetech-arts-3d-anniversary-tickets-25882311691?mc_cid=5c6f9b533d&mc_eid=b6e0ab4942
June 17- Aug 5 @ Stanford: Jazz Festival
Jun 16-19 @ Davies Hall: Stravinsky
Jun 16 @ Stanford: Tom Abel (Stanford/ Physics), Piero Scaruffi (Cultural Historian), Nicholas de Monchaux (UC Berkeley Architecture) www.lasertalks.com
Jun 15 @ UC Berkeley: Cherie Hill (Choreographer), Fabrice Florin (Artist and Technologist), Roberta Buiani (Artist, Critic and Curator) www.lasertalks.com
June 15 @ Fort Mason - Festival Hall: Codame's 3D Web Fest http://www.eventbrite.com/e/3d-web-fest-tickets-24526199523
Jun 15 @ Fort Mason Festival Hall: 3D Web Fest http://www.3dwebfest.com/
June 7-19 @ SF: SF Jazz Festival
Till June 5 @ Fort Mason: International Art Festival http://www.sfiaf.org/
Jun 1 - July 16 @ Anglim Gilbert gallery: Lynn Hershman and others
Till May 28 @ Anglim Gilbert gallery: Paul Kos
May 25 @ Fort Mason: Kinetech Arts performance mixing Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality at the San Francisco International Art Festival (https://fortmason.org/event/sfiaf-2016-elements-of-others/)
Till May 22 @ Inter/Action 365 South Market Street, San Jose: - Digital Art that Responds curated by Jason Challas and Ernest Edmonds with 23 international and local artists http://www.workssanjose.org/wordpress/
May 21 @ First Congregational Church of Berkeley: Bay Area Modern Music BAMM 2016 https://www.evensi.us/bamm-2016-first-congregational-church-of-berkeley/177321033
May 20-21 @ Recology Art Studio at 503 Tunnel Ave: Work by Kate Rhoades, Weston Teruya and Cristina Velzquez
May 20 @ Paramount Theatre in Oakland: Stravinsky's "Symphony of Psalms" and John Adams' "The Dharma at Big Sur,"
May 19 @ Fort Mason: International Art Festival http://www.sfiaf.org/
May 17 @ The Lab: Kembra Pfahler http://www.thelab.org/
May 16 @ City Arts: Joanna Newsom www.cityarts.net
May 14 @ Bay Area Discovery Museum: Kinetech Arts performance
May 14 @ Herbst Theater: Alexander String Quartet plays Beethoven
May 14 @ Hosfelt Gallery 6pm: Patricia Piccinini 260 Utah St, San Francisco
May 14 @ Tropical House in the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley: Otobong Nkanga
May 1-12 @ Midway Gallery: Inyoung Seoung http://themidwaysf.com/
May 11 & 14 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Nigerian-born, Antwerp-based Otobong Nkanga presents two mixed-media performances http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
May 11 @ David Brower Center: Cheryl Leonard on polar sounds http://www.browercenter.org/exhibitions/vanishing-ice/events#cherylleonard
May 11 @ UC Santa Cruz: Nicole Crane (marine biologist), Elaine Gan (artist), Rick Prelinger (film archivist), Enrico Ramirez- Ruiz (astrophysicist) http://ias.ucsc.edu/events/
May 9 @ City Arts: Don DeLillo www.cityarts.net
May 9 @ USF: Adam Gazzaley (UCSF/ Neuroscience), Lydia Degarrod (California College of the Arts), Stan Shaff (Audium), Lauren Baines (Choreographer) www.lasertalks.com
May 9 @ The Lost Church: Kim Anno and Pamela Z (Call and Response series) http://quietlightning.org/
May 9 @ USF: Adam Gazzaley (UCSF/ Neuroscience), Lydia Degarrod (California College of the Arts), Stan Shaff (Audium), Lauren Baines (Choreographer) www.lasertalks.com
May 7 @ Stanford: The Haydn Project http://events.stanford.edu/events/600/60003/
May 6-7 @ Marines Memorial Theater: The Celts humanitieswest.org
Till May 1 @ Compound Gallery: John McNamara and Bob Stang
May 1 @ Zellerbach Hall: Terry Riley's "Sun Ring" calperformances.org
Apr 30 - May 8 @ Davies Hall: San Francisco Ballet's "Onegin" sfballet.org
Apr 28-29 @ Yerba Buena: New Frequencies Festival: Pamela Z, Theresa Wong, Edward Schocker, Luciano Chessa, etc http://www.ybca.org/new-frequencies-fest-2016
Apr 24 @ Stanford: Midori solo violin
Apr 24 @ Community Music Center's Concert Hall: 13th Annual Keyboard Marathon Concert on Sunday April 24 at 3pm https://www.sfcv.org/event/community-music-center/water-music-13th-annual-keyboard-marathon
Apr 23 @ Ali Akbar College of Music: Ali Akbar Khan tribute https://www.sfcv.org/event/ali-akbar-college-of-music/aacm-presents-the-7th-annual-birthday-tribute-to-maestro-ali-akbar-
Apr 23 @ Foothill Presbyterian Church in San Jose: Early music for flute https://www.sfcv.org/event/foothill-community-concert-series/flauti-dolci-amp-amici-ii
Apr 23 @ Good Samaritan United Methodist Church: Tamami Honma performing Beethoven sonatas http://www.tamamihonma.com/#!beethoven-odyssey-i/joyrm
Apr 22 @ Santa Cruz Museum: students from the Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program (DANM) at UC Santa Cruz
Apr 21 @ Berkeley Center for New Media: Kavita Philip on "The Pirate Functions" http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/events/
Apr 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Homemade and experimental instruments, featuring Paul Dresher, Joel Davel, Edward Schocker, and Laura Inserra. http://www.bampfa.org/event/full-invent http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Apr 18 @ City Art: Jane McGonigal www.cityarts.net
Apr 17 @ Zellerbach Hall: pianist Murray Perahia calperformances.org
Apr 16 @ Yerba Buena Center: Kinetech Arts and others
Apr 16 @ 310 Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, Berkeley: Recasting the Tsar Bell with Greg Niemeyer and Perrin Meyer http://tsarbell.com/
Apr 15 @ UC Berkeley Campanile Esplanade: Chris Chafe, Davis, and DJ Spooky http://tsarbell.com/
Apr 15-17 @ Yerba Buena: Grisha Coleman's "echo system" (Installation Hours: 11 AM - 5 PM - Performance: 8:00 PM) http://www.echo-system.net/
Apr 16 @ UC Berkeley Campanile Esplanade: Chris Chafe, Davis, and DJ Spooky http://tsarbell.com/
Apr 14 @ Stanford: Murray Perahia solo piano
Apr 14 @ UC Berkeley: Alex Reben (Robot Inventor and Artist), Michael Sturtz (Stanford dSchool), Cosana Eram (Univ of the Pacific), Cere Davis (Media Artist) www.lasertalks.com
Apr 13 @ Stanford: Dada Centennial Celebration www.lasertalks.com
Apr 10 @ Hertz Hall: Shostakovich's String Quartet 14 calperformances.org
Apr 9 @ First Congregational Church: Vocal music of the Renaissance calperformances.org
Apr 6 @ San Jose: Robot Block Party http://svrobo.org/robot-block-party
Apr 4 @ UC Berkeley: Ron Rael on "People, Energy and Materials in 3 Acts" http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Mar 26 @ Zellerbach Hall: Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, Prokofev's Piano Concerto 3, Debussy's Jeux calperformances.org
Till Mar 26 @ Root Division: The Known Universe https://www.rootdivision.org/gallery
Mar 24 - May 13 @ Stanford: Robert Buelteman's photography http://buelteman.com
Mar 23 @ Berkeley Art Museum: An exploration of the human voice with virtuoso singers Pamela Z, Richard Mix, the Cornelius Cardew Choir. http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Till Mar 19 @ 500 Capp St: David Ireland's house http://500cappstreet.org
Mar 18 @ Stanford: Zakir Hussain
Mar 18 @ The Lab: Laetitia Sonami and James Fei
Mar 17 @ Berkeley Center for New Media: Mary Flanagan on "Critical Play" http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/events/
Mar 14 @ USF: Jenn Smith (Mills College), Philip Sabes (UCSF/ Neuroscience), Vanessa Sigurdson (Autodesk Artist in Residence), John Law (Burning Man Festival) www.lasertalks.com
Mar 13 @ Hayward: ATOMIC hike
Mar 12 @ Tmoro Projects: Maysha Mohamedi & Tamra Seal http://www.tmoroprojects.org
Until Mar 12 @ UC Santa Cruz: campus wide participatory art exhibition "Collective Museum"
Mar 11-13 @ Zellerbach Hall: Mark Morris Dance Company calperformances.org
Mar 10 @ Stanford Cemex Auditorium: visual artist Robert Irwin
Mar 07 @ UC Berkeley: Adrien Segal, Artist in Residence Pier 9 http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/index.php/announcing-the-2015-atc-series/
Mar 4 & 6: Prokofev's piano sonatas calperformances,org
Mar 6 @ Hertz Hall: Prokofev's sonatas 8-9
Mar 5 @ Herbst Theater: Alexander String Quartet plays Beethoven
Mar 4 @ Hertz Hall: Prokofev's sonatas 1-4
Mar 4-6 @ SFJazz Center: Other Minds festival otherminds.org
Mar 3 @ Kepler's: Kara Platoni on "We Have the Technology: How Biohackers, Foodies, Physicians, and Scientists Are Transforming Human Perception, One Sense at a Time"
Mar 1 @ UC Berkeley: V.S. Ramachandran, Center for Brain and Cognition, University of California, San Diego http://events.berkeley.edu/index.php/calendar/sn/HWNI.html?event_ID=97919&date=2016-03-01&filter=Secondary%20Event%20Type&filtersel=
Feb 28 @ The Nunnery: Cheryl Leonard's compositions and improvisations for field recordings and natural-object instruments
Feb 28 @ Hertz Hall: Beethoven and Janacek's string quartets calperfomances.org
Feb 27-28 @ Zellerbach Hall: Chitresh Das Dance Company calperfomances.org
Feb 27 @ Herbst Theater: Fred Hersch trio
Feb 26-27 @ Marines Memorial Theater: Shakespeare and Cervantes humanitieswest.org
Feb 25-27 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven's Piano Concerto #3
Feb 25 @ Herbst Theater: pianist Richard Goode
Feb 25 - Mar 8: San Jose Jazz Winter Fest
Feb 24 @ Stanford: Silk Road Ensemble
Feb 22: @ Davies Symphony Hall: Russian National Orchestra plays Mozard
Feb 22 @ Berkeley Art Museum: An evening of composer-performers including Evan Ziporyn, Christine Southworth, Amy X Neuburg, and Luciano Chessa. http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Feb 21: Haydn and Brahms quartets calperfomances.org
Feb 20 @ Herbst Theater: Alexander String Quartet plays Beethoven
Feb 19-28 @ SF Jazz Center: Terence Blanchard's opera "Champion"
Feb 11 @ Stanford: Birgitta Whaley (Berkeley Quantum Information and Computation Center), Rieko Yajima (Stanford/ Design and AAAS), Christine Lee (Visual Artist and Designer), Jennifer Widom (Stanford/Computer Science) www.lasertalks.com
Feb 11 @ Berkeley Center for New Media: Ahmed Ghappour on "Machine-generated Culpability" http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/events/
Feb 10 @ UC Berkeley: David Anderson (UC Berkeley/ SETI@home), Leah Krubitzer (UC Davis/ Neurobiology), Ken Goldberg (UC Berkeley), www.lasertalks.com
Till Feb 7 @ Asian Art Museum: How Japan inspired European painters http://www.asianart.org/exhibitions_index/looking-east http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Till Feb 7 @ San Jose Institute for Contemporary Art: Jim Campbell & Jane Rosen
Feb 6 @ 2881 23rd: Carl Pisaturo's kinetic and light sculptures
Feb 4-7 @ SF Jazz: Kronos Festival
Feb 4 @ Stanford: Kid Koala's opera "Nufonia Must Fall"
Feb 4 @ Zellerbach: Lutoslawski's Concerto for Orchestra & Beethoven's Concerto 5
Feb 4 @ Kepler's: James Doty in conversation with Philip Zimbardo
Feb 1 @ UC Berkeley: Sarah Thornton on "Four Thoughts about the Impact of Globalization on Artists" http://bcnm.berkeley.edu/index.php/announcing-the-2015-atc-series/
Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 5-6 @ San Jose City Hall: Chico MacMurtrie's robotic sculpture "Border Crosser" http://zero1.org/events/exhibition/border-crosser-chico-macmurtrieamorphic-robot-works
Jan 31 @ Zellerbach Hall: Messiaen's "Des Canyons aux Etoiles" calperformances.org
Jan 29 @ Zellerbach Hall: John Adams' Saxophone Concerto and Mahler's 5th calperformances.org
Jan 23-24 @ Stanford: Japanese drumming https://events.stanford.edu/events/528/52817/
Jan 24 @ Hertz Hall: Prokofev's sonatas 5-7
Jan 23 @ Herbst Theater: Alexander String Quartet plays Beethoven
Jan 22-23 @ Zellerbach Hall: Cloud Gate Dance Theater of Taiwan
Jan 22-23 @ Recology: Jeremiah Barber, Alison Pebworth and Robb Godshaw artists in residence at the "dump" http://www.recologysf.com/index.php/next-art-exhibition
Jan 21-24 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Symphony 4 and 8
Jan 21-23 @ California Historical Society: American Counterculture Revisited
Jan 20 @ Peninsula Arts & Letters: Alva Noe on "Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature"
Till Jan 18 @ Fort Mason Gallery 308: Janet Cardiff's immersive sound installation "The Forty Part Motet" http://fortmason.org/event/forty-part-motet/
Till Jan 18 @ Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD): Tim Roseborough's "Four Themes", digital prints and animated video http://www.moadsf.org/exhibition/four-themes/
Till Jan 17 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: "NEAT: New Experiments in Art and Technology" with Jim Campbell, Paolo Salvagione, Paul DeMarinis, Micah Scott, Scott Snibbe, Mary Franck, Camille Utterback, Alan Rath, etc http://www.thecjm.org/on-view/currently/neat-new-experiments-in-art-and-technology/about
Jan 14-15 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak's New World Symphony
Jan 11 @ USF: Hideo Mabuchi (Stanford/ Applied Physics) on "Creative Process in Applied Science and Art", Fabrice Florin (ex Wikipedia) on "The Pataphysical Slot Machine", John Markoff (NY Times), Anna Davidson (UC Davis) on Bioart www.lasertalks.org
Till Jan 10 @ San Jose Museum of Art: "Covert Operations" art exhibition about surveillance with Trevor Paglen, Hasan Elahi, etc http://sjmusart.org/exhibition/covert-operations
Till Jan 10 @ DeYoung Museum: "Jewel City: Art from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition" http://deyoung.famsf.org/jewel-city
Till Jan 09 @ Exploratorium: Tim Hawkinson's "Bosun's Bass" a tide-activated sound work
Jan 9 @ Grace Cathedral: Movement Arts Festival www.sfmaf.org
Jan 8-10 @ Gray Area Grand Theater: Tape Music Festival
Till Jan 3 @ Mission St: Projected-light installations honor the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915 http://www.ppie100.org/

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