A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area

(Note: I do not list expensive events here. Most of these are free or very cheap).


Dec 19 @ Manylabs: Math in art; literature in science
Dec 14 @ Davies Hall: Handel's Messiah
December 14 - Stanford: Denise Gigante (Stanford/ Literature), Mel Day (SJSU), Melissa Merencillo (Virtual Reality Designer), Steve Omohundro (A.I. and Blockchain researcher) www.lasertalks.com
December 13 - UC Berkeley: Meredith Drum (Video Artist), Kristina Dutton (Media Artist), Jonathan Moscone (Yerba Buena and Institute for the Future), Allen Saakyan (Eureka Science Comedy), www.lasertalks.com
Dec 12 @ PianoFight: Brian Behlendorf on "How Blockchain is Changing our World"
Dec 10 @ Davies Hall: Peter and the Wolf
Dec 9 @ Davies Hall: Bach's Christmas Oratorio
Dec 9 @ Oakland Asian Cultural Center: Oakland Winter Live, an evening of contemporary live cinema with music, dance, and theater performances oaklandwinterlive@brownpapertickets.com
Dec 8 @ CIIS: Bodies in Resistance with Hope Mohr and Heather Stockton http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Dec 8 @ Alley cats: opening reception of Mauro Fortissimo's work on metal "New maps of the Anthropocene"
Dec 6 @ Davies Hall: Cirque de la Symphonie
Dec 6 @ Glide Memorial Church: On Being American with Khizr Khan http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Dec 5 @ UCSC Silicon Valley Campus Extension:
Dec 3 @ UCSC: John Corigliano's Gazebo Dances
Dec 2-3 @ Counterpulse: 4th annual DanceHackSF, co-presented with Kinetech Arts
Dec 2 @ Stanford: The Haydn project https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/events/calendar
Dec 2-3 @ Counterpulse: DanceHack with Kinetech Arts and many others dancehack.org
Dec 1 @ UCSC: Gabriel Faure's Requiem
Dec 1-31 @ Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park: Exhibition of iPad Art featuring three British painters: Caroline Mustard, Jeremy Sutton and Adam James Butcher https://www.eventbrite.com/e/grand-opening-ipad-art-places-3-brits-in-silicon-valley-tickets-39606554270
Till Dec 16 @ Luggage Store Gallery: Illegal, an exhibition about artists who have had to skirt or break the law to make their work, including Ant Farm, Cheryl Dunn, Negativland, Mark Pauline, Ken Goldberg, Eric Paulos, Trevor Paglen, Kal Spelletich www.luggagestoregallery.org
Till Feb 24 @ California College of the Arts: "Mechanisms", including work by Zarouhie Abdalian, Terry Atkinson, Lutz Bacher, Eva Barto, Neil Beloufa, Patricia L Boyd, Jay DeFeo, Trisha Donnelly, Harun Farocki, Richard Hamilton, Aaron Flint Jamison, Jacob Kassay, Garry Neill Kennedy, Louise Lawler, Park McArthur, Jean-Luc Moulene, Charlotte Posenenske, Cameron Rowland, Danh Vo, etc
Nov 30 @ Xerox PARC: How PARC Imagined the Future: "Futures Day" 40 Years Later http://pardot.parc.com/e/24252/-parc-imagined-the-future-html/chn8nn/1271520217
Nov 29 @ Stanford: Elaine Treharne on Medieval manuscripts https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/events/calendar
Nov 28 @ Stanford CCRMA: Severine Ballon's works for cello and multichannel electronics https://ccrma.stanford.edu/news-and-events/all-upcoming-events
Nov 28 @ UCSC: British filmmaker Isaac Julien in conversation with Ruby Rich http://ias.ucsc.edu/events
Nov 24-25 @ Davies Hall: Mahler's Symphony 4
Nov 24 @ Davies Hall: Mahler's Fourth
Nov 20 @ Box forum in Redwood City: Stanford psychologist Anthony Wagner on "Neural Time Travel: Projecting to the Past & Future" http://wonderfest.org/neural-time-travel-nov20/
Nov 20 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Hit Parade: Music as Public Knowledge
Nov 18-19 @ Montara-by-the-Sea: Robert and Julie Buelteman's open studio http://www.buelteman.com
Nov 17 @ Manylabs: "Science Illustration Is..." Art Show Closing Reception https://www.meetup.com/preview/manylabs-SF/events/244092325
Nov 16-18 @ Davies Hall: Beethoven's Violin Concerto
Nov 16-17 @ Joe Goode Annex: Anna He, Clover Mathis, David Chase, Daiane Lopes da Silva, Gama Hsü, Hien Huynh, Jocelyn Reyes, Juliet Paramor, Matt Hoe, Raymond Larrett, Tanja London, Travis Bennett and Weidong Yang (limited seating - 40 per night) http://www.kine-tech.org/
Nov 14 @ Stanford: technology journalist John Markoff, applied engineer and defense researcher Arati Prabhakar, and philosopher-ethicist and Buddhist monk Tenzin Priyadarshi on Artificial Intelligence http://events.stanford.edu/events/722/72233/
Nov 14 @ UC Santa Cruz: Yolande Harris ("Listening to the Ocean in the Desert"), Barry Sinervo ("Rock-paper-scissors in Biological, Social and Virtual Worlds"), Miriam Greenberg ("No Place Like Home") https://news.ucsc.edu/2017/11/arts-laser-talk.html
Nov 14 @ PianoFight: Eureka Comedy and neuroscientist Indre Viskontas
November 14 - USF: Stephanie Brown (Univ of San Francisco), Damian Madray (The Glint), Jeff Johnson (USF/ Computer Science), Peter Maravelis (City Lights) www.lasertalks.com
Nov 13 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Re-Assemblage (Theory, Practice, Form)
Nov 13 @ Mills College: Live electronics trio Ctrl-Z
Nov 13 @ Mills College: Live electronics trio Ctrl-Z
Nov 12 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Hayoun Kwon’s Virtual Reality Projects https://bampfa.org/event/hayoun-kwon%e2%80%99s-virtual-reality-projects
Nov 11 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: Terry Berlier www.terryberlier.com
Nov 11 @ Stanford: Ani Choying Drolma: Buddhist Chants and Songs https://events.stanford.edu/events/714/71461/
Nov 11 @ Throckmorton Theatre: anniversary fundraiser for progressive political group MVCAN, an evening of music, art and storytelling with Matt Jaffe, Reed Fromer, the Shady Ladies, RoCo Dance, Angelique Benicio, etc https://mvcan.eventbrite.com/
Nov 10 @ Stanford: Daihannya Tendoku-e performed by Karyobinga Shomyo Kenkyukai https://events.stanford.edu/events/714/71449/
Nov 10 - Dec 16 @ Luggage Store Gallery: Illegal, an exhibition about artists who have had to skirt or break the law to make their work, including Ant Farm, Cheryl Dunn, Negativland, Mark Pauline, Ken Goldberg, Eric Paulos, Trevor Paglen, Kal Spelletich www.luggagestoregallery.org
Nov 9 @ Center for New Music: Terry Berlier www.terryberlier.com
Nov 9 @ San Jose State Univ: art/science evening with Raphael Arar (IBM), Caroline Sinders (Buzzfeed), Philip Heller (SJSU), Thomas Madura (SJSU) https://events.sjsu.edu
Nov 9 @ Stanford CCRMA: Chartreuse (violinist Myra Hinrichs, violist Carrie Frey, and cellist Helen Newby) https://ccrma.stanford.edu/news-and-events/all-upcoming-events
Nov 9 @ Montalvo: Sarah Scoles + Jill Tarter in conversation with Katherine Maxfield
Nov 8 @ CIIS: A Poetic Response to the US Government with Layli Long Soldier http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Nov 8 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Community Curating and the Maker Movement
Nov 6 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Michael Rock Designer http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Nov 6 @ Kresge College: Helena Norberg-Hodge on Economics of Happiness https://events.ucsc.edu/event/4574
Nov 5 @ Davies Hall: Harrison's Concerto for Pipa & Brahms' Symphony 4 with China's orchestra
Nov 2-5 @ DAvies Hall: Bernstein's The Age of Anxiety Symphony No. 2
Nov 4 - Dec 2 @ Root Division: "Love & Longing " exhibition" https://www.rootdivision.org/exhibition-rd-gallery/love-longing
Nov 4 @ Los Altos Eagle Theater: Indian concert (veena, violin, mridangam) www.southindianfinearts.org
Nov 3-4 @ CIIS: Foundations of Mind 5 - The new AI scare http://foundationsofmind.org
Nov 2 @ CIIS: Artificial Intelligence and Karma with Nikki Mirghafori and Steve Omohundro http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Nov 2 @ Stanford CCRMA: Jenny Chai https://ccrma.stanford.edu/news-and-events/all-upcoming-events
Nov 1 @ UCSC Silicon Valley Campus Extension: Carrie Partch on "Circadian Rhythms" https://events.ucsc.edu/event/4563?&csid=972642
Nov 1 @ Stanford: "Human AI Collaboration" with Peter Norvig and others http://mediax.stanford.edu/events/human-ai-collaboration-a-dynamic-frontier
Nov 1 @ Stanford: Franklin Foer on "What Did Silicon Valley Do to Democracy and the Media? A Conversation with Franklin Foer and Nate Persily " http://events.stanford.edu/events/706/70619/
Till Feb 24 @ California College of the Arts: "Mechanisms", including work by Zarouhie Abdalian, Terry Atkinson, Lutz Bacher, Eva Barto, Neil Beloufa, Patricia L Boyd, Jay DeFeo, Trisha Donnelly, Harun Farocki, Richard Hamilton, Aaron Flint Jamison, Jacob Kassay, Garry Neill Kennedy, Louise Lawler, Park McArthur, Jean-Luc Moulene, Charlotte Posenenske, Cameron Rowland, Danh Vo, etc
Oct 31 @ Davies Hall: Schubert's Symphony in C Major & Mozart's Symphony 36
Oct 30 @ Stanford: The Death of Jesus: Comparing Christian, Jewish& Muslim Accounts http://events.stanford.edu/events/710/71019
Oct 30 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Emotions in Art: From the Pixar Film to the Empathetic Museum
Oct 29 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak's Piano Quartet, Crumb's Black Angels, etc
Oct 29 @ Mission Bay Conference Center: UCSF University Day Science Exp0
Oct 28 @ Castro Theater: Adam Savage's Tested team (Simone Giertz, James Beard, Adam Savage) present "Deconstructed", an evening of demostrations
Till Oct 28 @ K Imperial Fine Art: Peter Foucault's solo show
Oct 26-28 @ Davies Hall: Sibelius
Oct 26 - Nov 11 @ Various: Bay Area Science Festival
Oct 26 @ CIIS: Arjun Verma and Indranil Mallick in concert http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Oct 25-29 @ UCSC: Pacific Rim Music Festival 2017 https://pacificrim.ucsc.edu/
Oct 24 @ Bookshop West Portal: John Bargh on "The Unconscious Mind"
Oct 23 @ UCSC: Richard Harris on "Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions " https://events.ucsc.edu/event/4529
Oct 23 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Paolo Cirio Artist http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Oct 23 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Socially-engaged Internet-art. Aesthetics of Information Ethics.
Oct 21 @ Bolinas Community Center: "Between the Tides: Living Shorelines in a Time of Climate Change" with with Kathryn Boyer (SFSU), Maria Brown, Robin Grossinger, and Terry Sawyer moderated by Alison Sant
Oct 20-22 @ San Rafael: Bioneers conference http://www.bioneers.org/
Oct 20 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak's Cello Concerto
Oct 20 @ Stanford: The Pill: Chemistry, Art & Art History and the Legacy of Carl Djerassi http://events.stanford.edu/events/706/70623/
Oct 20-22 @ ?: Zakir Hussain's Crosscurrents sfjazz.org
Oct 19 @ Stanford: Symposium of the Stanford Neurosciences Institute http://events.stanford.edu/events/668/66841/
Oct 19-21 @ Nevada Museum of Art: Art + Environment Conference http://www.nevadaart.org/conference2017/
Oct 19 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak's Cello Concerto
Oct 19 @ Xerox PARC: Panel on robots with Leila Takayama, Susan Herring, Dallas Goecker and Victoria Bellotti http://pardot.parc.com/e/24252/-to-help-us-work-remotely-html/cgrkh8/1259043289
Oct 19 @ Stanford: Conversations on Compassion with Byron Katie http://events.stanford.edu/events/706/70641
Oct 18 @ Stanford: Sandor Marai's novel "Embers" https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/events/calendar
Oct 18 - Jan 14 @ Oakland Museum: "Metamorphosis & Migration: Days of the Dead" with Peter Foucault's memorial altar
Oct 17 @ Stanford: Jane Shaw, Denise Gigante, Shane Denson, Aleta Hayes, Russ Altman and Hank Greely to discuss Frankenstein http://events.stanford.edu/events/686/68679
Oct 13-15 @ Davies Hall: Dvorak, Smetana, and Janacek
Oct 12 - Feb 24 @ California College of the Arts: "Mechanisms", including work by Zarouhie Abdalian, Terry Atkinson, Lutz Bacher, Eva Barto, Neil Beloufa, Patricia L Boyd, Jay DeFeo, Trisha Donnelly, Harun Farocki, Richard Hamilton, Aaron Flint Jamison, Jacob Kassay, Garry Neill Kennedy, Louise Lawler, Park McArthur, Jean-Luc Moulene, Charlotte Posenenske, Cameron Rowland, Danh Vo, etc
Oct 12-14 @ UC Davis: Imagining America conference
Oct 11-15 @ Gray Area: Recombinant Festival, a five day showcase 360-degree surround cinema http://grayarea.org/
Oct 11 @ Internet Archive: 20th Century Time Machine party https://internetarchive20ctimemachine.eventbrite.com
Oct 11 @ Stanford: Dvorak's American Quartet http://events.stanford.edu/events/692/69201/
Oct 10 @ Stanford: Income and Wealth Inequality https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/events/calendar
Oct 7 - Nov 17 @ Manylabs: art show featuring four Bay Area science artists Manylabs Gallery's first art show, on display through November 17, featuring four Bay Area science artists (Laura Macias, Emily Hess, Fiorella Ikeue, Julie Ho)
Oct 7 @ Soma Grand: Gary Boodhoo's interactive video installation that uses artificial intelligence
Oct 7 @ Bolinas: site-specific performance by Constance Hockaday and Sky Road Webb in conjunction with the exhibition Hughen/Starkweather: Where Water Meets Land.
Oct 7 @ Stanford: Perla Batalla's Tribute to Leonard Cohen http://live.stanford.edu/calendar/october-2017/perla-batalla-tribute-leonard-cohen
Oct 6-8 @ Davies Hall: Shostakovich's Tenth Symphony, Penderecki's Threnody, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto
October 5 - Stanford: Maya Ackerman (Santa Clara Univ/ Computational Creativity), Carrie Hott (Artist), Mikey Siegel (Consciousness Technologist), Michael Snyder (Stanford/ Genomics) www.lasertalks.com
Oct 5 @ CIIS: Roopa Vasudevan on "Technology as Anthropology " http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Oct 5 @ Stanford: Karen Joy Fowler on Technology & Human Values http://events.stanford.edu/events/708/70845
October 4 - UC Berkeley: Paul Dresher (Composer), Micheline Marcom (Novelist), Rosanna Guadagno (Stanford Peace Innovation Lab) www.lasertalks.com
Oct 4 @ Stanford: Steven Cook on Whatever Happened to Arab Spring? http://events.stanford.edu/events/715/71511/
Oct 4-5 @ Stanford: Annual CCRMA Transitions concerts https://ccrma.stanford.edu/events/transitions-2017-read-more-rsvp-details
Oct 4 @ Stanford: Hank Greely on Playing with Life http://med.stanford.edu/medicineandthemuse/events/FrankensteinAt200/frankenstein-200-stanford-events.html
Oct 3 @ UCSC: Cuban artist Tania Bruguera in conversation with Jennifer Gonzalez http://ias.ucsc.edu/events
Till Oct 28 @ Jessica Silverman Gallery: Judy Chicago retrospective
Till Oct 1 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Tibetan Buddhist Realms http://bampfa.org/program/buddhist-realms
Sep 30 @ Adobe Books: Computer Music with Sean Hamilton, John Bischoff, Mika Pontecorvo & Mark Pino http://www.bayimproviser.com/EventView.aspx?e=15105
Sep 30 @ Cupertino Memorial Park: Diwali celebrations
Sep 30 @ Minnesota Street Project: Amanda Hughen and Starkweather's gallery talk and closing reception http://minnesotastreetproject.com/exhibitions/1275-minnesota-st/hughenstarkweather-adapt-retreat-defend-abandon
Sep 30 @ Center for New Music: 5th anniversary party http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/c4nm-member-party-5-years-c4newmusic/?mc_cid=1ee4af270c&mc_eid=1e6524ee37
Sep 29 - Oct 8 @ SF Community Music Center: West Wave Festival
Sep 29 - Oct 1 @ New Peopla Cinema: Hong Kong Cinema
Sep 29 @ Folsom Street Foundry: Speechless Live & Eureka! comedy shows
Sep 28 @ Davies Hall: Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique
Sep 28 @ SJSU Campus Village in building CV2 room 0154A: Elia Vargas (UCSC) "Lubricated Substrates: Earth Infrastructure, Light and the Oil Ontology"; Gabriel Dunne (Media Artist) http://www.gabrieldunne.com/; Neil Switz (SJSU) "Visualizing disease: mobile microscopy for medical diagnostics"; Betsy Skovran (SJSU) "Engineering bacteria to 'mine' rare earth metals." https://www.facebook.com/lasertalks
Sep 27 @ Brava Theater: Zoe Quinn on "Life after Gamergate"
Sep 26 @ Xerox PARC: Alissa Johnson on "What is the Future of Cybersecurity?"
Sep 25 @ Center for New Music: Boston based ensemble Ehnahre www.centerfornewmusic.com
Sep 24 @ DeAnza College: Indian concert (bansuri, veen, percussionists)
Sep 24 @ War Memorial Veterans Building: Free music day with 35 groups intermusicsf.org
Sep 23-24 @ Lake Merritt: Dragon Boat Festival
Sep 23 @ Mount Tamalpais: NASA's Natalie Batalha on a tribute to Kepler http://wonderfest.org/life-in-the-goldilocks-zone-sep23/
Sep 22 - Oct 7 @ Various: Smuin's ballets
Sep 22 - 24 @ Mills College: Center for Contemporary Music 51st anniversary - concerts and symposium http://musicnow.mills.edu
Sep 22-23: Recology artist in residence exhibition with Cathy Lu, Erik Scollon and Curtis Reid Henderson https://www.recology.com/recology-san-francisco/artist-in-residence-program/
Sep 22 @ Mills College: Music by Cheryl Leonard, Amy X Neuburg, Larry Polansky etc http://musicnow.mills.edu/
Till Sep 27 @ The Curran: Taylor Mac's 24-decade history of popular music
Till Sep 23 @ Exit Theater: Fringe Festival
Sep 20 @ Center for New Music: Raga Jazz Messengers www.centerfornewmusic.com
Sep 18 @ Montalvo: Mallika Sarabhai performing the "Ramayana" http://montalvoarts.org/calendar/evite/
Sep 15 @ CIIS: A Conversation with Pussy Riot Founder Nadya Tolokno http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Sep 15 @ Center for New Music: minimalist music by Timothy Johnson www.centerfornewmusic.com
Sep 14 @ CIIS: Life in Code with Ellen Ullman and Carolyn Cooke http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Sep 14 @ Aduro Biotech: Pascal Lee, Senior Planetary Scientist at the SETI Institute, co-founder of the Mars Institute and Director of the NASA Haughton-Mars Project http://wonderfest.org/n-1-alone-in-the-milky-way-sep14/
Sep 12 @ USF: Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab), Liat Berdugo (Media Artist), Hsiao-Yun Chu (SFSU) www.lasertalks.com
Sep 10 @ Peninsula Museum of Art: Trudy Reagan's talk
Sep 10 @ Center for New Music: Shoko Hikage, new music for koto www.centerfornewmusic.com
Sep 9-10 @ Noisebridge: Tenth anniversary celebration of the oldest hackerspace https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Noisebridge_10_Year_Anniversary_Exhibition_and_Ball
Sep 6-30 @ Minnesota Street Project: Amanda Hughen & Starkweather sfelectricworks.com
Sep 7-9 @ Counterpulse: Kinetech's MESH http://counterpulse.org/event/combustible-residency-2017/
Sep 7 @ CIIS: Robert Wright on "Why Buddhism is True" http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
Sep 5 @ PianoFight: Eureka Science Comedy with astrobiologist David Grinspoon
Sep 1 @ Nourse Theater: Salman Rushdie cityarts.net
Till Aug 26 @ San Gregorio General Store: Insurgent Art www.insurgentart.com
Aug 25 @ Montalvo: Sound-Making with artists Taraneh Hemami, Hugh Livingston, and poet Monica de la Torre and composer Hans Tammen http://montalvoarts.org/calendar/evite/
Aug 23 @ Keplers: venture capitalist Scott Hartley on the liberal arts for the future of innovation http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/outreach/2477398
Aug 17 @ HanaHaus: Sam Sternberg on "Rewriting the Code of Life with CRISPR" http://www.cafescipa.org
Aug 12 @ Googleplex: Wonderfest's 20th Anniversary Dinner with anthropologist Eugenie Scott, chemist Richard Zare, and astronomer Alex Filippenko http://wonderfest.org
Aug 11 - 13 @ Pacific Art League: Mobile Digital Art & Creativity Summit http://www.mdacsummit.org/
Aug 10 @ Santa Clara Convention Center Theater: Richard Dawkins http://wonderfest.org/richard-dawkins-aug10/
Aug 10 @ Proarts: Music and Ecology https://proartsgallery.org/event/hybrid-series-0810/
August 10 @ Stanford: Luciano Chessa (Neofuturist Composer), Neeraj Sonalkar (Stanford/ Design), Alex Reben (Stochastic Lab), Jan Rindfleisch (Art Historian) www.lasertalks.com
August 9 @ UC Berkeley: Erling Wold (Composer), Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive), Andrew Blanton (San Jose State Univ) www.lasertalks.com
Aug 8 @ PianoFight: Eureka with David Ewing Duncan https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eureka-tickets-36470553407
Aug 3 @ Xerox PARC: Piero Scaruffi on "Intelligence is not Artificial" http://www.parc.com/events/calendar.html
Jul 30 @ Center for New Music: The Long Tone Choir http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/hush-series-summer-1-insects/
Jul 28-30 @ 2017 Spark Arts: Wolfram Alderson's Love Icon Show
Jul 25 @ Grace Cathedral: Melissa Day 's and Michael Namkung's Wall of Song https://www.gracecathedral.org/plan-your-visit/
Jul 24 @ Manylabs: Sound & Science with Cere Davis, Karla Hargrave and Bryan Day https://www.manylabs.org/
Jul 20 @ Stanford Art Gallery: opening of Gail Wight's solo exhibition http://events.stanford.edu/events/635/63515/
Jul 20 @ Swissnex: Tito Jankowski, Purin Phanichphant, Rahel Meier, etc http://www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org/event/scicomm-studio-004-changing-climate-changing-minds/
Jul 25 @ PianoFight: Eureka & transhumanist Zoltan Istvan on the future of technology https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eureka-tickets-35947613279
Jul 21 @ Center for New Music: Dennis Aman with Gordon Kirkwood http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/microfest-north-parsing-the-octave-contemporary-compositions-in-small-edos/
Jul 21 @ Montalvo: Now hear this exhibition http://montalvoarts.org/exhibitions/now_hear_this/
Jul 20 @ Hanahaus: Brett Shapiro on Gravitational Waves https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cafe-scientifique-hanahaus-gravitational-waves-from-astronomical-objects-theory-to-observation-tickets-34810509170
Jul 16 @ Djerassi: Open house & Scientific Delirium Madness http://www.djerassi.org/openhouse.html
Jul 15 @ Stanford: Music and Brain symposium http://events.stanford.edu/events/701/70187/
Jul 12 @ 1015 Folsom St: RAW San Francisco Art Showcase https://www.rawartists.org
Jul 12 @ Manylabs: Internet of Living Things with Impossible Labs, Urban AgTech, Common Garden, and Hamama https://www.manylabs.org/
Jul 12 - Sep 2 @ Berggruen Gallery: Botanica http://www.berggruen.com
July 11 @ USF: Melissa Merencillo (Virtual Reality Designer), Pantea Karimi (Media Artist from Iran), Gary Boodhoo (Videogame designer), Jan Rindfleisch (Art Historian) www.lasertalks.com
Jl 11 @ PianoFight: Eureka & Richard Socher, Chief Scientist at Salesforce, on the future of Artificial Intelligence https://www.eventbrite.com/e/eureka-tickets-35850705425
July 8-9 @ War Memorial Opera House: Ethnic Dance Festival worldartswest.org/main/edf_index.asp
July 8 @ Center for New Music: memorial event for guitarist Bill Horvitz (July
Jul 1 @ Marin's Mountain Theater: Alan Agrawal's "Galileo's Telescopes and Observations"
Till July 1 @ Hosfelt Gallery: "Garage Inventors" show at Hosfelt Gallery with Charles Lindsay, Gail Wight, Rachel Sussman, Alan Rath, Jim Campbell http://www.hosfeltgallery.com
Till Aug 27 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Ugo Rondinone http://my.berkeley.edu/site/R?i=nrzTnCseXl--GOME8dfHSQ
Till Aug 12 @ Berkeley Art Museum: JeanPierre Melville's films http://my.berkeley.edu/site/R?i=FkIgHpDzaLO7NaKL6Y2N9Q
Till Oct 1 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Tibetan Buddhist Realms http://bampfa.org/program/buddhist-realms
Jun 30 @ Palace of Fine Arts: Codame's 3d Web Fest https://www.facebook.com/events/680687788775978/
Jun 28 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Ugo Rondinone http://my.berkeley.edu/site/R?i=-2Wf0vRp9aJAqkcaSUVdFw
Jun 28 - September 10 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Five Hundred Years of Indian Painting
Jun 27 @ SAFEhouse Arts: artists Kasia Kra, Alessio Silvestrin, Alan Lucien Oyen, Andrew Wale http://www.kine-tech.org/new-events/2017/6/27/kinetech-arts-featured-artist-presentation-alessio-silvestrin-kasia-kra
Jun 22 - Aug 20 @ PACE Palo Alto 229 Hamilton Avenue: Chinese contemporary art (Song Dong, Liu Jianhua, Xie Molin, Wang Guangle, Hong Hao and Yin Xiuzhen)
Jun 22 @ Manylabs: Eureka! Science Comedy with Astrophysicist Jessie Christiansen
Jun 21 @ Swissnex: Demos and workshops from the swissnex Living Lab residents Vitra, View Glass, Ruckstuhl, Nestle, Logitech and Ideapaint http://www.swissnexsanfrancisco.org/event/open-studio-a-living-lab-for-collaboration/
Jun 20 @ CIIS: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances/public-programs-event-calendar/tech-and-consciousness-series-fa16
Jun 17 @ Oakland: Opening of the Museum of Capitalism http://www.museumofcapitalism.org/
Jun 17 @ Royal NoneSuch Gallery: Ivy Haldeman
Jun 17 @ Zellerbach Hall: Vijay Iyer + Zakir Hussain http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Jun 16 @ Zellerbach Playhouse: George Lewis' Afterword http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Jun 15 & 17 @ Zellerbach Hall: Vijay Iyer http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
June 15 - Stanford: Fred Turner (Stanford/ Communication), Fyodor Urnov (UC Berkeley/ Genomics), Elizabeth Jameson (Neuro-artist), Adrien Segal (Media Artist) www.lasertalks.com
June 14 - UC Berkeley: Susan Moffat (Berkeley's Global Urban Humanities Initiative), Evie Leder (Video Artist), Carmen Aguilar y Wedge (Hyphen Labs), Karl Schaffer (Choreographer) www.lasertalks.com
Jun 14 @ The Marsh: Lynne Kaufman's play TWO MINDS (free!) https://themarsh.org
June 11-12 @ Various Berkeley locations : World Music Festival https://www.berkeleyworldmusic.org/
June 11 @ Hotel Shattuck Plaza: SkeptiCal 2017, the NorCal Science & Skepticism Conference http://www.skepticalcon.com/
Jun 9 @ Berkeley Art Museum: An evening of auditory astronomy with Chris Chafe and Greg Niemeyer's A Day in the Sun and Chris Duncan's 12 Symbols http://my.berkeley.edu/site/R?i=LrfxdWOrbkYqHF1c1YAfgQ
Jun 8 @ Computer History Museum: Engineering Emotional Intelligence with Affectiva CEO Rana el Kaliouby http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/
Jun 6 @ CIIS: Internet and Impermanence with Join Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances/public-programs-event-calendar/tech-and-consciousness-series-fa16
Jun 6 @ Stanford: Soraya Murray on "On the Visual Politics of Video Games" http://mediax.stanford.edu/events/on-the-visual-politics-of-video-games
June 3 - San Jose: First San Jose LASER with Michael Kaufman, Physicist; Maya Ackerman, Computer Scientist, Opera Singer; Rhonda Holberton, Artist: Andrew Blanton, Artist and Percussionist. https://www.facebook.com/events/470525176621145/
June 3 at 7:30 pm @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall: SLOrk: Stanford Laptop Orchestra
Jun 2-3 @ San Jose's SoFA District: SubZERO festival https://www.subzerofestival.com/
Jun 1-3 @ Palo Alto: New media festival cityofpaloalto.org/codeart
May 31 @ Davies Hall: Vivaldi's Four Seasons
May 26 at 7:30 pm @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall Studio: CCRMA Spring Concert
May 25-Jun 4 @ Fort Mason: International Arts Festival http://www.sfiaf.org/
May 25-27 @ Davies Hall: Tchaikovsky's Symphony 5
May 25 @ Stanford: Andrew Solomon / Far and Away: How Travel Can Change the World https://ethicsinsociety.stanford.edu/events/andrew-solomon-far-and-away-how-travel-can-change-world
May 24 - Jun 24: Angela Melitopoulos and Angela Anderson's Unearthing Disaster I & II http://minnesotastreetproject.com/visit
May 23 @ Stanford: Symposium on Alternate Reality Games with Greg Niemeyer https://www.eventbrite.com/e/from-alternate-realities-to-alternative-facts-a-symposium-on-alternate-augmented-reality-games-tickets-33466083958
May 21 @ San Francisco: Bay to Breakers http://baytobreakers.com/
Till May 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: "Hippie Modernism" exhibition http://bampfa.org/program/hippie-modernism-struggle-utopia
May 21 @ Tateuchi Hall: Stimmung by Karlheinz Stockhausen http://stimmung.brownpapertickets.com/
May 20 @ Palo Alto: closing party of Trudy Reagan's 50 year retrospective
May 20 @ Mission Dolores: Other Minds festival, performance of Lou Harrison's La Koro Sutro for 100 musicians otherminds.org
May 19-20 @ Recology 401 Tunnel Ave: Carrie Hott, Cybele Lyle and Nathan Byrne
May 19 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Louis Antony https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
May 19 - 21 @ San Mateo County Event Center: Maker Faire http://makerfaire.com/bay-area/
May 19 @ Computer History Museum: Big Data Gets Political with Stanford University's Michal Kosinski http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/
May 18 May 20 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Analog Light Show festival http://bampfa.org/event/analog-light-show-festival
May 18 at 5-7pm @ HanaHaus (456 University Avenue, Palo Alto): Ripudaman Malhotra of SRI discussing how we replace cubic miles of oil to provide energy for the 21st century http://www.cafescipa.org
May 17 @ City Arts & Lectures: Siddhartha Mukherjee http://www.cityarts.net/event/siddhartha-mukherjee/
May 17 @ Courthouse Plaza, Redwood City: International Startup Fair https://www.eventbrite.com/e/international-startup-fair-2017-tickets-31369148969
May 14 @ Exploratorium: Free Day
Till May 14 @ Pacific Film Archives: the films of Jean-Marie Straub and DaniŠle Huillet http://bampfa.org/program/not-reconciled-cinema-straub-huillet
May 13-14 @ 872 Brookline Drive, Sunnyvale: Silicon Vallery Open Studios
May 13 @ St Elizabeth Catholic Church: Stimmung by Karlheinz Stockhausen http://stimmung.brownpapertickets.com/
May 12-13 @ UC Santa Cruz: Extraction Conference - A Two Day Conference on Decolonial Visual Cultures in the Age of the Capitalocene https://extraction.sites.ucsc.edu/conference/
Till May 12 @ Institute for the Future: Past Futures of Howard Rheingold: A Retrospective of Art and Ideas http://www.iftf.org/future-now/article-detail/join-us-counterfactual-cuisine-a-night-with-the-center-for-genomic-gastronomy-copy-1/
May 11 @ Stanford: Max Baucus, former US Ambassador to China http://events.stanford.edu/events/682/68249/
May 11 @ CIIS : Jorge Ferrer on participatory spirituality http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
May 11 @ Contemporary Jewish Museum: In A Different Light exhibition revisited 20 years later
May 10 @ CIIS : David George Haskell's lecture on "The Songs of Trees" http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances
May 10-12 @ Zellerbach Hall: Scottish Ballet http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
May 10 @ Berkeley Art Museum: 100th anniversary of the birth of composer Lou Harrison http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
May 9 @ USF: Enar de Dios Rodriguez et al on " Photography at the Speed of Light", Brewster Kahle (Founder and director of the Internet Archive), Mark Nelson (Co-director, Stanford Peace Innovation Initiative), Purin Phanichphant (Interaction Designer) www.lasertalks.org
May 8 at 7:30 pm @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall Studio: Stanford Percussion Ensemble http://event.stanford.edu/events/618/61881/
May 6-7 @ Gallery House, 320 S California Ave. Palo Alto: Sydell Lewis' pigment prints
Till May 6 @ UC Santa Cruz: Crochet Coral Reef by Margaret Wertheim and Christine Wertheim http://ias.ucsc.edu/content/2017/crochet-coral-reef-co2ca-co2la-mary-porter-sesnon-art-gallery
May 5 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Zoe Drayson https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
May 4-7 @ Gray Area: Festival of Art + Technology http://grayareafestival.io/
May 4-6 @ Davies Hall: Berlioz's Requiem https://www.sfsymphony.org/Buy-Tickets/2016-2017/Berlioz-Requiem.aspx
May 4 @ Computer History Museum: Openwater CEO Mary Lou Jepsen, who has led Facebook's virtual reality efforts, advised Google's Sergey Brin and invented $100 laptops http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/
May 4 at 4:15 pm @ Stanford Building 200, Room 307 Marie Hicks (history of technology at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois) on Gender, Technocracy, and Economic Decline: The Failure of Computing in Britain http://event.stanford.edu/events/670/67019/
May 3 @ Center for New Music: Morton Feldman's monumental Triadic Memories (1981), the composer's longest work for solo piano http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/
Till May 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: "Hippie Modernism" exhibition http://bampfa.org/program/hippie-modernism-struggle-utopia
Till May 7 @ PACE Gallery (229 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto): David Hockney
May 7 @ Asian Art Museum: Music for the Afterlife utilizing replicas of Han dynasty Bianzhong bronze bells http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/c4nm-asian-art-museum-music-for-the-afterlife/
Apr 30 @ Greek Theatre: Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Apr 30 @ Chabot College: The Ukulele Festival http://www.ukulelefestivalnorcal.org/
Apr 29 @ UC Berkeley's Li Ka Shing Center: California Cognitive Science Conference https://cssa.berkeley.edu/ccsc17.html
Till Apr 29 @ Center for New Music: Sasha Leitman's "Pacific Resonance" http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/
Apr 29 @ Stanford: Herant Katchadourian on the cardinal sins: pride, envy, anger, sloth, avarice, gluttony, and lust https://continuingstudies.stanford.edu/events/detail/20163_EVT-503
Apr 28 @ Stanford: Stanford New Ensemble https://music.stanford.edu/events/stanford-new-ensemble-strange-attractors
Apr 28 @ Noh Space: Climate Music Project & Kinetech Arts theclimatemusicproject.org
Apr 28-30 @ Zellerbach Hall: Rameau's The Temple of Glory performed by Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Chorale http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Apr 28 - 30 @ Fort Mason: Art Market http://artmarketsf.com/
Apr 28 - 30 @ Point Reyes: Birding & Nature Festival - 50 field events http://www.pointreyesbirdingfestival.org/
Apr 26 and 27 @ San Jose Convention Center: Finovate
April 25 - 30 @ DeYoung Museum: Bouquets to Art - floral art https://deyoung.famsf.org/bouquets/events
Apr 25 @ Stanford: Michael Mahoney, CEO of Boston Scientific biodesign.stanford.edu
Apr 23 @ Santana Row, San Jose: Dance Festival - dozens of groups dance for five minutes outdoors
Apr 22 @ Stinson Beach: Earth Day Celebration at the beach - cleaning up the beach and creating sculptures from sand musicians and dancers perform Earth Day Celebration http://www.earthdaystinsonbeach.org/
Apr 22 @ First Congregational Church: Cappella SF http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Apr 21 - 23 @ Alameda County Fairgrounds: Robogames http://robogames.net/index.php
Apr 21 - 23 @ San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, Stockton: Asparagus Festival http://sanjoaquinasparagusfestival.net/
Apr 21 - 30 @ Bay Area: Dance Week - 700 performances, classes, and workshops http://bayareadance.org/
Apr 20-21 @ Pleasanton: Robogames https://svrobo.org/
Apr 19 - 20 @ SF: Internet of Things Summit https://theinnovationenterprise.com/summits/internet-of-things-summit-san-francisco-2017
Apr 19 @ Stanford: The Origins of Silicon Valley http://event.stanford.edu/events/646/64685/
Apr 19 @ Venue 550: Spaceship Earth Day - A Buckminster Fuller Institute Fundraiser http://bit.ly/SpaceshipEarthDay17
Apr 19 @ Computer History Museum: Three Generations of Drapers in Silicon Valley http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/
Apr 18 @ Stanford: Nonhuman rights https://ethicsinsociety.stanford.edu/events/steven-wise-philosophy-talk-nonhuman-rights
Apr 16 @ Asian Art Museum: Music for the Afterlife utilizing replicas of Han dynasty Bianzhong bronze bells http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/c4nm-asian-art-museum-music-for-the-afterlife/
Apr 15 @ New People Cinema: Kenji Misumi's film Zatoichi - The Blind Swordsman, original classic samurai epic http://www.jffsf.org/cbff2017/the-tale-of-zatoichi/
Apr 15 - 16 and 22 - 23 @ USA: Free national parks https://www.nps.gov/planyourvisit/fee-free-parks.htm
Apr 15 @ Mills College: Littlefield Concert Hall: Lou Harrison Centenary Concert https://www.boxofficetickets.com/bot/wa/event?id=318223
Apr 14 @ UCSC Music Center: Hesterian Musicism concert, an interdisciplinary "3-dimensional ritual story" that unfolds as electroacoustic music, dance, visual art, digital art, and spoken-word narrative
Apr 14 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Jessica Moss https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Apr 14 @ Stanford Memorial Church: Haydn's Seven Last Words http://event.stanford.edu/events/604/60433/
Apr 13-16 @ ODC: Aaron Gervais' dance and music show Prescription Drug Nation https://aarongervais.com/prescription-drug-nation/
April 13 @ UC Berkeley: Ron Rael (UC Berkeley/ Architecture), John Cumbers (Synbiobeta), Kim Anno (California College of the Arts), Pantea Karimi (Media Artist) www.lasertalks.org
Apr 13 @ Stanford CEMEX: Njideka Akunyili Crosby in conversation with Jodi Roberts and Catherine Hale http://events.stanford.edu/events/641/64141/
Apr 12 @ Stanford Lathrop Library: Kai-Uwe Bergmann from BIG on "Radical Architecture"
Apr 12 @ San Jose: Robot Block Party https://svrobo.org/
Apr 12 @ Institute for the Future: The Past Futures of Howard Rheingold - A Retrospective of Art and Ideas http://www.iftf.org/future-now/article-detail/join-us-counterfactual-cuisine-a-night-with-the-center-for-genomic-gastronomy-copy-1/
Apr 12 @ Stanford: Goran Konjevod (Origami Artist), Megan Joan Palmer (Stanford/ Biosecurity), Eva Silverstein (Stanford/ Cosmology), Marjorie Schwarzer (University of San Francisco) www.lasertalks.org
Apr 11 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Iceland's female music collective Nordic Affect http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Apr 8-9 @ Hertz Hall: Takocs Quartet performing Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Apr 8-9 and Apr 15-16 @ Japantown: Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival http://sfcherryblossom.org/
Apr 8 @ The Crucible: Fire and Light Soiree http://thecrucible.org/event/2017-fire-and-light-soiree-and-art-auction/
Apr 8 @ Sonoma: Rachna Nivas' kathak dance drama "Son of the Wind" http://www.leela.dance/
April 7-9 @ The Lab: Split Brain Robotics by Kal Spelletich (artist, robot maker), Masahiro Kahata (brainwave control hardware/software), and Mitch Altman (integration hardware and software) http://www.thelab.org/projects/2017/4/6/kal-spelletich-split-brain-robotics
April 7-8 @ San Jose Hammer Theater: the fourth LAST festival with 20+ speakers and 16 high-tech art installations and several performances
Apr 7 @ SFSU's McKenna Theatre: The Delphi Trio https://morrison.sfsu.edu/events/1090
Apr 7 @ First Congregational Church: The Tallis Scholars http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Apr 6 @ Computer History Museum: Uber's CEO Travis Kalanick
Apr 6 @ SOMARTS Cultural Center: Sasha Petrenko and others - Foreignlanguagemagicwordmothertongue, a poly-lingual exhibition about how language constructs society and the self http://www.somarts.org/magicword
Apr 6 @ Stanford: the Artistic Legacy of Donny Hathaway https://diversityarts.stanford.edu/events/black-pool-genius-celebrating-artistic-legacy-donny-hathaway
Apr 5 - 19 @ San Francisco: International Film Festival http://www.sffs.org/sfiff59
Apr 5 - 9 @ San Mateo Event Center: Flower & Garden - five acres of showcase gardens http://www.sfgardenshow.com/
Apr 4 @ UCSC Music Center Recital Hall: Harry Noller on "The Ribosome: Mother Ship of Life" https://events.ucsc.edu/event/4146
Apr 3 @ UC Berkeley: Tiffany Chung http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Till Apr 28 @ ProArts: Bay Area Situationists https://proartsgallery.org/
Till Apr 2 @ Mills College's Slide Space 123: The Story of Experiments in Art and Technology 1960-2001
Mar 31 @ Cantor Museum: surrealist films
Mar 30 - May 7 @ PACE Gallery (229 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto): David Hockney
Mar 30 @ Clark Kerr Campus, UC Berkeley: Women's Leadership Conference
Mar 30-Apr 2 @ Yerba Buena Center: ODC Dance reprises Paul Dresher's score for Walk Back the Cat
Mar 29-31 @ San Jose Convention Center: Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Expo http://vrexpo.com/
Mar 28 @ Stanford: Pandemics & Global Health Security: A Conversation with David Heymann http://event.stanford.edu/events/674/67457/
Mar 27-29 @ Santa Clara Convention Center: Global IoT Conference
Mar 26 @ Zellerbach Hall: National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Mar 26 @ Center for New Music: A tribute to Tony Conrad
Mar 25-28 @ San Francisco Hyatt Regency: Cognitive Neuroscience Society https://www.cogneurosociety.org/annual-meeting/
Mar 24-25 @ Mountain View: Women in Tech Festival http://siliconvalleyforum.com/event/26811228105
Mar 24-25 @ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts: Rachna Nivas and others performing Indian Kathak dance and American tap dance http://www.leela.dance/
Mar 24 @ First Congregational Church: Choir of King's College http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Mar 24 @ COmputer History Museum: IBM's Grady Booch
Mar 24 @ Stanford Bing Concert Hall: Emerson String Quartet
Mar 20 @ UC Berkeley: Andrew and Deborah Rappaort http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Mar 19 @ Asian Art Museum: Music for the Afterlife utilizing replicas of Han dynasty Bianzhong bronze bells http://centerfornewmusic.com/calendar/c4nm-asian-art-museum-music-for-the-afterlife/
Mar 17 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Sonny Elizondo https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Mar 17 @ Stanford Bing: CCRMA winter concert http://event.stanford.edu/events/647/64763/
Mar 16 @ Modernism 724 Ellis Street: Jonathon Keats - The New Look of Neuroscience https://www.modernisminc.com/exhibitions/Jonathon_KEATS--The_New_Look_of_Neuroscience/
Mar 15 @ San Francisco Art Institute: Fiamma Montezemolo's Adjacent Fields http://www.sfai.edu/events-calendar/detail/fiamma-montezemolo
Mar 14-15 @ Metreon: Experiential Technology Conference http://www.xtechexpo.com/
Mar 14 @ USF: Maria Makela (California College of the Arts), Theresa Wong (Composer), Gregorij Kurillo (Berkeley/ Teleimmersion Lab), Luciano Chessa (Composer) www.lasertalks.com
Mar 12 @ Berkeley Art Museum: Canadian electroacoustic composer Jean-Francois LaPorte http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Mar 9 @ Xerox PARC: Andreas Weigend on "Data for the People: How to Make Our Post-Privacy Economy Work For Yo,"
Mar 7-18 @ War Memorial Opera House: three ballets choreographed by George Balanchine (Stravinsky's Violin Concerto, Prokofiev's Prodigal Son, Tchaikovsky's Diamonds) https://www.sfballet.org/season/repertory/program-04
Mar 6 @ UC Berkeley: Tanya Zimbardo http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Mar 4-5 @ Hertz Hall: Takocs Quartet performing Beethoven: The Complete String Quartets http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Till Mar 4 @ Minnesota Street Project: Bitforms Gallery's Fifteen-Year Anniversary Exhibition http://minnesotastreetproject.com/
Mar 3-4 @ Zellerbach Hall: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Mar 2 @ Computer History Museum: Apple Newton, Go Corp, General Magic, etc http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/#computing-your-pocket
Till Feb 26 @ San Francisco MOMA: Sohei Nishino collaged "Diorama Maps" https://www.sfmoma.org/
Feb 26 @ Zellerbach Hall: Julia Wolfe's Anthracite Fields with Bang on a Can All-Stars http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Till Feb 26 @ Museum of American Heritage: The Evolution of Film http://www.moah.org/
Till Feb 26 @ DeYoung Museum: Frank Stella http://www.famsf.org/
Till Feb 25 @ Minnesota Street Project: Adrian Rosenfeld Gallery opens at Minnesota Street Project with art by Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Cindy Sherman, and Rosemarie Trockel http://minnesotastreetproject.com/
Feb 24 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Susanna Schellenberg https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Feb 24 @ Zellerbach Hall: Nicola Benedetti, Venice Baroque Orchestra performing Vivaldi's The Four Seasons http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Till Feb 19 @ San Jose Museum of Art: Beauty-Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial http://www.sanjosemuseumofart.org/
Feb 19 @ Zellerbach Hall: Maria Schneider Orchestra http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Feb 18 @ Museo Italo Americano: Federico Faggin on "Conscious Robots"
Feb 18 @ Yerba Buena Center: Kinetech Arts' premiere of Brainwash Machine http://www.kine-tech.org/
Feb 18 @ Yerba Buena Center: Can we design Freedom? https://www.ybca.org/whats-on
Feb 17-26 @ War Memorial Opera House: Lowell Liebermann's Frankenstein choreographed by Liam Scarlett https://www.sfballet.org/season/repertory/program-03
Feb 17 @ Presidio Officers' Club: Music by Paul Dresher http://www.presidio.gov/events/presidio-sessions-paul-dresher-ensemble
Feb 16 @ Stanford: Hank Greely / The End of Sex and the Future of Reproduction https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Feb 16 @ Cubberley Community Theatre: Alison Gopnik on "The Parent as Gardener" http://wonderfest.org/the-parent-as-gardener-feb-16/
Feb 15 @ California Institute of Integral Studies: Alfonso Montuori on Creativity http://www.ciis.edu/public-programs-and-performances/public-programs-event-calendar/montuori-alfonso-sp17
Feb 11-12 @ Galvanize San Francisco: DeveloperWeek Hackathon http://www.developerweek.com/hackathon/
Feb 11 @ Berkeley Art Museum: "Counterculture/Cyberculture" panel discussion with Lee Felsenstein, Fred Turner, and Lynn Hershman Leeson, moderated by Greg Niemeyer http://bampfa.org/visit/calendar?date=2017-02
Feb 10 @ Berkeley Art Museum: composer Carl Stone http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Feb 9 @ Stanford: Vanessa Sigurdson (Autodesk Pier 9), Stan Shaff (Composer and Audium founder), Marilia Librandi Rocha (Stanford/ Literature), Susan McConnell (Stanford/Biology) www.lasertalks.com
Feb 8 @ UC Berkeley: Carlo Sequin (UC Berkeley), Andra Keay (Silicon Valley Robotics), Marjorie Schwarzer (University of San Francisco), Carrie Hott (Performance Artist) www.lasertalks.com
Feb 8 - May 21 @ Berkeley Art Museum: "Hippie Modernism" exhibition http://bampfa.org/program/hippie-modernism-struggle-utopia
Feb 6 @ UC Berkeley: Pamela & Richard Kramlich http://atc.berkeley.edu/
Feb 6 @ Stanford: Bohumil Hrabal's "Too Loud a Solitude", a dystopian novella on the indestructibility of the written word https://arts.stanford.edu/event/65557/
Feb 4 @ Stanford Bing: A Celebration of Music from Iran
Feb 4 @ Stanford Bing: Enchanting Melodies of Persia
Feb 4 @ Stanford Bing: Will Clift's large-scale sculptures, Diane Frank's site-specific choreography, and Jarek Kapuscinski's music
Feb 3-4 @ Zellerbach Hall: "Available Light" (John Adams, composer; Lucinda Childs, choreographer; Frank Gehry, stage design) http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Feb 3 @ Stanford Bing: Chinese New Year Concert: Music from Shanghai
Jan 31 @ SAFEhouse Arts/Kinetech Arts (1 Grove St): Alex Benedict and Sasha Petrenko http://www.kine-tech.org/
Jan 28 @ Computer History Museum: "Make Software" exhibition opens http://www.computerhistory.org/exhibits/makesoftware/
Jan 27-28 @ Marin Center Veterans' Memorial Auditorium: violinist Midori and Marin symphony perform Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra and Bates' Devil's Radio http://marinsymphony.org/
Jan 26-27 @ Park Central Hotel: Deep Learning Summit 2017 https://www.re-work.co/events/deep-learning-summit-san-francisco-2017
Jan 25-26 @ Pace Gallery: Tara Donovan opening reception
Jan 24-Feb 4 @ War Memorial Opera House: ballets of Mozart's Haffner Symphony, Rachmaninov's Fragile Vessels, Sufjan Stevens' In the Countenance of Kings https://www.sfballet.org/season/repertory/program-01
Jan 24 @ Palo Alto's Cubberley Theater: geologist Walter Alvarez
Jan 22 @ Mills College's Jeannik Mequet Littlefield Concert Hall: A Pauline Oliveros tribute 4:30pm https://www.mills.edu/calendarexpress/day.php?cid=0&catid=1&d=22&m=1&w=4&wd=0&y=2017&s=
Jan 22 @ Zellerbach Hall: pianist Emanuel Ax http://secure.calperformances.org/single/eventlisting.aspx
Jan 21 @ Mills College: Electronic music by Maggi Payne, Chris Brown, Les Stuck, James Fei, and John Bischoff http://musicnow.mills.edu/
Jan 20-21 @ 401 Tunnel Avenue: Recology artists in residence Ramekon O'Arwisters, Anja Ulfeldt and Jinmei Chi
Jan 20 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Jeremy Heis https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Jan 19 - Feb 25 @ Pacific Film Archives: The Cinema of Nicholas Ray http://bampfa.org/program/dangerous-ground-cinema-nicholas-ray
Jan 19 @ UC Santa Cruz/ Digital Arts Research Center: director of the UC Observatories Claire Max, astronomer Garth Illingworth, artist Russell Crotty, and curator Tony Misch http://arts.ucsc.edu/news_events/laser-leonordo-art-science-evening-rendezvous-january-19
Jan 17 @ Computer History Museum: GitHub's CEO Chris Wanstrath http://www.computerhistory.org/events/upcoming/
Jan 17 @ US Santa Cruz Digital Arts Research Center: Matthew Coolidge (Founder and director of the Center for Land Use Interpretation) http://ias.ucsc.edu/events/2017/extraction-decolonial-visual-cultures-age-capitalocene-january-17-march-14
Jan 14 - Feb 25 @ Minnesota Street Project: Adrian Rosenfeld Gallery opens at Minnesota Street Project with art by Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Cindy Sherman, and Rosemarie Trockel http://minnesotastreetproject.com/
Jan 14 @ Fort Mason: Trevor Paglen's Sight Machine: Artificial Intelligence and Ethics https://fogfair.com/schedule/
Jan 10 - Mar 4 @ Minnesota Street Project: Bitforms Gallery's Fifteen-Year Anniversary Exhibition http://minnesotastreetproject.com/
Jan 13-14 @ Yerba Buena: Dance Brigade's 40th anniversary http://www.dancebrigade.org/
Jan 13 @ Stanford: Philosophy colloquium with Jeremy Avigad https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/upcoming-events
Jan 12 @ Berkeley Art Museum: dance and performance art by Ruth Zaporah (founder of Action Theater), Yael Karavan and Cassie Tunick http://www.bampfa.berkeley.edu/
Jan 12 @ Stanford: A post-animal agriculture https://philosophy.stanford.edu/events/meat-without-animals-considering-cellular-agriculture
Jan 11 @ Palo Alto JCC: Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel on "The New Science of Living Younger" http://wonderfest.org/new-science-of-living-younger/
Jan 10 @ USF: Erling Wold (Composer) on "The Descent of Opera", Dave Wolber (USF/ Computer Science), Madeline Girard (UC Berkeley/ Biology), Nina Czegledy (Univ of Toronto/ Arts) www.lasertalks.com
Jan 9 @ Yerba Buena Center: Charles Lindsay, Jill Tarter, Franck Marchis and Cynthia Phillips https://www.ybca.org/whats-on/life-in-space-from-europa-to-aliens

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