A Selection of Cultural Events
in the San Francisco Bay area


Note: During the covid-19 emergency, go to the page of recommended webinars, which have the additional advantage that they can be watched from anywhere in the world.

Apr 4 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven's piano sonatas sfsymphony.org
Apr 4 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Bach's Magnificat sfsymphony.org
Apr 1 @ Green Music Center: Bang on a Can All Stars
Mar 28 @ Herbst Theater: Shostakovic, Brahms, Haydn quartets sfperformances.org
Mar 23-25 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Mozart violin concerto 2 sfsymphony.org
Mar 26 @ Herbst Theater: Adam Schiff plays Beethoven sonatas sfperformances.org
Mar 16-18 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Mason Bates' "World's Greatest Synth", Tchaikovsky symphony 5 sfsymphony.org
Mar 15 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Tchaikovski violin concerto sfsymphony.org
Mar 12-14 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Shostakovich cello concerto 2, Stravinsky's Firebird sfsymphony.org
March 10 @ USF: Andra Keay (Silicon Valley Robotics), Lisa Winter (Roboticist), Kitty Yeung (Physicist and Artist), Yoon Chung Han (SJSU & Media Artist) www.lasertalks.com
Mar 6 @ Davies Symphony Hall: John Adams' New Work, Mahler symphony 6 sfsymphony.org
Mar 1 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Paganini violin concerto 1, Brahms symphony 4 sfsymphony.org
Feb 14-16 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Saint-Saens organ symphony sfsymphony.org
February 13 @ Stanford: Lars Steinmetz (Co-Director, Stanford Genome Technology Center), Bruno Olshausen (Director of the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at UC Berkeley), Christine Marie (Media Artist), Krishna Shenoy (Stanford/ Neuroscience) www.lasertalks.com
Feb 12-13 @ Samsung Semiconductor: tinyML Summit https://tinymlsummit.org/
Feb 11 @ Los Altos Library: Pantea Karimi on "The Forgotten Women of Science" 1:30-2:15 PM.
Feb 8 @ Herbst Theater: Beethoven trios sfperformances.org
Feb 7-9 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Brahms symphony 4 sfsymphony.org
Feb 1- Mar 28 @ Slate Art: Robert Buelteman https://slateart.net/exhibition/robert-buelteman/
Jan 30 - Feb 2 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Brahms symphony 3 sfsymphony.org
Jan 28 @ Marin: Tucker Hiatt on the most famous equation
Jan 26 @ San Francisco Public Library: UC Berkeley's Dan Werthimer, chief scientist at the Berkeley SETI Research Center
Jan 24-25 @ Regency Ballroom: Edwardian Ball https://www.edwardianball.com/
Jan 24 - Feb 1 @ ODC Theater: Handel's "Aci, Galatea e Polifemo" philarmonia.org/aci
Jan 23-25 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven's symphony 7 sfsymphony.org
Jan 23 - Feb 25 @ SOMArts: Recoding CripTech https://www.somarts.org/events/recodingcriptechopening/
Jan 19 - Feb 29 @ San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles : Pantea Karimi's "The Forgotten Women of Science"
Jan 18+19 @ CounterPulse: DanceHack 2020
Jan 17-18 @ War Memorial: RAWdance Concept series
Jan 17 @ Mill Valley Library: Gary Snyder and Jane Hirshfield
Jan 16-18 @ Davies Symphony Hall: Beethoven's piano concerto 2 sfsymphony.org
January 14 @ USF: Lisa Blatt (Photographer), Adrienne Mayor (Stanford/ Classics), Jules Litman-Cleper (Media Artist), Fabio Barry (Stanford/ Art History) www.lasertalks.com
Jan 11-12 @ Safehouse: choreographers of the Safehouse Arts RAW safehousearts.org
Jan 10-12 @ Victoria Theater: Tape Music Festival sfsound.org/tape
Jan 9-26 @ various: Sketchfest https://www.sfsketchfest.com/ (dozens of performers and artists)
Till Jan 26 @ Yerba Buena: "The Body Electric" with 45 artists
Till Jan 24 @ Grace Cathedral: Movement Arts Festival

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