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Yosemite Park

by piero scaruffi
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Yosemite vacation rental

Yosemite is the most famous of the California parks. It is about 3.5 hours by car from San Francisco. It can be reached from San Francisco either from 120 or from 140. 120 is narrow and winding, 140 is faster but a little longer. Yosemite is a large park, although the main tourist sights are concentrated within the Yosemite Valley. A paved road circles around the valley. Most tourists simply drive around the road and take pictures of what they can see from the road. More adventurous tourists may want to hike up to some of those sights, and beyond, but the hikes are not trivial. Outside the Valley there are many other attractions: although they are not as popular, and they often require a lot more hiking, and the only road to get there (highway 120) is closed in winter till mid May, they are no less spectacular than the Valley (and they don't get the colossal crowds of the Valley).

The Valley's attractions

The Yosemite Valley is only a tiny fraction of Yosemite, but contains the most famous attractions:

Non-valley Attractions

The rest of Yosemite is huge and contains truly spectacular wilderness. Recommended hikes:

Map of all Yosemite trailheads