Slides and Videos

for my class "Paradigm Shifts - A History of Knowledge" (2014 edition)

Click on the title of the chapter to view the slide presentation. Click on "free download" to download it. These are the concise 2014 slides. For the latest expanded version, see instead this page.
  1. Ancient Western World (free download)
  2. Ancient Eastern World (free download)
  3. Rome, Christianity, Islam, Middle Ages (free download)
  4. Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, Enlightenment (free download)
  5. The Victorian Age (free download)
  6. The Modern Age (free download)
These are amateur videos of the class. Not very professional but better than nothing.
  1. Introduction
  2. Mesopotamia
  3. Egypt
  4. Phoenicians
  5. Persians
  6. Ancient China
  7. Ancient India (sorry i can't find this one)
  8. Ancient Greece
  9. Ancient Rome
  10. Judaism and Christianity
  11. Islam
  12. China and India in the Middle Ages
  13. Europe in the Middle Ages
  14. Renaissance I
  15. Renaissance II
  16. Industrial Age I
  17. Industrial Age II (sorry i can't find this one)
  18. Victorian Age I
  19. Victorian Age II
  20. Victorian Age III
  21. Victorian Age IV
  22. Modern Age II
  23. Modern Age I
  24. Modern Age III

The reader for this class: "A brief History of Knowledge"

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