Dave Bartholomew
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There were a number of bands in New Orleans that defined the local rhythm'n'blues sound. One bandleader stood out from the crowd. Dave Bartholomew, a trumpeter who started his own band in 1946 and raised talents such as drummer Earl Palmer, saxophonist Lee Allen and pianist Professor Longhair, was influential as an arranger and producer who crafted a sound that bridged jump blues, dixieland jazz and the carnival marches. His band specialized in warm relaxed piaces such as Country Boy (1949), My Ding A Ling (1951) and the proto-ska instrumental The Monkey (1957). But Bartholomew would always overload the "bass" range of the sound by piling up piano, bass, sax and drums to produce the "rumble" that became his trademark. He also wrote Smiley Lewis' I Hear You Knockin' (1955) and most of Fats Domino's hits. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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