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Washington's doo-wop group the Clovers pioneered with Ahmet Ertegun's Don't You Know I Love You (1951) and Fool Fool Fool (1951) the fusion of blues and gospel that was to obscure the old pop-jazz styling of the 1940s. The blues element was even stronger in Rudolph Toombs' One Mint Julep (1952) and in Ting-a-ling (1952), and the style kept evolving towards gospel with Good Lovin' (1953) and Lovey Dovey (1954), basically soul music ante-litteram. Bernie Wayne's Blue Velvet (1955) and Blanche Carter's Devil Or Angel (1956) marked a retreat towards mellow pop formats, but maintained a rare level of sophistication, while the sparkling melodies and rhythms of Love Love Love (1956) and Leiber & Stoller's Love Potion Number Nine (1959) targeted the rock audience. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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